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Last updated
04-21-19 09:48 AM
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Sunday, May 20
GameChanger Scoreboard

Tuesday, July 10
Congratulations Sundance - 2018 15U League Tournament Champions!
Sundance 2018 League Tournament Champs_2

Sundance goes extra to serve up a PABR championship (Palo Alto Online Sports - Glenn Reeves)

Sundance gets a rematch with Dutch Goose in PABR playoffs (Palo Alto Online Sports)

Dutch Goose moves into PABR city championship final (Palo Alto Online Sports)

Sundance, Dutch Goose open PABR playoffs with a victory (Palo Alto Online Sports)

Big weekend for Babe Ruth, Little League teams (Palo Alto Online Sports - Rick Eymer)

Championship Game #1 Video - Dutch Goose vs Sundance (Andy Mutz)

Championship Game #2 Video - Dutch Goose vs Sundance (Andy Mutz)

2018 League Tournament Bracket - Day 4_2

Saturday, April 14
2018 Prep League Draft Results
 Aguilar, John Paul - Cal Preserving     Gicale, Domenic- Cal Preserving     Lee, Brian- Cal Preserving     Seki, Evan- Wells Fargo  
 Agustin, Diego- ABD Insurance    Gladstone, Nathan- Wells Fargo    Leitch, John- Wells Fargo    Shashi, Siddharth- Wells Fargo  
 Battles, Weston- PAPOA    Grant, Elliot- Wells Fargo    Leong, Tommy- Cal Preserving     Shieh, Nicholas- Wells Fargo  
 Buddie, Luke- ABD Insurance    Guan, Alexander- Wells Fargo    Letsinger, Davis- PAPOA    Sikaffy, Musa- ABD Insurance  
 Churchill, Robert- ABD Insurance     Halloran, Jack- Wells Fargo    Lyon, Zachary- Wells Fargo    Silva, Palo- ABD Insurance  
 Conrad, James- PAPOA    Hanson, Neil- ABD Insurance    Mar, Jonathan- ABD Insurance     Silver, Zack- ABD Insurance  
 Cook, Warren- PAPOA    Harrison, Austin- PAPOA    Marburg, Oliver- Cal Preserving     Soliman, Richard- ABD Insurance   
 Cui, Robert- Cal Preserving     Hurtado, Jose- ABD Insurance    Mascenik, Wesley- Cal Preserving     Sterling, Quinton- PAPOA  
 Do, Aidan- PAPOA    Illouz, Simon- PAPOA    Miller, Jimmy- ABD Insurance     Summers, Ryan- Cal Preserving   
 Donaker, Josh- PAPOA    Jack, Joaquin- ABD Insurance    Miller, John- ABD Insurance    Swee, Nicholas- PAPOA  
 Duggan, Aidan - Wells Fargo    Jayaprakash, Anshu- PAPOA    Mostofizadeh, Tyler- Cal Preserving     Usich, Nicholas- Cal Preserving   
 Dullabh, Darshan- Wells Fargo    Jiang, Kelvin- Wells Fargo    Peters, Ryan- ABD Insurance    Vagelos, Evan- ABD Insurance  
 Ferrick, Rory- PAPOA    Jung, Taehwan- Cal Preserving     Petrin, Dylan- ABD Insurance    Walker, Izaiah- Wells Fargo  
 Foster, Jake- Wells Fargo    Keyani, Julian- Cal Preserving     Rasmussen, Peter- Cal Preserving     Watkins, Nathan- Cal Preserving   
 Gallagher, David- PAPOA    Killmond, JP- PAPOA    Rhen, Noah- PAPOA    Wellwood, Colin- Cal Preserving   
 Gallagher, Jack- ABD Insurance    Leclerc, Carson- Cal Preserving     Rose, Joseph- PAPOA    Zajac, Kieran- Cal Preserving   
 Garcia, James- Wells Fargo              


Saturday, May 19
2018 15U League Draft Results
Aguilar, John Paul - Palo Alto Oaks    Gallagher, David - Ada's Cafe    Leong, Tommy - Old Pro   Shashi, Siddharth - Goetz Bros  
Allen, Remington - Ada's Cafe   Gicale, Gabriel - Ada's Cafe   Letsinger, Davis - Palo Alto Oaks   Shieh, Nicholas - Alhouse  
Barthelemy, Max - Palo Alto Oaks   Grant, Elliot - Ada's Cafe   Lyon, Zachary - Guy Plumbing   Silva, Palo - Guy Plumbing  
Battles, Weston - Ada's Cafe   Halloran, Jack - Ada's Cafe   Mar, Jonathan - Sundance   Silver, Zack - Old Pro  
Bolte, Henry - Palo Alto Oaks   Hogan, Sean - The Dutch Goose   Marburg, Oliver - Goetz Bros   Simison, Brody - Sundance  
Brown, Jayden - Guy Plumbing   Hyrkin, Andre - The Dutch Goose   Martin, Jackson - Goetz Bros   Soliman, Richard - Alhouse  
Buddie, Luke - Goetz Bros   Illouz, Simon - The Dutch Goose   Mavrakakis, Christos - Ada's Cafe   Sterling, Quinton - Palo Alto Oaks  
Conrad, JP - Guy Plumbing   Jack, Joaquin - Ada's Cafe   Mostofizadeh, Tyler - The Dutch Goose   Swee, Nicholas - Sundance  
Cook, Warren - Ada's Cafe   Jiang, Kelvin - Alhouse   Olsen, Callum - Guy Plumbing   Thibault, Colin - The Dutch Goose  
De Feo, Dominic - Old Pro   Jung, Taehwan - Goetz Bros   Papp, Sam - The Dutch Goose   Thieman, Luke - Ada's Cafe  
Dodge, Chris - Alhouse   Kim, Andrew - Goetz Bros   Rasmussen, Peter - Goetz Bros   Vagelos, Evan - Guy Plumbing  
Duggan, Aidan - Alhouse   Leclerc, Carson - Sundance   Roberts, Deaveon - Palo Alto Oaks   Watkins, Nathan - Old Pro  
Dullabh, Darshan - Ada's Cafe   Lee, Brian - Old Pro   Rose, Joseph - Sundance   Wingard, Bowman - Palo Alto Oaks  
Felsch, Rowan - Guy Plumbing   Lee, Colin - Guy Plumbing   Seki, Evan - Alhouse   Zajac, Kieran - Old Pro  
Fuller, Marion - Goetz Bros   Lee, Samuel - Alhouse          

Palo Alto Babe Ruth Baseball
Palo Alto Babe Ruth Baseball

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