Oxford Heat: Club Handbook

Wednesday, December 14

     Heat Club Handbook          
The Heat Volleyball staff would like to thank all the families that have shown support for our program and to those of you that are interested in becoming a part of our family!  Our club was formally the Oxford Heat that program began in 1999 bringing young athletes and their families an affordable, competitive volleyball environment that promotes excellent skill development and leadership. Now the Heat VBC we look forward to continuing those vaules and expanding beyond the Oxford area/ We strive to provide our athletes with experiences that leave you with a life-long love for volleyball and fond memories.  

The Heat VBC is committed to promoting the volleyball skill development of each individual through fun, positive, and competitive athletic events.  We are dedicated in providing quality volleyball instruction while also pushing our athletes towards becoming the ultimate Team player. HVBC strives to teach our athletes the value of teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline, self-motivation and leadership.  This is done with experiences that lead to exposure to the game at state, regional and national levels.

All members of our program will be registered with the Lakeshore Region, Amateur Athletic Union & Michigan Junior Volleyball Association.  Teams will be registered with USA Volleyball if they chose to participate in USA tournaments.  HVBC abides by USA Volleyball rules and MHSAA rules. USA rules vary from area high school rules. Rule comparisons can be found on the USA Volleyball website.

Registration requirements:
·       Volleyball Agreement this registers you for the appropriate tryout date(s) 
·       A copy of your child’s birth certificate (must be brought to tryout check-in)
·       A completed AAU Application for current season (must be filled out at tryout check-in)
·       The completed uniform order form (must be filled out at tryout check-in)
·       A completed medical authorization form (must be filled out at tryout check-in)
·       All checks should be made payable to the
 Heat VBC
NOTE: No refunds will be issued once your athlete has made a Team; No show, no refund!

Our website www.oxfordheatvbc.com is your primary source for Club news and information.  We will provide you with the most up-to-date information for practices, tournaments, and cancellations for your team.  Please make sure you check the site often.


  • Your tryout fee is $35, $25 of that is applied to your club fees.×
  •          If paying by the Installment Plan, please follow the schedule. If you have issues with any payments please contact the one of the directors, please do not want for a payment to be passed due. ×
  •   All payments are due by the due dates listed; this is to ensure adequate time for uniform orders, tournament entry deadlines, registration fees, etc.  
  •         No refunds. In the unfortunate circumstance that your athlete sustains an injury in a Club volleyball event a credit may be given towards future Club activities.  If you are removed from the Club due to any violation of this policy or choose to leave the club for any reason, all fees are forfeited. ×       
  • Families with multiple players playing for HVBC will receive a 10% discount in fees per family.   
  • There will be a $25 charge for any returned checks.
  •        Parents must understand that coaches should never incur any exceptional costs during the course of a season. Teams are responsible for the coaches overnight stays for tournaments, except for the MJVBA State Championships.  Coaches do not pay for tournaments, hotel rooms or airline flights at any time! Fundraisers are an option!× 


  •      Our coaches are AAU Certified  Coaches.  This means they have taken and passed on-line course through AAU. These courses  educates coaches on basic team building and instruction as well as player and equipment safety.  
  • We work hard to place the right coaches with the right teams to ensure the best chemistry.×     
  •    Heat coaches are experienced in the sport of volleyball. The type of experience may vary from past personal instruction,  high school, club, and/or college level coaches. We do hire college level students as coaches and are conscientious about mentoring them in their coaching development.  They must be a minimum of 18 years of age and must be at least 2 years older than the individuals they are coaching (unless they are an assistant to the team coach).×  
  •         Heat coaches are committed to providing high-quality, professional volleyball instruction to promote personal and athletic growth for each individual athlete in the areas of leadership, organization, dedication and a positive overall volleyball experience.×         

·    The number of teams will depend on the number of qualified coaches we have, and the number of athletes that are accepted to participate upon completion of tryouts.
·    Teams will be composed of 8 to 12 players according to age divisions and comparable ability to help achieve both personal growth and the most competitive teams possible.
·   Teams are for players in all age groups wanting to train at a higher level and compete in winter/spring school sports; meaning you need more flexibility in your schedule.  They will focus on player development, team performance, build upon basic core skills and introduce more advanced skills/drills.  The team will concentrate on the highest possible finish at tournaments.

·   Players can and are encouraged to participate in their school spring sports and still play Club ball.  Your coach will require a copy of your school sport calendar; volleyball is a team sport and must make adjustments when missing a team member from any practice or tournament. 
·    We expect our athletes to attend all HVBC practices unless there is a scheduled competition for your school sport. 
·   If a game for your school sport conflicts with an HVBC competition, the coach and athlete will decide on a case-by-case basis as to which event takes priority.

A competitive team athlete, by its very nature, creates situations where everyone may not be happy all the time. Knowing when to communicate and how to communicate with your athlete’s coach is a concern for almost every parent at some time during her volleyball career.  We encourage the athlete to take responsibility for their participation.  We also encourage all athletes and parents to follow the 24 hour rule.  

×          Before addressing any issues to wait for a period of 24 hours then:  
·          The athlete will speak or meet with the coach to discuss a concern.

×          If the concern is unresolved,
·          The athlete & parent should meet with the coach.  Meetings are to be at times & locations other than tournaments.

×          If the concern remains unresolved,
·         The athlete, parent, coach and Director will meet to discuss concerns regarding your athlete only. The Coach or Director will not discuss other athletes or coaches at any time.

          ATTENDANCE×          Remember volleyball is clearly a team sport; please keep this in mind when making a commitment to your sport and team!   An athlete that misses a practice lacks preparation for the next scheduled tourney which in turn affects the team’s playing ability.  A coach does not want to punish their team by playing an athlete that is not prepared.  Missing a significant amount of practices does not make it cost effective for families and makes it very difficult to build team chemistry and cohesiveness at a competitive level. 

×          Practices are very important as your coach is preparing you and your team for upcoming tournaments. Therefore, a maximum of 2 excused absences are allowed during the season.     

   ×           If the notice for missing a practice is going to be less than 24-hours the coach needs to be texted or called.  As well as put in writing; an email or a written note given at the next event. For all practices that are missed for something other than an emergency (less than 24 hours’ notice) situation we require a two week notice in writing (email or hand written note) of the scheduled absence. 

 ×           If a tournament is to be missed, your coach must be notified 2 weeks prior to the tournament you will be missing so proper arrangements can be made for coverage.

 ×             Practices are very important as your coach is preparing you and your team for upcoming tournaments. Therefore, a maximum of 2 excused absences are allowed during the season.×           If a tournament/practice is missed due to an injury (i.e. due to sprained ankle) or illness a doctor’s note will be required before the athlete will be able to return to play.   


×          Everyone is responsible for the cleanliness of your practice facility, please pick up after yourself so that we may continue to have a gym in which to practice in.

×          Practices will be held two nights per week at times to be determined by the coach and availability of the gym.

×          Players should plan to arrive to practices early enough to help get the nets set-up.  The entire team should plan to stay to put ALL equipment away or help the coach make sure the gym is left in an acceptable condition.

 ×          Athletes are expected to come to practice with the all their proper equipment (hair up, knee pads, gym shoes, jump rope, etc) and be prepared to work hard and have fun.

·     Most tournaments are held on Saturdays and/or Sundays for all levels; occasional Friday travel for more advanced competition.
·     Your coach will choose a tourney schedule (8 - 12) that best suits the needs of your team. In order to decrease schedule conflicts please provide your coach with any date(s) of known conflicts by the deadline given at the club meeting.  
·    We do not guarantee equal playing time on any team or at any event! You pay for instruction at practices. Attendance, attitude, effort, performance and the team’s needs are all factors in determining playing time at tournaments. 
·    Coaches have been instructed not to discuss their individual “coaching decisions” about tournament play. They will do what is best for the team and Club as a whole in these decisions; the coach is considered the expert!
·   Athletes are encouraged to ask what they can improve on to get more playing time.
·   The MJVBC State Championships will be held June 2& 3, 2012 and is a mandatory two day event. Team reservations will be made by the Team Parent at a team hotel to be covered at your expense. 

·     Tournaments are “drive to events” and we require that parents provide the necessary transportation.
·     Athletes are not to drive themselves to tournaments as this will allow them to keep a focus on the tournament activities.
·     If for any reason your parent or guardian is not able to attend a tournament please check with a team mate, most parents are open to carpooling, another option is to ask your coach if they are willing to provide an occasional ride.

·    As we practice in the school gyms, school rules apply, dress appropriately!
·     Please prepare ahead of time for your tournaments to make sure you have your entire uniform (jersey(s), black spandex, knee pads, socks, and court shoes).
·   On tournament days, teams are expected to wear the Club uniform, teams can & will be penalized (by officials) for not being dressed identical.

·     Equipment should be put away properly and in the designated areas.
o   Athletes are responsible for their own volleyballs at practices and tournaments.  Volleyballs are to be purchased through the Club at the beginning of the season.

×          CURFEW & TRAVEL
·    Curfew is 10:00 pm on nights before a tournament; tournament days are very long and start early, you need to be well rested.  Parents please help enforce this rule!
·    When lodging is required for tournaments, everyone is to be in their own room by 10:00 pm, lights out by 11:00 pm.  Please be courteous and quiet in hallways at all times.  This is in consideration of other hotel guests.
·    At no time should our athletes be running the halls or be engaged in un-chaperoned activities.
·     A parent or guardian must be staying in the room with the athletes.


          All coaches are expected to be courteous, respectful and polite to all players, parents, other coaches and officials as you will be representing Heat VBC.

 ×          Coaches are required to make themselves available for athletes and parents by being approachable and responding to request or questions in a timely manner.

×          Follow all policies and procedures in the club handbook


×          All parents/guardians are expected to be courteous, respectful and polite to all players, parents,  coaches and officials as you will be representing Heat VBC.

×           Should never enter the court or bench area during a game or competition. ×          Follow clubs grievances procedure.

×          Check email and club website for updates and changes to schedules.×          Follow all policies and procedures in the club handbook

×          Remember to have fun and be your child’s number one fan!!


×          All athletes are expected to be courteous, respectful and polite to all players, parents,  coaches and officials as you will be representing Heat VBC.

×          Follow clubs grievances procedure.

×          It is important at all times that you remember you are representing the Heat VBC. If you come to an event improperly dressed, prepared or behaving improperly, your coaches do have the right to suspend you from the event completely or bench you.

×          Follow all policies and procedures in the club handbook.