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WHAT IS “WINTERBALL”? OVLL Winter Ball is a fun, relaxed, instructional baseball season – designed for players (and coaches) interested in honing and expanding their baseball skills during the “off season”. The registration fee is $75. Each player receives a team t-shirt and hat.

WHO CAN PLAY? All current and new players, league age 7-13 as of 2016. The player must also reside within OVLL's boundaries (see www.OVLLBaseball.com for boundary definitions). League age is determined by the player’s age as of the coming year.

WHEN DO WE PLAY? The Winter Ball season runs from early September to November. Each team plays approximately ten (10) games. All games are played on Sundays at 12 noon or 2:30 PM. Games cancelled due to weather may or may not be replayed – subject to field availability.

WHERE DO WE PLAY? OVLL will host their own games. If a division does not have more than 3 teams we will play at additional District 62 fields.

WHAT DIVISIONS PLAY? OVLL hosts six (6) divisions for Winter Ball:

(1) Minor C: Applicable for players at league age 7-9, expecting to play Minor C in Spring of 2016.

(2) Minor B: Applicable for players at league age 8-10, expecting to play Minor B in Spring of 2016.

(3) Minor A: Applicable for players at league age 9-12, expecting to play Minor A in Spring of 2016.

(4) Majors: Applicable for players at league age 10-12, expecting to play Majors in Spring of 2016.

(5) Intermediate (50/70): Applicable for players league age 12-13, expecting to play Intermediate (50/70) in Spring of 2016.

(6) Juniors: Applicable for players at league age 12-13, expecting to play Juniors in Spring of 2016.

ARE THERE TRYOUTS? HOW IS MY CHILD ASSIGNED TO A DIVISION? No tryouts are implemented for Winter Ball. Per the divisional guidelines above, parents are responsible for assigning their player to the preferred division.

WILL MY CHILD AUTOMATICALLY PLAY IN THE SAME DIVISION DURING THE SPRING SEASON? No, your child’s divisional play in Winter Ball has no influence the Spring season. Before the Spring season, all players must try-out and enter the draft. The Spring season draft will determine your child’s divisional/team play.

HOW DO WE REGISTER? Click here for 2015 Winter Ball Registration Form.

Mail the completed application – with $75 check payable to “Ocean View Little League” – to: Ocean View Little League, P.O. Box 1033, Huntington Beach, CA, 92647.


SPECIAL NOTE: For Winter Ball, OVLL is limited– and a maximum 12 players per team. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. PARENTS WILL BE NOTIFIED OF TEAM PLACEMENT IN MID-AUGUST.  

WHO DO I CONTACT WITH QUESTIONS/REQUESTS? Rachel Blake - Player.Agent@ovllbaseball.com


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