Ouzo F.C: Ouzo News: Boxing day 2005 - The year of the Asian Escape!!!!

Boxing day 2005 - The year of the Asian Escape!!!!

Not since the curse of Babe Ruth has the sporting world seen a run of such bad luck! Ouzo’s quest for the Soccer City Boxing Day title will have to wait for yet another year. For the second consecutive Boxing Day Ouzo F.C. had their dreams smashed due to the stupidity of another team. After suffering a tough 1-0 loss to their boxing day rivals The Mean Machine, Ouzo Battled back to a 1-0 win of their own in the second game thanks to the heroics of Ouzo F.C. alumni Dave Nutt. The celebration for this goal ended far too soon as it was their only goal of the tournament. With a 1-1 record, Ouzo needed a win from the Mean Machine in their last match of the day to advance from their group. The soccer gods were already upstairs drinking as the Mean Machine lost with a late and controversial goal. Now Ouzo needed to win in their last game over a weak team from the FAR EAST by 5 plus goals. It appeared as Ouzo took the field they had their destiny in their own hands.......or did they? Ouzo took the pitch ready for battle with extreme confidence that they would be able to destroy their weaker adversary. As the game time went, the team from the FAR EAST had yet to show up on the field. After 5 minutes the game was called and the victory was awarded to Ouzo. Ouzo F.C finished in a 3-way tie for first with 7 points, which wouldn’t get them into the second round. This was Ouzo's worst tasting victory as they lost the group on goal difference due to never having the chance to beat up on the Asian squad. “That's awful” said a Drunken Rob Rusnov in-between puke sessions inside soccer city, outside soccer city and outside the home of defender Steve Delaney. Yes it truly is awful and the Ouzo squad has vowed not to eat Asian cuisine for at least a year, except for the infamous beer “Sapporo”.

"I can't believe this happened two years in a row… I knew it" said the heart and sole of Ouzo, number 8 Rob Anderson after a battle with the purple blaze later that evening.

Like the True Champions they are, Ouzo went up stairs to Wingers and stole the show as they closed the bar down after running up an over $300 bar Tab consisting of Wings, beers, fries and 3 rounds of OUZO shots. The last three standing at the end of the night Rusnov, Delaney, and Anderson, had dreams of changing the teams name from OUZO to Peach Shnapps F.C. or some other alcoholic beverage that may be a bit less harsh on their partying abilities!

On a side note, both “Mean Machine” and “Black Stars 2006”, the two teams tied in points with Ouzo in the round robin stages, went on to the semi-finals. They met two teams in Ouzo’s Sunday Division 1 league, AC Attack and Arnold & Bart. Ouzo beat both those teams respectively this season 4-3 and 5-2. Could’ve, Should’ve…

Special thanks to Damien W. who puked after the first game... the artist formerly known as Kordo, Johnny “Mac captain”, Steve “I will Drink and blaze in between games” and finally Ouzo alumni’s Dave “the only goal Nutt” and Vick “let me burn the back of Delaney's neck with my lighter” Santos..... This day could not have been as great with out you!!!

All in all, a great ending to a day “that could’ve been”

By:  Delaney