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Sunday, June 8
OVLL Legends Honored

Before an overwhelming crowd of families at the OVLL fields on Saturday, our 12-year-old "Legends" were honored as part of the annual OVLL Legends night. The festivities included sandlot games, a home run derby (that was won by Mauro Ballinas of the Yankees), food and refreshments, and a slide show featuring all of our graduating Legends. We are so proud of these young men as they bid farewell to OVLL. We will miss you all, and you will always be Legends in our hearts!

2014 Legends












2014 OVLL Legends
Angels - Jag Burden, Grant Durazzo, Jason Gagnon, Sean Sterbentz, Dominic Ventimiglia, Dylan Youngsma.

Cardinals - Jimmy Campbell, Blake Christiano, Kyle Christy, Eric Church, Joey Legg, Jared Reyes, Paul Wagner, Sean Yackley.

Dodgers - Andrew Baldwin, Cole Gaudier, Edward Pelc, Nathan Santy, Christopher Soto, Cody Thompson.

Giants - Anthony Cappocciama, Noah Karliner, Ryan Leicht, Oscar Maldonado, Kaleb Plewa, Kyle Roeder.

Marlins - JC Cargassachi, Harry Dean, Ryan Gregory, Cole Kennedy, Evan Manzo, Riley Shannon.

Orioles - Vincent Caiazzo, Matthew De Heras, Andrew Hovic, Christian Jones, Aaron Marchbanks, Rocco Peppi, Bruno Stenzel, Jaron Wallace.

Pirates - Lucas Catano, Shane Hoodman, Mason Lucero, Noah Madole, David Mayorga, Zach Pratte.

Red Sox - Jake Graham, Dane Hart, Jayden Klein, Zach Lyons, Jared Manzo, Matthew Putich, Jake Vogel.

Yankees - Mauro Ballinas, Sinjin Choi, Druce Faleafine, Naeco Logan, Dax Villanueva.

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