Ouzo F.C: Ouzo News: Injury plagued Ouzo side take worst loss of the season

Monday, March 20
Injury plagued Ouzo side take worst loss of the season
SOCCER CITY, ETOBICOKE - Ouzo fall back to .500 after an embarrassing loss to league leaders Mesopotamia on Sunday.  Forced to play without a full-squad, with injuries to Wright, Rusnov, Michaelides, Geisel and Polymerus, Ouzo wasn't able to maintain their usual level of intensity throughout the game.

After going down 1-0 early in the game, Anderson (1G) tied the contest after a nice feed from Behn Wurthman (1A).  At that point the boys looked like they might just keep up with the pace of Mesopotamia.  A late 1st half goal on a long-range shot put the league leaders up by 1 at the half.

The first half was played at am alarming pace, which would prove to be the end of Ouzo's chances this night.  With Rusnov and Wright on the bench taking on the roles of Interim coaches, not even those two could get the boys to slow the pace down out there.  "We only know how to play one way out there" said Rob Rusnov after the game.  "It really works to our advantage when we have a full team, but man does it kill us when we don't have enough players".  Mesopotamia scored 4 unanswered goals in the second half to finish Ouzo off 6-1.  "Offensively we created some chances" said Wurthman after the game.  Yes, that is often the case, but finishing those chances has always been the problem.

Ouzo prepare for there match next week against AC Attack, which will hopefully bring the return of Ouzo standout Rob Rusnov.  Schnitzel, Michaelides and Wright are all still on the IR and there return looks dismal for this weeks clash with AC Attack.  The team plays next week at 11:15am and will be looking to get over .500 before the Welland Tournament.

On a positive note, Raging Bulls took a clobbering by newcomers Lakeshore United 7-3, leaving them with 1 point after 5 games.