Ouzo F.C: Ouzo News: A controversial late goal by AC Attack defeats Ouzo 2-1 on Sunday

Monday, November 28
A controversial late goal by AC Attack defeats Ouzo 2-1 on Sunday

SOCCER CITY, ETOBICOKE  - Ouzo F.C was involved in another physical battle yesterday with a seasoned AC Attack squad. The game started off very intense with both teams not willing to give any room out there. Ouzo broke the deadlock by a nice feed from Stu Fletcher to a sprinting Rob Rusnov, who finished strong off the post. The veteran defender was too fast to stop on that one. After several chances by both teams, the score stayed a 1-0 for Ouzo until halfway through the second half when Attack tied the game at one all.  

Later in the 2nd half, an excellent play between Flores, Fletcher and Anderson, resulted in a squandered chance by Anderson.   "It was just one of those games"  said Anderson, who has failed to score in his last 3 games.  With minutes left and Attack down to 4 men on a foul committed, former Ouzo player Daniel Pinto scored off a free kick to put Attack up by one. Fortunately for Attack, the referee overlooked the fact that they had 5 players on the field when they scored. A frustrated Ouzo couldn't convince the ref otherwise. "he (Pinto) always seems to score big goals against us" Schnitzel said. "Ever since he left Ouzo, he has come up big against us". Should there be video replay you ask? "I was the 5th player on, but I'm not going to say anything...would you?" a chipper Daniel Pinto said after scoring what turned out to be the game winning goal.

An upset Ouzo squad knew the instant replay controversy wasn't the real cause for the loss this time around. "This game could've gone either way" said frustrated Ruben Flores after the team's 2nd defeat of the season.

On a positive note, this game also marked the 5th consecutive game that young Midfielder Stu Fletcher has recorded a point.  As well, Ouzo logged in another 3 hours at Wingers Lounge for the 5th consecutive game, which means "Win or lose, we still have our booze"TM

Ouzo F.C face 1st place Arnold and Bart and Raging "Beer Bellies" next week in what should be an exciting double header for the fans.

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