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Sunday, July 5
2015 All Star District 62 Champions

 2015 Little League All Star District 62 Champions 


 2015 10-11 All Star District 62 Champions


 2015 9-10 All Star District 62 Champions 

 2015 8-9 Super Star District 62 Champions

2015 All Star Scores and Brackets

Section 10 Brackets

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Thurs. 7/2

OVLL 8/9 Super Stars defeat Huntington Valley LL to capture the D62 Championship!


Wed. 7/1

OVLL 11/12 All Stars defeated Huntington Valley LL to capture the D62 Championship!

OVLL 10/11 All Stars defeated Huntington Valley LL to capture the D62 Championship!

OVLL 9/10 All Stars defeated Seaview LL to capture the D62 Championship!

OVLL 8/9 Super Stars defeated Huntington Valley LL to force the if game; Thurs. 7/2 @ 6pm

Tues. 6/30

OVLL 8/9 Super Stars defeated Huntington West LL; 15-0


OVLL 11/12 All Stars defeated Huntington West LL; 10-0

OVLL 9/10 All Stars defeated Huntington Valley LL; 9-8

OVLL 8/9 Super Stars lost to Huntington Valley LL; 7-4


Tues. 6/23

OVLL 10/11 All Stars defeated Huntington Valley LL; 12-0


Mon. 6/22 (Round 2)

OVLL 11/12 All Stars defated Huntington Valley LL; 10-0 (4 inn.)

OVLL 10/11 All Stars defeated Seaview LL; 8-1  

OVLL 9/10 All Stars defeated Costa Mesa Nat LL; 18-2 (4 inn.)

OVLL 8/9 Super Stars defeated Fountain Valley LL; 19-0 (4 inn.)

Sat. 6/20

OVLL 11/12 All Stars defeated Costa Mesa Am LL; 19-1 (5 inn.)

OVLL 10/11 All Stars v. BYE  

OVLL 9/10 All Stars defeated Seaview LL; 8-5

OVLL 8/9 Super Stars defeated Seaview LL; 12-3

2015 Little League CA D62 TOC Champions
Saturday, June 13
2015 Little League D62 TOC Championship


Bottom of the sixth inning trailing 2-1 with two outs, runner on second, OVLL down to it's last strike in TOC...

 ...put the barrel on the ball and anything is possible.

Saturday, June 13
2015 D62 TOC Brackets & Results

Sat. 6/13

Majors Championship: OVLL Brewers defeated Fountain Valley1; 3-2  Brewers win Championship!

Minor A Championship: OVLL Stars lost to Huntington Valley2; 3-2  Stars finish in second place.

Minor B Championship: OVLL Mets lost to Huntington Valley1; 20-15  Mets Finish in second place.

Thur. 6/11

Majors: OVLL Brewers defeated Fountain Valley2; 4-0

Minor A: OVLL Stars defeated Huntington Valley1; 10-0 (4 inn.)

Minor B: OVLL Mets defeated Huntington West; 12-5

Wed. 6/10

Majors: OVLL Brewers defeated Seaview1; 6-1

Majors: OVLL Angels lost to Huntington Valley1; 6-3

Minor A: OVLL Bats lost to Huntington Valley2; 15-3

Tue. 6/9

Minor A: OVLL Stars defeated Seaview2; 6-2

Minor B: OVLL Mets defeated Huntington Valley2; 6-4

Sat. 6/6

Majors: OVLL Angels defeated Costa Mesa Nat2; 15-1

Majors: OVLL Brewers defeated Huntington West1; 1-0

Minor A: OVLL Bats defeated Seaview1; 15-11 (7 inn.)

Minor B: OVLL Mets defeated Costa Mesa Nat1; 7-1

Minor B: OVLL Mudcats lost to SeaView1; 7-2

2015 OVLL All Star Teams

The OVLL All Star teams for 2015 have been named. Congratulations to all our players and coaches. We wish you the best of luck in this year's tournament. GO OVLL!!! 

2015 D62 All Star Bracket 

11/12 All Star Team (Little League) - Manager Scott Pantel; Coaches Ken Marden/Lance D'Amico.
Micah Blake, Ryan Carles, Jake D'Amico, Cole Kaplan, Tristan Kennedy, Nick Madole, Kai Marden, Luca Pantel, Nate Skorheim, Shane Stafford, AJ Valle, Parker Walpole, Owen Wessel, Matthew Wilson.

10/11 All Star Team - Manager Dana Lux; Coaches Andy Hurtado/Toby Reece.
Ethan Choi, Jack Clark, Samuel Cohn, Cade Hart, AJ Hurtado, Evan Knipe, Jimmy Legg, Chad Lux, Kai Mullens, Riley Reece, Jack Smith, Antonio Ventimiglia, Zac Vuncanon.

9/10 All Star Team - Manager Tony Cianca; Coaches Chris Aparicio/Mike Flory.
Sebastian Aparicio, Andrew Bentley, Roman Cianca, Rizal Collado, Kyle Donoho, Jaylene Duarte, Jason Flory, Matt Fox, Cole Kenrich, Bradley Navarro, Kyle Palmer, Matt Thien, Colby Turner.

8/9 Super Star Team - Manager Craig Lane; Coaches Michael Gates/Sean Lewis.
Connor Adams, Jett Burden, Gavin Clarke, Gavin Croghan, Owen Eisen, John Gates, Ben Hagadorn, Carson Lane, Evyn Lewis, Dylan Mayorga, James McGhee, Aaron Minnicucci, Conner Wood.

Saturday, June 6


The following teams have earned the right to represent OVLL in the 2015 TOC:

Angels OV1
Brewers OV2

Minor A:
Stars OV1
Bats OV2

Minor B:
Mudcats OV1
Mets OV2

We are excited to have these teams represent OVLL, and we know they will all make us proud!  Please come out and support our teams in the TOC event being played at Seaview LL & Huntington Valley LL!!! 

Click here for 2015 TOC Brackets 

Saturday, June 6
2015 All Star Information


(Please read carefully if your child played in Majors or Minor A during Spring 2015)

Ocean View Little League will soon be selecting our 2015 All Star teams, and will proudly announce our All Star team rosters on Saturday, June 6th (per Little League rules, this date is non-negotiable).  If your child has been selected for one of the All Star teams, you will receive a phone call on June 6th.

A parent/player meeting/ice cream social will be held Sunday, June 7th at 3PM at the OVLL fields (common area by snack bar).  Please make sure an adult (preferably a parent) attends with the player, as we will be covering critical requirements for the All Star Tournament.

In the event that your child is selected for All Star play, you need to be aware of the following:

All players will be required to submit an ORIGINAL CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE (no abstracts, baptismal certificates, etc) as well as THREE (3) ORIGINAL PROOFS OF RESIDENCY from THREE (3) different categories  (ex: auto registration; bank statement; electric bill).  Photocopies or printed Internet billings will NOT be accepted (California Driver’s License is the ONLY item that may be photocopied).  If you have any concerns/questions about a document you are submitting, please supply a fourth document for consideration.  For families with more than one child on an All Star team, we only need to get ONE set of the THREE supporting documents.

*Important for this year:  Due to continued recent falsifications with Residency Documents around the country, Little League Baseball will not accept statements dated after February 1, 2015.  If you wish to submit a utility bill, bank statement, credit card statement, etc., be sure the date on the statement is between February 1, 2014 and February 1, 2015.  Many documents issued yearly (i.e. property tax, car registration card, etc) will be ok as long as they weren’t issued after February 1, 2015.    Any yearly issued document must include the February 1, 2015 date – this date is important to Little League as it covers the time the player was registered and playing.  The only item that can be over 1 year old is a copy of CDL and it must be current (not expired).  Should you choose to submit a copy of your CDL, make sure the copy you are submitting shows clearly the date of issue as well as expiration.

For a complete list of “Residence Eligibility Requirements” please visit http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/tournaments/ResidenceEligibilityRequirements.pdf

Or, if the link does not work, visit www.littleleague.org, click on “forms and publications” then open the document titled “Proof of Residency Requirements”.

*If your child is playing for OVLL under a waiver, the league’s copy of the waiver will be used instead of the above mentioned residency documents!!

All documents for All Star players will be due by Sunday, JUNE 7th!  We ask and encourage ALL parents to have their documents ready to bring to the parent/player meeting on June 7th to expedite this process.  ALL documents will be held by OVLL until tournament play is over – again, no exceptions.


If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Blake at player.agent@ovllbaseball.com .

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