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Saturday, May 3
2014 Sportsmanship Award Recipients

We congratulate and honor our Sportsmanship Award Recipients for the 2014 spring season:

Red - Tyler Legere
Blue - Daniel Mayorga

Angels - Dominic Ventimiglia
Cardinals - Blake Christiano
Dodgers - Michael Austin
Giants - AJ Valle
Marlins - Brandon Dompke
Pirates - Zach Pratte
Orioles - Vincent Caiazzo
Red Sox - Christopher Roberts
Yankees - Dax Villanueva

Minor A
Express - Cameron Newton
Bulls - Tyler Bastek
Knights - John Galbraith
Hot Rods - Jack Pirooz
Redwings - James Kent
Muckdogs - Jaxon Potter
Bats - Kai Mullins
Nuts - Kota Nakamura
Iron Pigs - Jordon Cole
Stars - Cole Kenrich
Rivercats - Sam Shuart

Minor B
Naturals - Jacob Myers
Thunder - Christian Murillo
Rockhounds - Luke Schwab
Mudcats - Felix Colligan
Hooks - Bradley Pluma
Sea Dogs - Bryan McManis
Blue Wahoos - Chris Diamond
Mets - Yzabelle Marrero
Dragons - Braydon Bewley

Minor C
Bees - Ryan Kudulis
Grasshoppers - Drake Kellen
Iron Birds - Tyler Soeltz
Lugnuts - Hunter Johnson
Riverdogs - Matthew Haidl
Storm - Jayden Reichelt
Tincaps - Ian Canfield

Bruins - Luke Peterson
Dirtbags - Reid Olson
Anteaters - Dylan Cox
Trojans - Nathan Garcia
Waves - Joaquin Paez
Titans - Ethan Burdge
Huskies - Ben Braithwaite
Hurricanes - John Moffett

Tee Ball
Fighting Irish - Lucas Bruckler
LSU Tigers - Miguel Garcia
Tarheels - Aiden Mendoza
Jayhawks - Luke Frohn
Crimson Tide - Joe Rehberger
Wolvines - Aiden Kelly

Oilers - Kaedan Moore
Chargers - Justin Tolly
Seahawks - Dean Sampson
Vikings - Beckett Miller
Barons - Madison Okura
Lions - Casey Slama

Saturday, May 4
2013 Sportsmanship Award Recipients


Let us congratulate all of our 2013 Sportsmanship award winners for showing their teams what the spirit of competition is all about.


Team                          Winner

Gold                             Jeremy Westerbeck



Team                          Winner

Gold                              Xavier Salgado



Team                          Winner      

Angels                          Nick Barbisan

A's                               Daniel Mayorga

Dodgers                       Trenton Marsh

Giants                          Ryan Holman

Marlins                         Isaac Bryant

Orioles                         Seth Knorr

Reds                            Dane Hart

Rockies                        Cobei Donovan

Tigers                          Edward Pelc


Minor A

Team                          Winner      

Bats                              Lucas Flynn

Bulls                             Craig Freeze

Express                        Tanner Harris

HotRods                        Nick Madole

IronPigs                        Joe Moore

Knights                         Matthew Scully

Muckdogs                     Nick Lawrence

RedWings                     Jeremy Roe

Rivercats                      Mike Rubly

Stars                           Ryan Idnani

StormChasers              Conner McKelvey


Minor B

Team                          Winner

Aeros                           Jaylene Duarte

BlueWahoos                  Dylan Scales

Hooks                           Jack Sles

Lookouts                       Conner Stephens

Mets                             Colin Gray

Mudcats                        Ezra Treskes

Naturals                        Michael Rini

Rockhounds                   Luke Walpole

Sea Dogs                      Michael Zamora

Thunder                        Aiden Hall


Minor C

Team                          Winner

Bees                             Dylan Kooken

Blue Claws                    Luke Pfeifer

Grasshopppers              Bryan McMains

IronBirds                       Nathan Torres

Lugnuts                         Braydon Smith

Owlz                             Matthew Lucchese

Scrappers                     Caleb Hauser

Storm                           Job Cassini

TinCaps                        Mason Goldsmith



Team                          Winner

Anteaters                      Logan Stoddart

Bruins                           Elizabeth Myers

Dirtbags                        Dean Ferguson

Hurricanes                    Hunter Johnson

LSU Tigers                    Blake Girotti

Red Raiders                  Casey Flynn

Titans                           Darby Warren

Trojans                         Dustin Stephens

Tee Ball

Team                          Winner

Bulldogs                        Ryan Soeltz

Tarheels                        Liam Miley

Crimson Tide                 Brad Sukeena

Fighting Irish                 Ryan Johnson

Gators                          Anabella Verdone

Jayhawks                      Diego Shackleford

Rams                            Ryan Brandenburger

Tarheels                        Aiden Lopez

Wolverines                    Tanner Craig


Wee Ball

Team                          Winner

Chargers                       Cruz Chavez

Oilers                            Kai Suyeto

Seahawks                      Evie Scheafer

Vikings                           Seth Gianotti


Friday, April 12
2013 Sportsmanship Awards Nominations - April 22 Deadline to Submit

OVLL is proud once again to sponsor the annual Sportsmanship Award! So managers, it’s that time again to select your award recipient for your team.

A few things to keep in mind as you sort through who is deserving on your team. The below ideas have always served as OVLL guidelines for picking each team's award winner.

- Sportsmanship is not defined by talent or skill sets but character, attitude and hustle.
- Who gives encouragement through failures?
- Who is coachable, bringing a positive energy to practices and games?
- Who compliments others in success and is the hardest worker?
- Who is dedicated to the team?

It is widely recognized that Little League Coaches have a tremendous impact on the lives of their players. Coaches have the ability to instill self worth, confidence, and life skills that these individuals will carry with them for years that follow. Please take extra time to reflect on the words you write to describe the recipient, as it will be read outloud to all in attendance.

Many managers in previous years have taken an anonymous vote from the players on the team in addition to the observations and considerations from the coaching staff to aid in making the final decision. The announcement of your chosen one is per your own discretion; as a surprise to the team on April 27, or at a team party.

Either way the name of the player needs to be given for engraving no later than April 22! As the league intends to celebrate the true spirit of sports and competition, please join us by making the deadlines requested and being there on April 27 to present your chosen child the award.

You will be giving a treasured memory! Thanks for all you do!

This 2013 OVLL Sportsmanship Award form may be filled out and sent to joymadole.hw@gmail.com or printed and delivered to the folder in the snack bar for Joy Madole no later than April 22! For questions, please contact Joy Madole at (714) 402-6222