Ouzo F.C: Tournament Teams

Tournament collage 2005-2009
The Best of Ouzo F.C (2005 - 2009 Tournament Collage)

Ouzo F.C have been playing in Tournaments around the GTA since the team was created in 2002.  From Soccer City, to Wentworth Arena, to the Soccer Centre, Ouzo are always looking to test their skills against the best teams around the GTA. 

Since 2005, Ouzo has been entering the Welland Spring Classic where they take their show to the road.  They play in the 2-Day Tournament every year.  Staying in Niagara Falls always tends to be their downfall as the veteran side tends to pretend they are a drinking team, not a soccer team.  As such, the Sunday games are usually a struggle.  We’re not getting any younger”, which is a famous line by team members after the Sunday game in the Welland Tournament. 

The biggest Tournament to date was the US Indoor Nationals, held in Canton, Michigan in March of 2010.  Ouzo F.C finally realized they are not getting any younger and entered the Over 30 Division against some of the top Over 30 Indoor teams in the USA. 

Below is a look at the Tournament photos and rosters over the years.


Ouzo F.C Tournament Photos

Soccer City - Thanksgiving 2006

Friday, April 14
Soccer City - Good Friday 2006

Saturday, April 2
Welland Spring Classic 2005

Saturday, April 1
Welland Spring Classic 2006

Sunday, April 1
Welland Spring Classic 2007

Saturday, March 29
Welland Spring Classic - 2008

Friday, March 27
Welland Spring Classic - 2009

Saturday, March 19
Welland Spring Classic 2011

Sunday, December 26
Soccer City - Boxing Day 2004

Monday, December 26
Soccer City - Boxing Day 2005

Tuesday, December 26
Soccer City - Boxing Day 2006

Tuesday, January 1
Wentworth Arenas - Boxing Day 2007

Friday, December 26
Soccer Centre - Boxing Day 2008

Saturday, December 26
Soccer Centre - Boxing Day 2009

Monday, February 16
Wentworth Arenas - Family Day 2009

Saturday, March 6
US Indoor Nationals 2010 (Over 30 division)