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Tuesday, December 6
Ouzo Quiets Raging Bulls

SOCCER CITY, ETOBICOKE - Ouzo once again broke .500 for the year when they defeated the Raging Bulls 5-4 this past Sunday afternoon.  They definitely live up to the "Raging" part of their name as after the game some of the players from the Bulls were not exactly speaking kindly to one another.

The Bulls scored the first two goals to make it 2-0.   Ouzo managed to get one back before half when Gus Polymerus passed to Jesse Geisel to make it 2-1.  Young Stuart Fletcher managed to tie the game in the second half with a nice pass from Gus.  Ouzo took the lead when Gus scored  on a pass from Rob (Steeles) Anderson to make it 3-2.  The tempered Bulls tied the game with some sloppy Ouzo marking.  Ouzo pulled ahead again when "Steeles" Anderson finally put one away to make it 4-3.  Jesse Geisel added his sixth goal of the year when Stuart Fletcher drove a pass that he one timed past the keeper.

It was at this point in the game where the Bulls became most frustrated.  The saying goes "You never talk smack to someone- unless you can back it up."  Well, during this time in the game the tempered Bulls were actually taunting Ouzo by chanting "We're being out worked by Ouzo".  Little did they know they were not only being outworked, but outscored as they lost to Ouzo 5-4. 

When one of the tempered Bulls was asked after the game about the taunting, he "replied- Well, Ouzo is known for their toughness and I was trying to get my team going".  I guess it didn't work.

It should be interesting to see what strategy the "Tempered" Bulls try next Saturday against Ouzo F.C in what could be a real barn burner.  Stay tuned....

The Schnitz