Ouzo F.C: Ouzo Alumni


Ouzo F.C would not be where they are today if it wasn’t for the former players and now “Ouzo Alumni”.  Ouzo has seen many players over the years, and these players have helped create the club, now known as Ouzo F.C.  These players who played in the beginning, were building the foundation of Ouzo, which today is as strong as it's ever been.  

While most of these players have moved on, the current squad still continues the Ouzo tradition:

Play hard and drink hard

Ouzo Alumni (In no particular order)


Graham Fletcher 2002 - 2003 & 2008 (Boxing Day Appearance)
This fan favourite and former Brewton-Parker Alumni now applies his trade for Ouzo's sister club in Atlanta, Georgia - Ouzo Internationale.  Often criticized for his lack of speed, this former All-American made up for it with his leadership and on-field presence.  Not to mention a canny ability to drink several pitchers in an hour.

fletch umbrella
Ouzo Internationale showing it's not all about fitness.
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Jody Clarke - 2002
Plagued by injuries, this fiery midfielder finished his career with Ouzo after 1.5 seasons. Another product of the Brewton-Parker farm system.

Victor Santos 2002 - 2003 & 2006 - 2008
A very valuable piece of the Ouzo puzzle early on, but a career threatening knee injury, which resulted in ACL surgery, ended what could have been a long and successful Ouzo career. A popular member with the guys, who makes an appearance every so often.

Ramsey Shaheen 2002 - 2003
This fiery midfielder came to more games with a black eye than anyone at Soccer City, but he gave 110% every game and was an integral part of the early Ouzo teams that battled through the lower divisions. Ramsey helped take Ouzo to the next level.

Rob Caresma - 2002 - 2003
This was definitely the "Don Won" of Ouzo in the early years. With a stellar left foot and a shot that was just as perfectly placed as his gelled up hair, Rob was an original member who scored the big goal when we needed it.

Shawn Archer 2003
This tough, hard nosed defender was often responsible for man-marking the opposition's top forward. His aggressive nature fit right into Ouzo's style. Though conditioning was a problem, his time with Ouzo was memorable. Management was forced to terminate his contract after he failed his physical the following year.

Mladen Dikic 2003 - 2004 & 2009 - Present
This former Brewton-Parker player and standout striker scored some big goals in division One for Ouzo before falling to injury into the 2004 season. Also a member of Ouzo's Championship side in Oakville.

Daniel Pinto 2003 - 2004
This aggressive and intelligent midfielder, from the Dixie youth system, was a valuable member of Ouzo during their first few years in the 1st division. After getting transferred to AC Attack, Daniel suited up against Ouzo during the 2005 season.

Rob Fran 2004
This steady and skillful defender was a member of Ouzo's Championship side at the Oakville Dome in the Wednesday night Premier division. After one season with Ouzo, Management and Player decided to terminate the existing contract.

Wojciech Cwik 2005 & 2007/2008

This former All-Canadian at Laurier University had his Ouzo career cut short due to a transfer issue. After playing only several games on loan from the Polish Eagles in Kitchener, the transfer fee was not agreed apon and as a result the player and management had to part ways. Negotiations are still under way to bring the player back on a free transfer.

 Management and Kitchener Polish Eagles could not agree on a transfer fee, so negotiations ended.

Dave Nutt 2005
With just one season with Ouzo under his belt, this reliable defender took a position with the CSA in Ottawa and was forced to retire from Ouzo. He is still patiently awaiting for an Ouzo Internationale team to start up in the Ottawa area. Also a product of Laurier University.

Dan Lewis 2002 - present

Lewis has been an honourary member of Ouzo since 2002. He currently plays professional Volleyball in Montpellier, France and as a result only able to play several games a year for us. However, in those games he has racked up an impressive goal a game average.

 Ouzo Management has been assured by the Montpellier staff that Dan, along with his teammates will continue to warm up playing indoor soccer. Without this agreement in place, Ouzo would be forced to terminate his contract.

Dan now plays in Poland and the terms of the contract have remained the same.

Dickie Dee
Lewis seen here training for Ouzo F.C
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Lanny Whelan 2003 - present
Lanny has been a back-up goalie for Ouzo over the past few seasons. He is most known for a regular season match against Barcelona in 2003, where he practically stood on his head to win Ouzo the match. That game clinched the league for Ouzo, which resulted to promotion to the 1st division. His cat-like reflexs mimic those of Grant Fuhr in the 80's...