Oxford Heat: Volunteers

Friday, October 8


Oxford Heat VBC is looking for enthusiastic and energetic coaches wanting to coach for Junior Girls Volleyball, middle to high school ages (12s-18s).  This is an excellent opportunity for both entry-level and experienced coaches looking to begin or re-energize their coaching careers! 

Co-DIrectors -David & Nikki Deaver

Objective:  assist Director in many task of operations

Assist in planning upcoming season, visit surrounding schools to promote program, secure gym time for tryouts/practices/tournaments, prepare for tryouts, interview prospective coaches, website updates, secure accommodations for coaches for travel, prepare practice schedule, prepare tournament schedule, register teams with AAU, USAV, MJVBA, prepare taxes, complete tournament entry forms for all team tournaments, etc.

Uniform Coordinator 

Objective:  consolidate orders for each team, verify inventory, and distribute 

·         Gather uniform orders for each team     ·         Verify completeness of each order/correct payment received for each order     ·         Follow-up with parents as needed     ·         Prepare order for vendor      ·         Verify accuracy of delivered products     ·         Sort orders and distribute  

Team Travel Committee Chair 

Objective:  provide members with cost friendly, quality accommodations

·         Reserve block of rooms for Team/Club; based on previous season (may require credit card)     ·         All athletes are required to stay, in team hotel, Friday and Saturday night (2 night stay)      ·         Coordinate/communicate with team parents regarding specific travel needs for each team     ·         Review further needs/requests of Club after try-outs     ·         Consolidate detailed list to Club Director and hotel as needed     ·         Reserve coaches rooms   ·         Provide instructions to parents for finalizing room reservations 

Advertising Committee Chair 

Objective:  approximately one month prior to tryouts place ad/article in area papers, place signs in strategic areas, take flyers in schools and ask schools to make announcements/visit schools during lunch times; the more members we have (Club growth) the less the Club fee will be increased 

·         Obtain authorization from City Ordinance Officer for placing signs throughout Oxford and surrounding areas ·         Contact local papers with article about upcoming tryouts     ·         Obtain permission from schools to place flyers throughout school     ·         Leave tryout registration forms and write up announcements with Club information     ·         Place signs in businesses that athletes may frequently go 

Banquet Committee Chair 

Objective:  secure cost friendly accommodation to host end of season celebration 

·         Reserve accommodations; may be park pavilion     ·         Plan end of season celebration     ·         Distribute invites to all members  

Host Tournament/Camp Committee Chair

Objective:  work with Club Director, Club Coaches and surrounding areas to achieve Club goal of hosting OHVBC tournaments and summer camps/clinics 

·         Secure facilities (gym) to host volleyball tournaments/camps     ·         Contact MJVBA with available tourney dates to assure enough teams register     ·         Confirm registration with all team prior to and day of tournament     ·         Responsible for seeing that tournament(s) run smoothly and on time     ·         Responsible for posting tourney results     ·         Obtain set-up, tear-down, and clean-up crews 

Fundraising Committee Chair 

Objective:  to obtain fundraising ideas/projects for Club athletes/members to participate in to help with increasing Club fees, travel expenses, Club apparel etc 

·         Explore fundraising possibilities     ·         Confirm projects that best suit needs of Club athletes, allowing for best profit     ·         Manage all aspects of set fundraisers 

Player/Parent Meeting Coordinator

Objective:  work with Club Director and Committee Chairs in coordinating and run Club player/parent meeting within one week of tryouts 

·         Collect AAU registration forms, birth certificates, medical authorization forms      ·         Obtain State Final hotel reservation requests (Note:  Travel coordinator will manage this effort)      ·         Collect Club fees     ·         Capture uniform order information and collect fees (Note:  Uniform coordinator will manage this effort)     ·         Allow coaches to greet their team and discuss expectations, practice/tournament schedules     ·         Hand out team rosters to all players     ·         Review Club policy with all and collect policy agreement from all members      ·         Obtain Team Parent for all teams in all age divisions