Ouzo F.C: Ouzo News: Ouzo F.C re-sign former Blakelock graduate to a long term deal

Phil London
Ouzo F.C flys to London to sign Phil to a long term deal
Thursday, January 19
Ouzo F.C re-sign former Blakelock graduate to a long term deal

LONDON, ENGLAND:  News from the Ouzo camp is that Management has come to a financial agreement with former Ouzo Alumni Phil Kennedy.  Details on the deal are a little unclear, but Kennedy past his physical yesterday to make it official.  "We are very pleased to have Phil back in our squad.  He scored some vital goals in the past and we are hoping his time in England has helped his development" Management said yesterday.  "He will be presented to the media and our fans at Soccer City before the first game of the 2nd session."

English media (The Sun) has reported that officials from Ouzo F.C were in London this past summer to speak with the player, along with Kennedy's agent (Jay Mangan) to work out the details of the contract.  It looks like there efforts have finally paid off.

Phil is  known best for his performance against Mississauga Croatia in a 4-nil win back in 2002.  After bandaging his head to cover up a wound that would later need 10 stiches, Phil came back in the 2nd half to score 2 influential goals from his defensive position.