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2015 Home Run Heroes

We proudly honor our 2015 OVLL Home Run Heroes... secretly known as the...

"OVLL Bomber Squadron"

Crush Cap

 The Legend of the “Crush Cap”

OVLL Home Run Heroes proudly wear their team hats. In World War II, bomber pilots also proudly wore their hats known as aviator “crush caps.” Aviators were officers who were required to wear their hats during their missions. But because the hats had a wire rim to maintain their round shape, the rim interfered with the pilot’s radio headphones that they had to wear. So pilots simply removed the wire rim inside of their hats to allow the top of the hat to collapse or “crush” so that the earphones could be worn comfortably… and so the crush cap was born! Good luck pilots on your missions dropping your "home run bombs" this season!

Tristan Kennedy (Brewers)           March 7
Jake D'Amico (Nationals)             March 14
                                                      April 2
Shane Stafford (Giants)
               March 14
                                                      March 21
                                                      April 1
                                                      April 16
                                                      April 18
                                                      April 25
AJ Valle (Royals)                          March 15
                                                      April 18
Antonio Ventimiglia (White Sox)   March 15
                                                      March 15

Micah Blake (Angels)                    March 21
                                                      April 13
                                                      April 19
Nick Skorheim (Royals)                March 21

Nathan Capelouto (Brewers)        March 22
AJ Hurtado (Pirates)                     March 22
Cole Kaplan (Nationals)               March 25
                                                     April 20

Alec Muirhead (Royals)                March 28
William Brooks (Cubs)                  March 29
Brandon Lieberman (White Sox)   April 4
Miles Elliott (Cubs)                        April 18
Jack Clark (Indians)                      April 25

Minor A
Cameron Newton (Knights)         March 7
                                                     April 1
Andrew Bentley (Muck Dogs)      March 7
Cole Kenrich (Stars)
                   March 8
                                                    March 21
                                                    March 30

Roman Cianca (Bulls)                 March 10
                                                    March 14
Landon Runyan (Knights)           March 13
Dominic Riola (Red Wings)         March 19
Matt Fox (Hot Rods)                    March 25
                                                    April 14

Delah Fata (Renegades)             April 4
Jordan Cole (Nuts)                      April 15
Connor Adams (Nuts)                 April 15
Owen Eisen (Iron Pigs)               April 15
Braydon Bewley (Stars)              April 18
JM Harduvel (Nuts)                     April 24

Minor B
Matthew Quach (Sea Dogs)
      March 7

Monday, March 9
2015 Home Run Heroes

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