Ojai Valley Girls Softball Association: Girls Softball Season 2017 Divisions

The 6U Division is presented as an introduction to softball. Teams are set up with five to six girls each and we encourage kids to play with their friends. This division has the coach pitch until ball four or the third strike at which time the ball will be placed on a 'T' for the batter to hit.
All players bat before teams switch sides and there is no score kept during the play time.
Game time is 6 innings. See OVGSA Operating Rules for specific information.

This is the first division where girls will be exposed to playing different defensive positions. Girls are encouraged to try each position and our coaches reinforce softball as recreation. Additionally, coaches will begin teaching offensive strategies like base running, bunting, and bat control. We encourage girls to play on the same team with their friends. To maintain competitive equity, each team will be guaranteed a pitcher and a catcher. Although a draft is held in every division, we will make every effort to place friends who make the request on the same team.
Coaches will begin working with the girls on specific age appropriate motor skill development on the basics of the game including throwing, fielding, and batting.

Coaches reinforce skills learned in the 8U division and begin to focus on specific skill development of these young athletes. The players will learn softball strategy in addition to enhancing their fielding, throwing, and batting skills. Pitchers and catchers will be given additional focus time at league clinics to reinforce their skills and all girls are encouraged to try pitching and catching.
Coaches continue to focus on the sport as recreation and working to ensure the girls are having fun. Our young players are encouraged to participate in more defined and structured practices and will be given advanced skills training. Although the contests at this age begin to be more competitive, OVGSA encourages sportsmanship, playing as a team, playing your best, and learning to win and lose with dignity and class.

The focus of this age group continues to center on softball as a recreational sport. OVGSA does recognize that as these young athletes get older, they gain a healthier respect for competition.
Coaches are asked to refine skills previously learned in other divisions. There is a concerted effort to differentiate skill development with a focus on challenging and stretching the abilities of the more skilled athletes while working with the young ladies who are new to the sport. We encourage a balance of structure to ensure all girls are getting the training and skill development related to their current level of play.
We encourage girls to play with their friends and we will make every effort to place girls on the same team who make the request during registration.

For many of our young athletes, the 14U division may be the last competitive softball they play. For others, OVGSA is a stepping stone to high school softball.   
It is important for OVGSA that we provide this age group with the same recreational structure as in prior years; a focus on recreation with the ability to promote a more competitive program.
Our coaches will be asked to continue working on specific skills as the girls in this age group have generally selected a defensive position where they feel comfortable. We continue to focus on trying new positions, yet recognize the girls in this age group are more comfortable in one, or perhaps two main positions.
Coaches are asked to continue differentiated instruction in specific skills in order to provide additional support for new players while reinforcing specific skills in our more seasoned athletes.
OVGSA recognizes that competition at this level cannot be avoided. The league encourages healthy competition among friends and between teams.   
As in prior divisions, OVGSA encourages girls to play with their friends and we will make every effort to place girls on the same team who make the request during registration.

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