Pennsylvania Babe Ruth League: Welcome

Thursday, December 13

Pennsylvania Babe Ruth Leagues, Inc., is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to developing better citizens, by providing properly supervised baseball competition for 5 to 18 year old players.

This site contains information on Babe Ruth Baseball, 13-15 Division and the 16-18 Division, at the State Level

Pennsylvania Babe Ruth Leagues, was Incorporated in 1974, under the guidelines of the State of Pennsylvania. The Constitution and Bylaws are written to conform with Babe Ruth Rules and Regulations as established by Babe Ruth Leagues, Inc., Trenton, NJ.

All Chartered Babe Ruth Leagues in the State of Pennsylvania fall under the direction and guidance of the Board of Directors, of Pennsylvania Babe Ruth Leagues, Inc.

State Commissioners

1952-53   Joseph Mudock

1954-56   Dr. Robert L. Dewey

1957-66   Joseph C. Mitchell

1966-71   Walter C. Williamson

1972-75   Dr. John Giordano

1976-77   George Denke

1978-97   Charles Hoyer

1998-       Ronald G. Zimmerman

Please visit the NEWS for important information on Babe Ruth Baseball in the State of Pennsylvania.

See State Tournament section for game scores at tournaments.

PA Cal Ripken

Centerfield by Ron Zimmerman

Handout: 2019 Pennsylvania Media Guide

Pennsylvania Babe Ruth Hall of Fame

• Honoring, by enshrinement, those individuals whom have made exceptional and significant achievements in the Babe Ruth Baseball program, at a coaching or administrative level.
Handout: Hall of Fame

Friday, December 22
Presentation of the basics of the Babe Ruth Program

Handout: Babe Ruth League Presentation

Thursday, December 13
2019 Rule Changes

Latest Babe Ruth Rule changes for Baeball and Softball ...

Saturday, June 17

Pennsylvania District Map

Use the District Map to identify your District Commissioner listed in the Board of Directors
Handout: Pennsylvania District Map

Friday, December 1
USA Bat Standard for 2018

In 2018 Babe Ruth Baseball will adopt the new USA Bat Standard as announced by USA Baseball.
Handout: 2018 Bat Rule

Monday, June 11
2018 State Tournament Schedules

2018 State Tournament Schedules for the 13-15 Division

Thursday, December 13
2019 Key Dates

State Tournament dates are TENTATIVE
Handout: 2019 Key Dates

Monday, August 20
2018 State Champions

Congradulations to all our 2018 State Champions on a "GREAT" season!

16-18      West End (MAR Champion and 4th place in World Series)

13 Prep   Broomall/Newtown (MAR Champion and 3rd place in World Series)

13-14      UDHL (4th Place MAR)

13-15      Mifflin County (MAR Champion and Runner-Up in World Series)

Thursday, December 13
2019 Pennsylvania Media Guide

Handout: 2019 Pennsylvania Media Guide

Sunday, June 18
Fifty Plus Year Leagues in Babe Ruth

District 1

   Broomall/Newtown   since 1957  61 Years

   UDHL   since 1961  57 Years

District 2

   Phoenixville   since 1953   65 Years

District 3

   Levittown A.A.   since 1963   55 Years

   Pennysburry A.A.   since 1952   66 Years

   Valley A.A.   since 1953   65 Years

District 4

   Valley   since 1953   65 Years

Monday, December 24
District Champion State Tournament Fee

All Pennsylvania District Champion teams will provide a $100 fee to the State Tournament Host upon arrival, with $300 going to the State Champion for the Middle Atlantic Tournament fee, and the remaining money will go to the State Tournament Host to help offset the tournament expenses.

Thursday, December 13
Middle Atlantic Region Tournament Fees

Middle Atlantic Region Tournament Fees

Each team participating in the Middle Atlantic Tournament will be required to make a $250 payment in 2018 and a $300 payment in 2019 to the Host League in an effort to help offset some of the ever rising costs associated with running the tournament. Hosts will no longer be permitted to charge team players and coaches other additional entry fees.


Handout: MAR News

Friday, March 4
Babe Ruth Alumni

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Babe Ruth Softball

Join in the fun with Babe Ruth softball


Wednesday, March 16
Application for State Tournament Host

To request concideration as a State Tournament Host, fill out the application and forward to your District Commissioner.  All applications must be signed by the League President and submitted prior to the State Fall Meeting held in September of each year.

Handout: Application for State Tournament

Thursday, October 16
Coaches Certification Program

Valid for your entire coaching Career!!!

Monday, December 24

Tournament Team Credentials Book

Complete description for your Tournament team credentials book.

Handout: Tournament Team Credentials Book