Ouzo F.C: Ouzo News: OUZO GETS OUZO'D AGAIN... A & B & REFEREE WIN 4-2.

Monday, January 23

- Ouzo F.C found out that it is tough to play Arnold & Bart 5 on 5, but even more difficult when it is 6 on 4. In a battle of epic proportions, Ouzo was edged by long-time rivals Arnold & Bart 4-2.

The game started off very evenly, with both teams possessing the ball. At about the half way mark of the first half, midfielder Stuart Fletcher converted in front of the net on a clinical finish to put Ouzo up 1-0. This lead would stand until halftime. Approaching the midway mark of the second half, with Ouzo in the A & B zone, Jesse Geisel set defender Steve Delaney up with a lovely back heel pass. With the whole bench and numerous spectators upstairs in the Winger’s Lounge screaming, “SHOOT!!!!” Delaney went upstairs in the top right hand corner, where mama keeps the peanut butter, to put Ouzo up 2-0. This marks the second game in a row in which Delaney has scored, a personal best.

At this point, Ouzo made a wholesale line change, but unfortunately A & B decided to be very unsporting and kicked off before all Ouzo players were on their side of half. Given this advantage, A & B proceeded to go down the field and get a fortunate bounce that was headed in to make the score 2-1 Ouzo. A penalty to Stuart Fletcher shortly after led to an A & B power play goal to make the score 2-2. Shortly after, Fletcher was given the gate after a conversation with the referee, which ended with Fletcher walking away and saying “Shut up”. Witnesses from upstairs in the Winger’s Lounge swear that moments before throwing Fletcher from the match, they saw an unidentified A & B player wave the referee’s green card from the bench and threaten to light it on fire. This ejection led to a large scrum of Ouzo players surrounding the referee and not exactly exchanging pleasantries with him. An enraged Steve “The Incredible Hulk” Delaney proceeded to doff his shirt and leave the pitch in protest. He would return a couple of minutes later after flexing for a few ladies in the stands.

After the fiasco had toned down, A & B were the recipients of a five-minute power play. This led to a power play goal to put A & B up in the match for the first time, 3-2. With about 4 minutes left Ouzo started pressuring A & B and with a minute and a half were almost rewarded when a Ruben Flores shot hit the inside of the post, but unfortunately bounced out. Then with less than 20 seconds left and Ouzo pressuring deep in the A & B to try and create a turnover, “The Big Guy” TM for A & B went in and scored the insurance goal on a breakaway.

Despite this very disappointing loss, Ouzo played perhaps their best match of the session. It is tough to win a game when you are handed 9 minutes in penalties in a 40-minute game. In the end Ouzo could not overcome the 6 on 4 disadvantages.

Ouzo will be looking to carry the momentum of a solid first session, into the second session in search of that coveted championship banquet.

BY:  Robby Rus