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07-20-14 01:28 PM
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Palmyra Lacrosse Club
Art Amelio
Palmyra Lacrosse Club
PO Box 209
Palmyra, Pennsylvania
Welcome to the Official Website of the Palmyra Lacrosse Club!


Board Meetings

The next board meeting will be held Tuesday June 3 at 7:00 pm in Room 101 at the High School (enter the building through the doors by the Athletic Directors Office/Swimming Pool Entrance. The room is in that hallway.)

Board meetings are usually held the FIRST Tuesday of each month but check here in case there is a change.

As always, parents are welcome to attend. Please consider becoming a board member, meetings are only once a month.

Thank you,

Palmyra Lacrosse  

Clinic/Camp and Travel Team Tryout Opportunities

Please check out the info on the Cougar News Page.

Equipment Reminders for 2014

HELMETS - Helmets for the Palmyra Lacrosse Club are to be white with a black visor & black chin guard. With PIAA here, this will eventually be mandatory that all players have the same colors on their helmets.  They don't have to be the same brand, but need to be the same colors.  So if you are buying a new helmet, for whatever reason, please make sure that it is white, with a black visor and black chin guard, you will save yourself some money in the long run.  If you go to a store and they only have white with a white visor, please have them order the appropriate colored helmet for you, white helmet with a black visor and black chin guard.  Orange vent hole covers may be added. ****SPECIAL NOTE FOR HS PLAYERS:  The school provides helmets for the High School team for use during the season,  HOWEVER, if you plan to attend summer camps or play in off season leagues you will still need to have your own helmet.  

HOCKEY HELMETS - Are not allowed as they do not meet NFHS specifications. 

MOUTHPIECES – Must be colored so they are visible to the referee’s (no clear or white).

PADS - Shoulder pads and arm guards are mandatory, your choice of style.

           Rib pads are optional, your choice of style.

GLOVES - These are madatory.  There is talk that at some point all players on a team will have to have the same color gloves.  Your choice for style but they should be predominately black.   

CLEATS - May use football or lacrosse cleats.  High School: detacheable type;   Middle School: detachable or molded;   Youth: molded 

PROTECTIVE CUP - Mandatory for practice and games.

'14-'15 Board of Directors

President - Art Amelio
Vice President -
Secretary - Carissa Cassel
Treasurer - Lisa Hawkins

Palmyra Lacrosse Club
Palmyra Lacrosse Club

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