Oxford Heat: MJVBA States Information

Sunday, May 15

The playing schedule for States is complete.
Here are the State playing waves; play starts on Saturday at the times listed below:
All 13's- 2:30 pm start time
All 14's- 8:00 am start time
All 15's- 8:00 am start time
All 16's- 2:30 pm start time
All 17's- 2:30 pm start time
All 18's- 2:30 pm start time

MJVBA Tournament Site Food Regulations
Drinks - no colored drinks at court side; WATER only
Seating - Spectators need to bring non-marking chairs
Electrical Outlets - may NOT be used at any facility
Smoking - is not allowed inside or on the grounds of any facility
No animals - in any facility
Tailgate Parties - are allowed OUTSIDE (as long as you clean up after your group

Allendale HS - Food will be allowed in the building.  Cafeteria available with tables for the teams.
Carpe Diem - Outside food allowed, no large coolers.  Team tables provided.
CAT - Catholic Athletic Fields - Food allowed and small coolers only.
Courthouse - NO outside food or sports drinks, water only!
Davenport College - Must keep food in designated areas only!  Spectators are not allowed to bring in food or beverages.  NO COOLERS!
Davenport has a nice concession area, Smoothies, Salads & other items.
Food will be allowed in designated rooms only. All food brought into DeVos must remain in designated rooms. Only food purchased from the concession stands may be outside of these rooms.
No barbecuing, grilling etc is allowed in the parking structure.
Grand Valley State University - Food will be allowed.
Impact Dynamic - Food will be allowed.
Jenison HS - Food allowed.  Team area must be inspected prior to your team's departure.
MVP Field HouseWill have team tables and food is allowed in the building.  We also will have concessions.
Northview Schools
Food is allowed in both facilities as long as teams are diligent about keeping their area clean.  In the high school teams must keep their coolers and food tables in the cafeteria only.
Sparta Schools - Food is allowed at all Sparta schools as long as Teams clean up their area before leaving.
Union HS - Food is allowed.
West Catholic - 
No outside food or colored drinks.  Water only!!!!
Please review Club Policy on Sportsmanship Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated from coaches, players or fans. Remember, these are only kids officiating. Any display of unsportsmanlike conduct will result in your team/club being removed from the tournament and sanctioned by MJVBA.

Some teams/clubs have been banned from returning to certain tournaments because of bad behavior. Remember news travels fast.

Unfortunately we have had situations go as far as to have restraining orders issued against individuals.

Remember it is the kids who get hurt in the long run.

Gyms open 45 minutes before the first match of the day.
Check Sundays Schedule closely as many teams will move to a different site.
Admission: $7 per person; $3 for students K-12; per day!  Athletes will be wearing uniform
Teams are expected to clean their team's area before you leave!  Please respect these facilities.
Map of downtown Grand Rapids Parking http://www.mjvba.com/documents/GR_Parking.pdf

There is a lot going on in GR the weekend of States but a lot of fun things to do.  Downtown is festival of the arts, June 3-6 find info at http://www.festivalgr.org/

Curfew is 10:00 pm on nights before a tournament; tournament days are very long and start early, you need to be well rested.  Parents please help enforce this rule!

When lodging is required for tournaments, everyone is to be in their own room by 10:00 pm, lights out by 11:00 pm.  Please be courteous and quiet in hallways at all times.  This is in consideration of other hotel guests.

At no time should our athletes be running the halls or be engaged in unchaperoned activities.

A parent or guardian must be staying in the room with the athletes.