Monday, January 16

SOCCER CITY, ETOBICOKE - Bring on Arnold and Bart! One goal was enough, but Ouzo slammed home 9, as Ouzo FC ensured the fourth and final playoff position behind Colin Wright's first shutout of the season.  Finishing the season with an impressive 3.3 GAA, Wright handled all of FC Kontakt’s 11 shots and looks at the top of his game entering the playoffs.  A strong performance from back three, Delaney, Rusnov, and Wurthman, saw the defensive trio hit the score sheet four times.  Ben Wurthman, who had been held pointless all season until this game, fired home his first 2 goals of the season and looks to have found his groove at just the right time.  “I knew I had it in me” said the Hamilton born defender, “It was just a matter of time before the goalies in the league felt my wrath.” 

Mike Michaelides continued his impressive campaign adding two more goals and two assists to his season tally.  Michaelides’ strong play in the attacking zone and fearsome tracking on the defensive end has been fantastic in the last three games.  Another gritty performance by Jesse Geisel saw the team goal leader net twice to bring his season total to an impressive 8 goals in 10 games.  “There’s a big difference in Geisel this session,”  Said former Barons teammate Rob Anderson, “He looks slimmer, fitter, and stronger than I have seen him in a long time.” Anderson, who assisted on Geisel’s first goal, continues to be the gel in the center of the park.

After a three week absence Ruben Flores returned from holiday looking fresh and fit.  His strong play along the boards and fantastic distribution in the neutral zone has brought a new element to a previously stagnant Ouzo offence.  Gus Polymerus will be back in the line up for Arnold and Bart after an off week, adding a nice 1-2 punch for the strikers.  With a week before game time against the long time rivals, Ouzo FC looks focused and ready as they enter the playoffs for the first time in three sessions.  A 7:40pm kick off gives the boys plenty of time to recover, but captain Anderson has still placed a 24hr no alcohol policy in effect. An additional 48hr policy has been placed on Burlington Hooligans Wright and Fletcher.  How Bad Do We WANT IT?