Ouzo F.C: Ouzo News: Sac + Phil= W Over AC Attack

Sac + Phil= W Over AC Attack
Ouzo was out of the gates in the second session with a 5-4 win over AC Attack.  Just as they did in the first session, Ouzo defeated a top contending team the first game in the session. 

Little did AC Attack know that on this day Ouzo had 2 secret weapons they had been hiding.  Those weapons were no other than Phil "Stitches" Kennedy and Steve "The Cat" Sacchitiello.  Phil was re-signed by Ouzo after spending over a year in England preparing himself for Ouzo.  Steve "The Cat" Sacchitiello has been signed as well as an extra when Ouzo requires his services.

AC Attack opened the scoring with a couple quick goals that caught Ouzo by surprise.  It was 2-0 for AC Attack when Phil Kennedy found the back of the net on a pass from Stuart Fletcher.   Before half time AC Attack added another to make it 3-1 at half.

The second half Bob "Steeles" Anderson finally converted from a pass from Ruben Flores.  Behn Wurthman tied the game for Ouzo when he blasted a beauty in the top corner on a pass from Stuart Fletcher.

Ouzo dominated the second half with possession.  Rob "Steeles" Anderson added an insurance goal when he hit a full volley from centre field that caught the AC Attack goalie back peddling to only have it go over his head and into the goal.

This was the goal that really disrupted AC Attack as Jesse "The Schnitz" Geisel was fouled along the boards and then straight armed across the neck.   Geisel two handed the defender and the referee reacted by throwing both Geisel and the AC Attack player out of the game.

AC Attack added another goal, but it was too little too late and Ouzo had their first win of the session.

Bobby "Steeles" Anderson said "My ankles felt amazing" thanks to the taping by Steve "The Cat" Sacchitiello.  Rumour has it we may see more of "The Cat" with this quality workmanship.

Ouzo gathered in Wingers to celebrate their victory and welcome back Phil "Stitches" Kennedy and Steve "The Cat" Sacchitiello.  The highlight of the night was the reunion between "The Cat" and "The Librarian"- it almost brought tears to my eyes.

Stay tuned next week when Ouzo takes on Lakeshore United!!

The Schnitz