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Tuesday, February 28
Let's Get Ready To Rumble........

- Everyone knew that Ouzo and Arnold & Bart were not best of friends. Sunday made it official. In a bitterly contested match, Arnold & Bart (3-0) edged Ouzo (2-1) once again, by a score of 2-1, to take sole possession of first place in the Sunday Soccer City Premier Division. The score was almost an afterthought though, after benches emptied for both squads with 10 minutes to go in the second half.

In an evenly contested first half, A&B managed to capitalize late on the power play, after Ouzo was whistled for too many men, on one of several debatable calls during the course of the match. Just before the half, Mike MichaelidesMAN hurt his knee and had the ladies gasping in despair as he was unavailable for the remainder of the match. His status is uncertain for the next Ouzo match. A&B increased their lead to 2-0 about seven minutes into the second half. A well-timed nudge by an A&B allowed A&B to be sent in on a 2-on-0. A desperate attempt to tackle the ball carrier by Rob Rusnov was not enough as the ball was slipped to the open player who deposited into the yawning cage. A collision at the end of the play between Ouzo goalkeeper Colin Wright and an A&B player ("the blonde guy") set the mood for what would happen next.

With 10 minutes to go in the game, A&B started throwing out elbows like they were Mr. Hockey himself, Gordie Howe. First Gus Polymerus felt the brunt of a well-timed elbow, which should have resulted in an Ouzo free kick and penalty for A&B. Unfortunately the incompetence of the referee resulted in the missed call. As a small gathering was forming on the pitch, another cheap shot by A&B on Stuart "Nature Boy" Fletcher resulted in both benches emptying. There was some pushing and shoving and a lot of tempers and nostrils flaring. Steve "Shirts off for Kiprusoff" Delaney managed to grab two A&B players and pin them against the boards as they whimpered like little schoolgirls. Rest assured they would not be messing with Delaney anymore. To his credit, Delaney also managed to keep his shirt on this time.

After a several minute delay, the game started again, and with about 7 minutes left Behn Wurthman caught the A&B goalie napping with the ball at his feet and managed to poke the ball into the net for a very cheeky goal, to make the score 2-1. Unfortunately that would be all Ouzo would get on the day, as A&B held on for the victory.

"Pleasantries" and "Best Wishes" were exchanged between the two squads in the dressing room area post-match. This sets up an exciting rematch in a few weeks, which has all of Soccer City buzzing.