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Saturday, January 28
Club meeting February 27, 2012 at Grafton Library
Please hold the date for a club meeting on 2/27/2012, 6:30 - 7:30pm at the Grafton Library lower level meeting room (U.S.S. Liberty Memorial Library).  We will elect Director positions and officer positions as needed.  Please send an email reply if you are interested in helping the club organize rides, maintain or improve communications or activities.

Club insurance paperwork is in-progress and we will likely be updating our waiver document if there are new specifications on the insurance coverage.  Please hold off on your renewal forms for 2012 until you see a news item on this page.

If you have already submitted your renewal for 2012, thanks!  But we will likely send out your membership cards in a week or two after we get the insurance paperwork covered.  If you need the 2012 membership card for making discount purchases at local bike shops, please contact Chuck Paul.

Friday, January 13
Preparing for 2012 memberships

As in past years, for 2012, Ozaukee Bicycle Club will renew memberships and take in new members.

The 2012 membership forms are not on-line yet, but but they will be shortly.  There are modest changes in the information we will provide, and the waiver form may change slightly.

Meanwhile, enjoy your time with the Winter weather--cross-country skiing, doing your spinning class or tromping through the woods on your snow shoes.

We will post a note here when we are ready to receive your 2012 membership forms.

Wednesday, May 25
host a racing cyclist - Tour of America's Dairyland


While it's not the Tour of California, the Tour of America's Dairyland is maturing into a great racing series for great cycling talent.You may have seen this information before, but I'm posting it hear because I know our club members understand that cycling athletes really don't expect to be pampered when they're competing in this sport, away from home, with lots of expenses.

If you're a weekend athlete, then put some thought into whether you can offer a little hospitality.  Karen Larson has all the details... below.

--Chuck Paul


Host a Professional Cyclist!

Local Volunteers needed to host top professional and amateur cyclists from around the world who will be competing in the Tour of America's Dairyland. This unique opportunity offers you the chance to get to know the country's top riders and get a peek behind the scenes of the racing lifestyle.  Lifelong friendships are often formed.

We are looking for host homes to house racers both men and women from around the world who will travel to Wisconsin this summer for ten days of bike racing. Hosting riders in individual homes is a huge factor in recruiting teams. Invite your neighbors too. They can help by providing housing so that entire teams can stay in the same geographical area (ideal situation).

Please pass this information on to your friends, family and co-workers.

Host families are asked to provide:
* a comfortable sleeping space, bed or air bed
* the use of a bathroom and shower
* use of kitchen to prepare meals
* counter and refrigerator space
* use of your washer and dryer
* a secure place for the cyclist(s) to store their bicycle at night

Note: You are NOT expected to provide food or transportation.

To volunteer contact:
Karen Larson
Host Housing Coordinator

Host Housing Frequently Asked Questions...

Will the riders want to be in my home when I'm not there?

No. They are looking for a place to sleep at night. However, due to the race schedules and some remote locations they will most likely arrive home past 10:00pm.  They can let themselves in if you don't want to wait up for them.

Will I have to feed them?No. Hosts often invite riders for a meal but it is not expected. They will need the use of the kitchen, (they will clean up after themselves). They will need the use of your refrigerator and counter space. Some may ask permission to use your washer and dryer.

Will I have to provide transportation?


Will my home be treated like a hotel?

No. Riders stay in many different homes and they would like to be invited back. They know how to be good guests.

Granted, these are nice people. Do they have any other reason to behave well?

You bet. These are mostly sponsored riders and teams. They are very aware that they are representing those sponsors and teams for the entire time they are in town not just when they are racing. They want those sponsors and teams to hear good things about them.

Will I have an uncomfortable conversation with the riders when I define the limits of what I'm willing to do?

No. The Host Housing Coordinator is an advocate for both the riders and hosts. You tell us your limits and we will pass it on to the riders. These riders are very flexible and gracious guests.

How will I know if I have been accepted as a host?

We will contact you once you have signed up, either through the website or the Housing Coordinator, and notify you when host assignments have been made by an introduction email that will be sent to you and the rider from me. Your guest(s) will also contact you shortly after the assignments have been distributed.


Please follow this link for full race information, Tour of America's Dairyland 2011 schedule:

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.

Karen Larson

Host Housing Coordinator
Tour of America 's Dairyland

Sunday, May 15
Club Meeting May 19 - membership, ride info, club century plan

Club members and prospective members are invited to attend a club meeting for Ozaukee Bicycle Club.

On Thursday, May 19, 2011, we will meet at the Mequon Weyenberg Library Community Room from 6:30 to 7:30 PM.


·         finalize the club officer and director duties/roles with voting
·         finish the discussion on spending the dues money in 2011
·         discuss how to respond to frequent invitations to serve as ride marshals
·         distribute route maps
·         collect dues payments
·         set date (possible date) for club Century
·         answer questions about insurance
·         notes about sharing the OBC tools
·         notes about sharing the OBC bike travel cases
·         Other club announcements

Friday, April 8
Club Meeting - 2011 Riding, Membership and Community Involvement Discussion

It's time to ride again!

We will hold a meeting this week to welcome the 2011 riding season for our club.

We encourage members, former members and bicyclists considering joining Ozaukee Bicycle Club to attend for information and discussion about our club's objectives for the season.

Three discussion topics are sure to be included in addition to a general call to renew membership.  We have our membership forms available on this site with our "handout and brochure" information.

The discussion topics will include the following:

(1) How will we organize rides for slower or moderate pace and distance?

(2) With over $1,000 in bank account balance, what "for the club" and "bicycling-related causes" should we consider for our 2011 spending?  We will review our 2010 spending as a reference.

(3) Fulfill our obligation as an organization to nominate and elect directors and officers for the club.  The Secretary and Treasurer office will be filled to replace outgoing officers.

Jorge will discuss the riding calendar, membership and the continued use of Yahoo Groups for the riding calendar and automated email reminders.

Community Room at Weyenberg Library
11345 Cedarburg Rd., Mequon, WI
Thursday, April 14, 2011
6:30 - 7:30 pm CT

Please contact Jorge Reyes (contact info on home page).

Friday, December 10
Bike Swap Meet - Wisconsin Bike Federation

3rd Annual Milwaukee Bike Swap 

  Sunday, December 12
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

 UW-Milwaukee Union
2200 E Kenwood Blvd.

Attend the 2010 Bike Swap for stellar deals on bicycle parts, accessories, complete bicycles, clothing and bike-themed crafts. Admission is $5, $3 with valid UWM ID. Children under 12 are free. Bring your favorite bicycle enthusiast to this fun event.

Interested in selling your bicycle wares? We still have space for vendors. Through December 8th, retailers can reserve two display tables for $150 ($50 each for additional tables), and individuals and non-profits pay $40 per table. There are only 20 tables left, so reserve yours now!

Back again this year, our bike corral will have complete bikes for sale or swap. Anyone is invited to put their complete bike on display for just $5 – no need to preregister.

The swap is a fundraiser for the Milwaukee Junior Cycling Team and the UW-Milwaukee Cycling Club. The Junior Cycling Team gets Milwaukee middle and high school kids involved in bicycle racing first for fun and then for health, recreation, and enjoyment to last a lifetime.


For more information, contact Jake Newborn at jacob.newborn@bfw.org or (414) 271-9685.

Thursday, October 7
road biking ride and services in memory of Jeff Littman

The memorial services for Jeff Littman are given by the link above, as was reported on the Wisconsin Cycling Association web site.

Saturday, October 9

Nativity of the Lord
3672 E Plankinton Ave.
Cudahy, WI 53110

Visitation 9:00-12:45pm; service will be at 1:00pm

We hope many of you will come to celebrate Jeff's life.

In addition, there will be many cyclists riding a 35 mile ride on Sunday, October 10 in his memory.  Here are the details:

[From: Doug Wambach doug@fallrivercapital.com]I can't explain the sadness I feel for what has taken place in the last week.  I have gotten to know Jeff quite well this year and feel that I'm a better person for that.  Obviously this hits all of us hard as he was a very popular person with reason.  For me it was the long doc rides just chatting with him and 1 particular ride this year when I flatted near his shop, he fixed up the tire in seconds and told me to get out and ride, he refused to take my money.  For this reason it would be fitting that we do what any of us would want the other to do in this scenerio, ride our bikes.  Being together will also help in our pain.  I know many of us go to church on Sunday mornings, but lets make our peace this week out on the pavement, something Jeff would highly approve.  Let's get together this Sunday at Attitudes in Pewaukee, leaving 9 AM,  and ride to Dousman (the same route he would on Sat mornings).  This summer Jeff routinely turned off on Waterville and headed back to the shop to open.  The route will be about 35 miles.   Lets ride in silence for the first 2 miles and pray for safe riding and for Kelly, Mike, Ashley and family. 

Please join and spread the word to other riders/teams.

Doug Wambach

Chiropractic Partners Cycling

Tuesday, March 30
Early start to riding season!

On account of good weather, we will start our riding season this week Wednesday!

If you are not a member receiving regular emails from the Yahoo Group email list, then give a call to the club President or Vice President to get information to join us.  Guests (non-members) are asked to complete a Liability Waiver form, which is located on the Brochures and Hand-outs page.

Friday, March 19
Impromptu group rides - scheduled by emails to members

Regularly scheduled club rides will not begin until the first full week in April, but we are using our Yahoo! Groups site available to club members to send out emails announcing riding events, weather permitting.

For example, Ozaukee Bicycle Club had several club members riding on Wednesday, March 17.

Those seeking to join us should contact the club officers to get access to the Yahoo Group mailing list, which is available to club members.  See the Club Brochure for more details.

Tuesday, March 9
Riding Season Calendar - preview at the kick-off meeting Monday 3/15/2010

We will be kicking off the 2010 Riding Season at the Ozaukee Bicycle Club meeting Monday, March 15.  Among the topics, we will look at the proposed riding schedule for weekly rides.

Club membership renewal and new memberships will be collected at the meeting--saving you the postage stamp.  Forms are available on-line on this website.  See the "Handouts and Brochure" link on the left.

OBC 2010 Riding Season Kick-off Meeting

Lower Level Meeting Room
Grafton Public Library (USS Liberty Memorial Library).
1620 11th Avenue, Grafton, WI

Date & Time:
Monday, March 15, 2010
7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Tuesday, March 2
Ozaukee Express Buses - bike racks

Do you ride the bus to downtown?  Or do you ride only when the weather is fair all day.  You could take the bus for part of the commute if the weather doesn't work on both sides of your commute!  In mid-2009, bus bike racks were installed on all five Ozaukee Express buses. Express Bus bike racks hold two bikes each. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use the bike racks, because bus drivers are willing and ready to help riders load their bikes onto the bus bike racks. Bus bike racks match the racks that have been installed on all Milwaukee County Transit System buses.

Tuesday, March 2
Will Milwaukee get an Indoor Bike Park like Cleveland?

Here's an article from the JSOnline site that caught my attention--a developer may be interested in building an Indoor Bike Park in Northwest Milwaukee.


Here's a link to theIndoor Bike Park in Cleveland. --Chuck

Thursday, February 25
Club meeting to kick-off the 2010 Riding Season

It's official!  The Milwaukee Groundhog didn't see his shadow, so we better start planning the riding season!

Ozaukee Bicycle Club 2010 Kick-off Meeting:

  1. Introductions from the 2010 OBC officers
  2. Discuss the OBC riding calendar
  3. Collect ideas for special riding events
  4. Bike racing news
  5. Interurban Trail Update
  6. OBC Treasurer's report
  7. Q&A on a variety of topics
  8. Report on the Biking in Virginia trip idea
  9. What's left in the OBC Logo Clothing supply box for sale?
  10. Collect 2010 membership forms and dues payments


Lower Level Meeting Room
Grafton Public Library (USS Liberty Memorial Library).
1620 11th Avenue, Grafton, WI

Date & Time:

Monday, March 15, 2010
7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday, February 10
Wisconsin DOT Training for Bike Safety Instructors

See the Wisconsin DOT page for Bicycle Safety.  The DOT division for Transportation Safety has organized "train the trainer" sessions for Bicycle Safety Instruction.

The training events in 2010 are listed in greater detail at the web site (link in title of this news item).  Sessions are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  No registration fee.

Dates: 4/24/2010 at Eau Claire, 4/24/2010 at Green Bay, 5/7/2010 at Waterford, 5/15/2010 at Wisconsin Rapids, 5/22/2010 at Verona.

Topics: Understanding the Child Bicyclist, How Bicycle Crashes Happen, Hands-on Demonstration: Teaching Bike Safety to Children, Bicycle Ride: Community's Accommodations And Hazard Identification, Working Together Locally, For Successful Bike Safety Programs

Wednesday, February 10
Bike Federation of Wisconsin hosts "Love Your Bike" event February 11
Love Your Bike Party
Thursday, Feb 11th 5pm - close
Trocadero, 1758 N Water St

A party for anyone who loves bicycles!

* Socialize with all you bike-loving friends
* Gold-sprints run by COG
* Beer from New Belgium Brewery 'till it runs out!
* Special bike-themed menu from Trocadero!
* DJ'ed dance party!

$10 or free with purchase of a Bike Fed membership! Chance to win a Gunner frame from Waterford Precision Cycles just for showing up!

Presented by the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, making Milwaukee one of the best places in the world to bike!
For updates on the party or to become a Bike Fed member check out www.bfw.org.

Wednesday, January 6
Recap of November 2009 meeting - new club officers for 2010

Ozaukee Bicycle club welcomes Jorge Reyes as the club's President and Jeff Robinson as Vice President.  Secretary and Treasurer officer positions will be defined at the next board meeting.

An end-of-2009 meeting was held at Paramount Grille and Bakehouse in Grafton.  At the November 2009 meeting--attended by about 20 club members--it was agreed that Ozaukee Bicycle Club would continue to operate as it has in the past with a membership organized around the concepts of regularly scheduled weekly training and recreational road riding, plus some special events.  Community participation in local events that promote bicycle safety, bike paths, bike racing will continue to be promoted by club events organized with volunteer participation.  The mission of the club continues as it has.

Membership for 2009 was up in number over 2008, and the year enjoyed several more organized Saturday rides than in previous years.  Special training rides in 2009 were held to acquaint us with race and fitness training techniques.  It was a great year for OBC members looking for peer support in the racing and fitness training objectives.

Weekly news and ride schedules will be scheduled on the Yahoo! Groups website, which includes an automated email feature for event reminders.  The eteamz web site for Ozaukee Bicycle Club will continue to be the public meeting place, while the Yahoo! Groups service contains the club route maps and schedule information made available only to members.

2010 membership forms are not on-line yet as of this news bulletin, but will be available in early January.  In 2010, we will continue to encourage members to use "print and mail to the PO Box" methods.  However, we will be offering an active.com on-line membership form that collects payment by credit card.  The use of credit cards will be convenient, but the processing fee charged by active.com will be borne by those electing to use the on-line service.  Membership cards will be issued upon membership dues payment.

The club meeting affirmed the expectations that club members will enjoy discounts at local bike shops upon presentation of their membership card.  In exchange, our club makes information about the shops and their services available to the club members and encourages patronage at these stores.  In fact, employees of some of the shops are members and regular participants in weekly club rides.  We appreciate their support.

A collection of specialty bicycle maintenance tools and gear have been purchased for sharing among club members.  These include bicycle travel cases, bike maintenance stand, wheel tuning tools, drive train and adjustment tools.

Our objectives with collecting modest membership fees will continue as it was aligned in 2008.  The fees will continue to be spent judiciously--making sure the focus is simple, and aligned with the promotion of road cycling as a safe and social pastime that is a part of our quality of life in Ozaukee County.  Copies of the OBC financials are published to the club members at least annually, and the club meetings are used to collect input when we have opportunity to direct the funds toward worthy causes.  Regular expenses include the following:

·         advertising and communication about the OBC organization

·         paying for insurance to protect members and club officer liabilities

·         occasional refreshments at club rides and events

·         donations to bicycle-oriented agencies such as Wis. Bicycle Federation

·         offsetting the cost of club logo apparel

Sunday, May 3
Two Saturday ride options - more rides - membership cards

Saturday 5/2/09 was a beautiful day for riding, and appropriately, we had two Saturday riding options for Ozaukee Bicycle Club members!  Thank you Jim Giese for leading the second one that featured the timed sprints that spiced up the ride interest a little bit.  That was a great route you selected!

We have four weekly scheduled rides, and Club members receive the detailed information by email reminders and on-line calendar information.  Additional details are available on request for club members--including short-cut routes that make it easier for riders just beginning to ramp up their abilities.

The first batch of 2009 club membership ID cards will be mailed this week.  Local bike shop keepers offering a discount to OBC members will be informed, as they expect the card to be presented at time of purchase to honor the discount agreement.

Sunday, May 3
Local bike racing volunteer opportunities

Both Tour of America's Dairyland and International Cycling Classic SuperWeek race series are looking for volunteers.

If you can participate as a host for visiting athletes or volunteer as a race course safety marshal, you'll be making a contribution to local bicycle racing in a way that helps keep world class cycling in Wisconsin.

Please take a look at the web sites for the two events to become familiar with the volunteer contacts.

Thursday, April 23
Ozaukee County Interurban Trail listening session

A series of listening sessions on the Ozaukee Interurban Trail will be held April 30 at the Rose-Harms American Legion Post, 1540 13th Ave, Grafton.

Three separate sessions will be offered that day, from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m., 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Anyone who has an interest in the trail, whether the person is a trail user or a business owner along the path, is welcome to attend.

To register for a session or for more information, contact  Nicole Sidoff by calling 262-284-8289 or by sending email to nicole.sidoff@ces.uwex.edu.

Wednesday, April 22
OBC bike tool inventory

Ozaukee Bicycle Club is continuing to build its inventory of specialty bike tools being shared among members of the club.  This is a 2009 emphasis for OBC.

 In past years, our budget has driven various things... food at special rides, financing part of club logo clothing, making contributions to events and organizations that benefit the bicylcing community, etc.  This year, among other things, we are building our inventory of tools that can be checked out for do-it-yourself bike maintenance.  This includes special tools you need to maintain cranks, bottom brackets, wheels and clusters.

Access to these tools is one of the benefits of membership.  Please review the club brochure available on this site.  Learn about our club rides, or try them out once or twice if you like.  Then, please join us as a member.  You will find that OBC club membership is a a great part of enjoying cycling in Ozaukee County!

Wednesday, April 15
Another great turn-out

I stand corrected.  We had someone counting our participation last week and this week.  In both cases, with guests, we had over 35 participants.  If you missed out, look for us again next week.

If you're new, give a call to one of the Directors to get information on how to join us as a visitor.  We'll be glad to have you try before send in your membership form and dues.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Bill Koch is looking for race course marshal volunteers for the weekend race in Greenbush...

Hey all, the UWM Cycling Club is hosting a collegiate road race this Saturday up in Greenbush and in helping the Tour of America's Dairyland organizers secure this same course for our race in June, we offered to help them with volunteers for their race this coming Saturday. If anyone has a few free hours and loves watching these races (about 250 college kids of all skill levels, women and men), we are still looking for a volunteers from 9-4 in two, three or four hour shifts for marshalling.

Please email me if interested! Not sure what the weather is going to be like that day, but could be the perfect excuse to ride your bike north, volunteer for a few hours and then ride home! Heck yea ............ ......

Bill Koch
414-534-4501 (m)

Wednesday, April 8
Great Wednesday evening ride turnout

We had a great turn-out for the Wednesday evening ride tonight.  We didn't count, but we had about 25 participants, by estimate.

A few of the participants brought along their membership forms with payments.  That's great.  Mark Hornick will do the Yahoo Groups invitations, so members will get the automated emails to remind them of the scheduled rides.  Take a minute to review the membership brochure (link on Handouts page) to review the benefits of membership.

Any questions... click to the home page and locate the names & contact numbers of the club directors.  Give us a call.

Tuesday, April 7
April rides - Join us if you can

Ozaukee Bicycle Club rides in April, weather permitting... multiple events per week.

Give one of the club directors a call to get ride event details--using the information given on the home page of this site.

 If you are a guest to our club, we will ask you to complete the liability waiver form, which is available at this web site along with other Handout forms.  Members sign the same waiver with the membership form.  We do this to be consistent with our our approach with the club's insurance policy.  Turn that in at the ride event.

Monday, March 30
OBC uses Yahoo Group and eteamz memberships

Just to explain... we use this eteamz site primarily to have an easy public information site for the club.  We do create memberships on this site for Club Members that have paid their dues for the year.  Similar goes for the Yahoo Group.

Soon after the Treasurer records the membership paid, the roster is updated and we can "invite" participation for the newly registered members--to have member access on the Yahoo Group and this site.

We do not put the ride calendar and other details for club events out on the public site.  We use a Liability Waiver with our participants, and that goes hand-in-hand with making the details of club events less public--making the Liability Waiver and Isurance a part of our approach to Club Membership.  Any questions?  Let us know and we'll be glad to explain.

If you would like to try out our club events, give one of the club directors a call so we can answer your questions, welcome you when you arrive at the event and help you get acquainted with the Ozaukee Bicycle Club.

Saturday, March 28
Spring riding season starts April 1

Ozaukee Bicycle Club aims to have a Training Ride to kick off the Spring Riding Season on April 1, April Fool's Day.  More often than not, April riding is not for the faint of heart, but the air will be fresh and the exercise will feel great.

Members can check the Yahoo Group calendar for the Training Ride event details.  If you're not a member, contact a club officer by phone or email to set yourself up to ride with us as a guest, or download a membership handout and send in your membership registration.

Wednesday, March 18
Membership renewal event at Milwaukee Ale House
OBC greetings!  We'll have ride schedules, sign up sheets, waivers and will take dues as well. There are also some Jerseys available for sale. So, let's get together for a few pre-season beverages at the Milwaukee Ale House in Grafton.   A section is reserved for us at 7:00-8:30 pm on Wednesday 3/25, but they probably will not mind if we stay a little longer.

Tuesday, March 10
2009 Riding Season Starts in April

CHECK- Membership forms are updated for 2009.

CHECK- Club insurance is paid for the 2009 riding season.

CHECK- Body and bike ready to ride

Maybe you're unsure about the 3rd checkpoint, but aren't we all?  Ozaukee Bicycle Club will start riding events in April--perhaps as early as April 1.

Tuesday, March 10
2009 Riding Season Meet & Greet

Spring is on its way!  Let's meet at the Milwaukee Ale House in Grafton for a bit of discussion about the 2009 riding season.

Tune in here for an update on the details.  We'll look for a meeting date and time the week of 3/23/09.

Wednesday, August 13
Bike to Leinie's Brewery - Saturday 23-Aug-2008

Our annual pilgrimage to the Leinie's Brewery has been scheduled for 8-23-08.  It will be about the same as previous years.  We'll leave Cedarburg at 08:00, stop at the Trocedero for brunch and then do the tour and beer tasting.

Details are available to the Ozaukee Bicycle Club members.  Guest riders should contact one of the club directors for participation details and complete our basic liability waiver form.  Club President Harold Willis, harold.willis@yahoo.com or Mark Hornick, mlhornick@sbcglobal.net.

Liability release form at...  see handout.


Wednesday, March 5
OBC 2008 Riding Season kick-off mtg

Date:                   Monday March 17, 2008
Time:                   6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Author:                chuckepaul@yahoo.com
Location:              Grafton Library - Lower Level meeting room
Street:                1620 11th Ave
City/State/Zip:   Grafton, WI 53024
Phone:                  (262) 375-5315

Let's get ready to ride! Unless you have studded tires for your bike, probably you're looking for the day when you put your winter trainer away for storage. Right?

Let's meet to review the ride calendar, and talk about activities we would like to work into the 2008 plan for the club.

For a look at what other Wisconsin cycling clubs are doing for 2008, I recommend you put a bookmark on your web browser for the following two web pages. These give you links to the Wisconsin clubs (most known clubs) and Wisconsin events for cycling.


Please bring your ideas to the meeting!

If we have something to spice up the agenda, I will post out an updated announcement.

--Chuck Paul, chuckepaul@yahoo.com

Thursday, February 7
OBC - now Incorporated!

Getting Started

Kevin Plato started the process of writing up incorporation papers for Ozaukee Bicycle Club.  The objective became a priority as a measure of insuring that club officers could make legal and insurance arrangements to limit liability exposure and work through banking and financial matters in a more organized way.

We are now officially known as Ozaukee Bicycle Club, Inc. Club member and attorney Mike Herbrand of Houseman and Fiend is our registered agent. Corporate documents were drafted by Mike in 2007, and registered with the State of Wisconsin effective 2/5/2008. The Club is now an official member organization of the League of American Bicyclists (LAB).

Board of Directors

At the Club banquet in October 2007, new Directors were selected to succeed Kevin and Amy Plato. Harold Willis was voted by the general club membership to serve as Director and President for the 2008 calendar year. Mark Hornick, Ron Friedel, and Chuck Paul were elected Directors. The Directors then appointed Mark Hornick as Vice-President and Ron Friedel as Secretary/Treasurer, continuing his position from the previous year. Chuck Paul continues in his ex-officio role as Webmaster.


As a consequence of our reincorporation and affiliation with the LAB, the Club became eligible to obtain a specialty insurance policy from American Specialty Insurance Corp. This policy is far more comprehensive than our previous policy and provides some notable benefits to Club members. Further information will be distributed in the Club newsletter.