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Thursday, January 21

                                       Blood, Sweat and Beers TM

Welcome to the Official Website for Ouzo Indoor Futball Club.

Formed in the winter of 2002, Ouzo FC spent 10 years at Soccer City in Etobicoke. After starting in the 3rd division on Sunday's, Ouzo FC were promoted to the 2nd, then the Sunday 1st Division. 

In 2009, Ouzo F.C officially became an Indoor Futball Club, by creating a second team in the Thursday 1st Division.

In 2012, Ouzo FC moved as one team to the Hersey Centre(Mississauga) for one season and the following season to the Oakville Soccer Club (Open Age Sunday league) where they can still be seen today.

Well known for their drinking abilities, Ouzo F.C continue to prove that they are not only fierce competitors on the field, but a force in any bar. With years of practice this is where the team really gains there advantage. With hours spent scouting their opposition, along with sampling some of the worlds finest Ale's, Ouzo has created a team that will live and die for the cause. The cause at this point is unknown, but that doesn't stop the lads from playing for each other every week.

Enjoy the site and make sure to check back for scores, standings, stats and news on the team.

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2011 Roster

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Ouzo Management

Friday, January 15
OUZO FC win first double at the OSC

In case you were under a rock (that Steve may have thrown at some point) the world of OUZO FC started 2016 with a bang. Penalty shoot out winners(twice), double champions, t shirt wearers, shot sluggers, Pitchers swiggers, wing munchers and ultimately shirts off! It is now a fact.......someone get the tank! All in days work for Ouzo FC but it has to be said, It was in doubt through most of this topsy turvey final.

On the sidelines were a formidable support cast with alumni member Dodi, Gus 'I got a scan in the morning', JJ '2015 ouzo supporter of the year' and Mrs Behn 'I only do finals in my hooker boots' all in attendance.

With a late call off by Adam 'my wife is partying harder than me tonight', coach Wurthman 'being injured sucks' had to make some tough decisions before kick off. Ex defender Steve 'I have gone ouzo old school with a shot of rye before kick off' came back into the D to be in rotation with gay partner Andy 'any slide tackle will do' and stay at home defender ceca 'lets bomb on really'. Nesa 'the particulary angry serb who had forgot his ouzo white' was partnered by Jesse 'defend from the front by taking theirs ankles' up front. The rotation of Matt ' this is payback for last years final' and Stu' 12 years and still winning' gave the mid its steel and Brennan' goals is my middle name' and Jordan 'this is my first ouzo final win' providing the creative flair.

All seemed balanced and going well with Ouzo taking first blood. The ball was put down the right for Nesa to cross with a slight deflection Brennan was there to roof top corner. After a number of chances and many quality saves from their keeper, Ouzo would loose their concentration, positions and heads. In a crazy 10 min spell would squander the lead and ship 3 more goals. 4-1 and half time looming. With general anger, water bottles were kicked, fingers pointed and voices raised. Time to refocus.

The message was clear, we needed old time ouzo football. Give nothing up at the back, boss the mid and create havoc up top and give them no time. The next goal will change the game. And it did. Jesse' winning is better than losing' would lead from the front. With constant pressure on their back line and a couple of good hacks, CSC knew we would not give in.

Game changer. After a string of great saves by both keepers Ouzo would pop one in thanks to service once again from the right and Brennan knocking in low at the far post. Up stepped Matt to toe poke from the box. 4-3. Nerves jangling we pushed on and with 5 mins to go Nesa and Brennan would finally get on the same page to score. 4-4 and momentum with Ouzo FC. More of the same gets the win.

Unfortunately for Ouzo this was not the case and with 3 mins to go a mis-hit shot would deflect off the CSC player and into the net. 5-4. They think its all over....but wait. In the last minute, Nesa would finally solve the keeper from close range and put through his legs and score the tying goal and take us to penalties.

Stop. Neptune time! With Brennan and Nesa converting it was up to Mike to stop CSC. You could hear the boom as the CSC striker piled driver one at Mike only for the burly goalkeeper to take the full force off his chest and deflect back from the goal. Stu would step up for the final pen and the win. With tension at an all time high, he put it away like it was an ouzo shot. 3-1 and let the HIGH 5'S begin!!!

All that was left was the photos and the bar. Both of which were trending and well documented on email, text, twitter, FB etc during the night....including the $460 bar bill!

Jesse's MOM: Jesse ' that one has to hurt them' for his old school Ouzo work rate.

Its been a pleasure guys... Ouzo Gear and Double double???

ouzo4Life #9

Wednesday, January 6
OUZO FC win first ever penalty shoot out to go through to Final?

Ouzo FC finished 2015 as the Open Age OSC West (or 1st) Div Champions. This was something to be proud of, having been put in the 3rd div for the spring of 2015 and blooded in several new ouzo members this year.

So to the first days of 2016 and a push to the playoff final and a potential double. In our way were Windermere FC, who had lead the league most of the season and had beat us 2-0 last time out. This would be a tough game and only a team effort would give us a chance. Not only were wise words passed down from the 'Anderson think tank' but also back up support of Gus 'the Dr's still cant work out whats wrong' , Ruz 'waiting in the wings' and Nesa 'i will only play if you really, really really want me too' who were on the sidelines before kick off. The later, deciding half way though to get changed and play. This may have been because he was so excited to be involved and wear his Ouzo England white or it maybe due to the fact we went 2-0 down in 5 mins. Ouzo were not on their toes from the start and the team D let us down.

However, now we were warmed up and had nothing to lose. We starting pressing harder and turned the tide. With a corner won, the gap would appear on the top of the box for Ceca 'I love to play' to slot in a pile driver. 2-1. Tails up lets do this!! More pressure at the back and a quick pass to Matt' I am ouzo match fit again' who released Brennan 'the silent assassin' down the right and with a quick step not even seen on DWTS he'd pass the defender and square for Delaney 'i want this goal, i want this win, I WANT AN OUZO FINAL AND A T-SHIRT' to poke in. 2-2 half time.

Half time team talk would have been different without that goal but ultimately with Behn 'i need a ***e' in the stalls Delaney would come the fore and give out a plan.... go for the win!! Nesa slotting in up top with Jesse and Steve and keep the subs rolling. This plan seemed simple enough but half way through we would leave the back door open and with Mike screaming for cover the overlap was there and so was the goal. 3-2 down

Gut check time. In bizarre circustances, Behn would pull up injured after attempting his best Steven Gerrard impression and this would prove the TSN turning point. With Stu '1 pint slimmers delight' slotting back to D and Jesse 'MOM in tow' in the mid it allowed for a little more 'Nesa time' (not to be confused with fergie time) and serb would swivel and shoot with the only option for a defender to handball on the line. Red card, 5 min pen and penalty shot. Brennan would step up and dispatch. 3-3.

5 on 4 gave us the overlap on the right side for Stu to cross and nesa to finish. 4-3 and nose in front! But with a penalty of our own we gave back the advantage and the lead 4-4...straight to Pens. Time for keepers to step up and with Mike' get that monkey of my back' making 3 huge saves ...Ouzo would prevail 2-1 and take their place in the final and the pub for beers, wings and the end of the NFL reg season in which Rusnov won ... again!!

Jesse MOM: TBA

The final will be next week at 9pm. Assuming all are in, management will be looking at the team plan for our first double at the OSC!!!!

ouzo4life #9

Sunday, March 7
Ouzo enter US Indoor Nationals

US Indoor National Roster - 2010

CANTON:  MICHIGAN:  Ouzo F.C took their show on the road this year by entering the US Indoor Nationals (Over 30 Division).  The event was in Canton, Michigan at High Velocity Sports, a mega Indoor Soccer Facility with 3 full sized pitches and two practices pitches.  It was a 2-Day tournament that featured some top teams in various age divisions. 

Ouzo assembled a team that could not only do well on the field, but create havoc of the field as well.  It all started with a 12pm gathering at the carpool lot in Milton.  It was their the boyz got their first taste of “Late Nate”.  Their star striker, previously known for his goal scoring abilities, became known as “Late Nate”.  The team set off with a mini-van and Delaney’s car off to their first “out-of-country” tournament. 

With the tournament not starting until Saturday afternoon, the team picked up tickets to a Detroit Red Wing game on the Friday night.  The Red Wings faced a Nashville Predator team and finished victorious, beating them 5-2.  The event night featured the first ever “Ouzo Celebrity” picture (Ouzo player wearing Ouzo gear with a celebrity)when Behn and Stu got their picture taken with recent Canadian figure skating Gold Medalists “Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir”.  The game was a great way to kick start the weekend.   

Quote by PK: 

“Coming back up to our seats at redwings with beers I got held up until a break in the play and Detroit scored.  As I turn to  head up to our seats I see stuey, arms up in the air, head tilted to the side with his eyes closed in celebration far to passionate for a redwings game.  It was a wonderful sight to see.”   

Later that night, the boys continued to drink and prove “Our drinking team has a soccer problem” ©.  With a late game in the afternoon, the boys took advantage and enjoyed their time away.  Happy Spence, “The green Buffett” and “Angry Delaney” led the charge that night putting together a solid off-field performance.  Delaney leading the charge, somehow got his hands on a “cargo Van” to grab a few teammates to really get things going. The night finished with a classic video of Rusnov doing his daily sit ups at 3AM…not a pretty sight (Video to prove it)…Chocolat 

The next morning the team set out for breakfast without a few players.  "Gotta take advantage of this time away from the kids to sleep in" said PK.  Funny coming from one of the few players who doesn’t have to wake up for any rug ratz at home.  The team made their way to the facility around 2:30pm for a first game at 4pm.  The place was packed!  Various vendors were spread out around the place:  selling jersey’s, boots, professional photography booth, etc.  After getting settled, Management unveiled Ouzo’s new Tournament jersey’s – A White England kit with a Canadian flag on the sleeve to show the Americans where the top (smelling like booze) came from.  The first game was against Dale’s Bar and Grill.  Final Score:  Ouzo F.C (6) vs. Dales’s Bar and Grill (3).  Up next was against AAFC Elite, a team that just came off a 11-1 Victory in their first game.  The boys knew they were in for a test.  In a fast paced game, with many fans and players from other teams watching, Ouzo lost their first game of the tournament.  Final Score:  AAFC Elite (7) vs. Ouzo F.C (5).  Of note, Stu Fletch scored the goal of the Tournament by chipping the keeper from his own half.  Very similar to Beckham's goal when he was with Man. United, but indoor.  Pure class!

After digesting the game, the players decided to head back to the hotel for a few beers and food.  First up however, was a much needed hot tub. There were several people in the hot tub, but slowly player by player, Ouzo completely took over the hot tub.  With beer in hands, the full team relaxed in a nice post game tub.  Still disappointed with the result in the previous game, the boys were reminded that “win or lose, we still have our booze”.  The night ended after some food and a few “quiet ones” as the boyz were too tired after playing 2 X 40 Minute games (with no half time).  Doesn’t sound like a lot, but with boards, the game never stops.  And that second game was about as fast as you could play. 

It was day 3 in Michigan and the boys were well rested and ready to take home some hardware.  Knowing they would likely face AAFC Elite in the final, they set out to win their 3rd game, while saving their legs for the final.  Saving their legs is not “Ouzo Style”.  The team trounced an older team from Ohio (Internationals)  Final Score:  Ouzo F.C (9) vs. Internationals (1). 

That set up a rematch of yesterday’s game in the Final.  Both teams looked ready, however AAFC brought out a new goalie and two new players that did not play the day before.  One of which was a current Indoor Professional with over 10 years of pro indoor experience in the US.  Ouzo had their work cut out for them. The game started fast and Ouzo jumped out to a 1-0 lead with a goal from Ouzo's only American, Mike Graston.  The gritty midfielder saved his best game for last.  That didn’t stop the opposing team from Ann Arbour, Michigan.  They fought back to tie it up.  The game went back and forth and after forty minutes, AAFC Elite won 7-5 and grabbed the National title from Ouzo F.C.  While the boys were disappointed, it was a hard fought match that could have gone either way.  if it wasn’t for those new guys, we would have won” said Mike Pesic after the game. It was back to the hotel for some showers and then back home.  

A few beers in the hotel after the game was a nice way to finish the weekend.  On the way home PK reminisced by saying “I enjoyed it at the hotel after the final, it was rusnov's turn for the shower and big mike, after a night of violating his little Croatian friend in their tiny double bed and now standing bear chested in his underpants, says 'I'll join you in a minute rob'.   you could see the fear in rusnov's eyes.” 

Overall a successful weekend for Ouzo’s first “International” tournament.  US Indoor Nationals Finalists!  Not a bad way to finish. 



Monday, December 22
Greens United in Festive Mood - - - Keep Giving Up Goals.

Ouzo (7) Vs. Greens United (2)

SOCCER CITY - ETOBICOKE:  Ouzo FC kept rolling along as the upended an over-matched Greens United 7-2.  This latest victory keeps Ouzo FC's destiny in their own hands as an early New Year's match-up versus rivals Raging Bulls awaits.  The winner most likely will claim first place and a spot in the year end banquet.   

Ouzo found themselves down 1-0 on an odd angle goal towards the middle stages of the 1st half.  Undaunted, Ouzo battled back and Phil Kennedy took a one bounce pass from Rob Rusnov and calmly deposited the shot behind a bemused Greens 'keeper who was wearing a kit which featured "Winnie the Pooh" on his jersey.  Minutes later Behn Wurthman deftly separated the ball from a Greens defender a cracked a shot that got an "Ouzo" bounce and caromed past the bewildered "pooh Bear" to make it 2-1 Ouzo.  Just before the half, PK took a lovely pass from Gus Polymerus and once again continued to ruin Piglet's best friends evening to make 3-1 at the break. 

Early in the second stanza a well worked set-up from the back led to a fantastic finish by Matt Geary with an assist from Jesse "The Body" Geisel.  Winnie could only shake his head  Polymerus kept his strong goal scoring session going, taking a delightful ball from Wurthman and beating the now starting to get disgruntled "Pooh Bear" on a breakaway neatly to the corner of the netting.  Stu Fletcher taking great feeds from Mike Mica-LADIES-man, and "The Body" would score the final two tallies to make the final 7-2 for Ouzo FC.   

In the closing minute a frustrated Greens United started to take out their lacklusture play by trying to create some fisticuffs.  "It was looking like it could get violent, and it DID get violent," said man of the match PK.  With the Greens rushing the field, a well disciplined Ouzo FC held back and watched "Winnie the Pooh" look like someone had stolen his winter supply of honey.  "Pooh Bear" kept trying to get at Ouzo players, but fortunately for him was held back and no further violence ensued.   

It was now time to head upstairs to celebrate with beers, wings and things.  With the Spencer family at the match to cheer on their favourite squad, and with Stu's better half Dana also in tow, it was quite a large group partaking in post match shenanigans.  Coach Anderson also made his appearance after missing the match with family commitments.  It was announced that it was Fletcher's birthday earlier in the week and as Ouzo serenaded "The Fletch" with a "Happy Birthday" tune, and the lovely Jane provided a round of Ouzo shots for the squad which has become the favourite squad of Winger's Lounge.   

As the evening was winding down, Wurthman was caught in a pickle.  He was preparing to leave, but was starting to be mocked for only making the "Final 11".  Realizing that if nothing else that Ouzo loves their beers he proceeded to order one more pitcher and waited out most of the crowd to earn his first "Final 4" finish of the season, along with Delaney and "Final 4" regulars Rusnov and Anderson.  Wurthman made his exit and then there will only three left.  The remaining Ouzo lads had Jane sit down with them and proceeded to give her life, love and footy advice.   On their way out each of the "Top 3" received a Toberlone bar and Christmas hugs.  Meanwhile the early exiting Wurthman left with nothing.    

Next up for Ouzo FC is a Boxing Day Tourney in Vaughn.  Here's wishing everyone a very Merry Ouzo-Christmas.   


Monday, January 5
One more Win

Ouzo (1) vs. Raging Bulls (1)

SOCCER CITY - ETOBICOKE:  With a must win or tie at hand, Ouzo (6-0-3) rose to the challenge vs. arch rivals Raging Bulls (6-1-2).

One more victory and Ouzo not only finishes with an undefeated season but takes the league cup, and all the wings and beer they want. Winger’s is in f***king trouble!!!!

Ouzo came out to the opening whistle focused and disciplined. After going down early on a sh**t goal by the “fat man”, Mike “don’t say I like chicks with dicks” Michaelides, equalled the scoring seconds later.

The squad looked strong the second half, and almost dominate at times. However, with numerous scoring chances, Ouzo could not find the back of the net. Defensively the team only allowed six shots on net. As usual, Andrew Spencer was very strong in net and some what vocal at times.

The game finished 1-1 draw and sets the stage for an exciting end to the season. A special shout-out goes to Referee Dean for an excellent job.

Ouzo looks to win the league this Sunday with a win. See ya at Wingers!!!

Where is the Penguin?

Ouzo 4 Life!!

Monday, January 12


SOCCER CITY - ETOBIOKE:  Five years ago Ouzo FC entered the First Division on Sunday’s at Soccer City.  During those Five years they fought their way into a few Cup Finals, but never had the opportunity to win a League Championship in the last game.  That all changed this past Sunday when Ouzo played SCL - a new team to the division.

With Raging Bulls (2nd place team) quietly observing in the Stands, Ouzo were primed and ready to take the title.  And to everyone’s surprise, the win (and the Championship) came much earlier than expected.  SCL showed up with only 4 players and were forced to give up the game by default.   Either way, Ouzo would have taken the title, especially after beating SCL in their previous match 8-3.

With the time already paid for, the game was played anyway.  Ouzo crushed the bottom dwellers in a scrimmage and it marked a first for one of Ouzo’s Veteran players.    Former Defensive MVP Steve Sacchitiello scored his first goal(s) of the season.  His second goal would be a “goal at any level.”

Champagne flowed in the dressing room after the game, which marked the first Championship in the first division.  From there, the part y moved to the “infamous” Wingers Lounge where the team celebrated with beers and wingers as usual.  The party was quite tame in comparision to the night they will have during the awards banquet.  Free beer and wings is what drives this "drinking team".

Schnitzel made his first appearance in 3 weeks at Wingers after his romantic get-a-way in the Caribbean.  Nobody could recognize “Jesse the Body” after his time away from the team. 

 Ouzo FC are looking to finish off an undefeated season, just like the Miami Dolphins in 1972.  With a win this Sunday versus TEAM KOREA, Ouzo will end up in the Cup Final - which is something Ouzo have coveted since their inception.    Ouzo4Life

Tuesday, January 20
One more for the perfect score

Ouzo (6) vs Team Korea (0)
SOCCER CITY - ETOBICOKE:  For the first time ever, Ouzo arrived at the 1st division playoffs as the unbeaten top seed. To say the least, there is expectation in the camp. Not least of a perfect season but of the banquet of FREE 'beers wings' that lays ahead. The holy grail for the men of Ouzo. It has become such folklore in these parts that even our 'cherished' nemesis the 'bulls hit' the bar with us on regular occasions.

And so to the game. With the 'Di-laney show' still ringing in our ears and a hardy warm-up of Rye shots, Ouzo took to the field to face the 4th seeded Team Korea. Andersons Team talk echoed the importance on controlled aggression to get us through this crafty opponent. Our first step of authority involved the use of the Ouzofied Tango match ball and that 'if they want to use their piece of sponge then they should have won the league' - Anderson TM.

The game started as expected. Controlled aggression 20 seconds in and Delaney sweeping the legs kung fu style from one of our opponents. 'I got the ball' was the cry and although the referee agreed a free kick was still given. Team Korea worked the ball well and ten minutes in, all was still square with both teams trading shots (not ouzo mind you!!). A particularly 'in form' Spencer kept the Koreans at bay and turned defense into attack on a number of occasions. But it took a powerful run from Anderson from within his own half and a clinical finish for Ouzo to break the deadlock. 1-0.

Tails were up Ouzo continued pressing.  Sac using his 'cat like prowess' bounced into the right hand corner to lay the ball back for Matt to 'pound one' into the bottom left with all watching and no one moving..2-0

Seeing the Koreans sit back after this, Delaney foraged swiftly forward down the left and having rebounded his own shot and header found the net with next rebounded header...3-0. Must be said there was one spectator who was very proud of this moment...is that Mrs. Di-laney to be?

Half time. Keep it up lads!!  And they did. Ouzo were now playing for keeps. No crazy moments of madness, no cards and no fights. Even though the Korean team tried to ruffle a few feathers there was little to stop us rounding out 6-0 winners with further contributions coming from Anderson, Rusnov(with his vigorous carpet burns!) and the returning Snitzel-the tanned body-hawk who is saving his toe poke for next week’s FINAL.

The ref again impressed....something is seriously wrong here!!!

And to the Bar...The excitement was surely getting the best of us as we happily ordered everything on the menu and more pitches than the table could fit followed by free OUZO shots! We love Wingers and Wingers loves OUZO FC.

Perfect score...? Just UNO MAS!!


Sunday, February 15
Ouzo Defeats the Russians 2-1

Spartak Becomes Another Victim

SOCCER CITY - ETOBICOKE:  In a game where some fans had premonitions of Rocky IV, Ouzo once again prevailed.   Emotions were high as Spartak and Ouzo had never played each other before.  Game time was at 10pm, but rumour has it Spartak was seen warming up at 8:45pm.  In what some people might call a "Skeleton Crew", that is what Ouzo had for players.  Ouzo had only 7 players and a goalie while Spartak looked to have an army of 16. 

The game started out very physical with Steve "I drive a Porsche" Delaney shoulder charging one of the Spartans hard into the ground.  This set the tone for a very physical game.  Ouzo possessed the ball and controlled the game nicely.  It wasn't until Jesse "The Schnitzel" Geisel shoulder charged one of the Spartans and got a penalty- that the Spartans actually took possession.   There were many Spartak fans in the crowd who let Ouzo know they were not well liked.  Ouzo however, maintained their composure and Stewie "I fall asleep on woman's laps" Fletcher managed to find Steve Delaney in the slot on free kick and Delaney found the back of the net with one of his classic side foot fire balls.   Ouzo was ahead 1-0 and would continue to pressure the Russians.  Ouzo pulled away when Anthony Shaw made a very creative flip pass to the Schnitzel who caught the goalie out in no man's land to touch the ball into the net.   Ouzo would go into the half time with a 2-0 lead.  However, the fans knew Ouzo was bagged as Steve Delaney and Steve "I love to wear hats" Sacchitiello had no substitutes so they forced to play the entire game.  

The second half would start as the the first finished with high emotions and physical play.  It became so physical that Stewie Fletcher was practically dragging a Spartak on his back so he had to elbow him in the head to get him off.  This resulted in another Spartak power play.  Ouzo once again remained strong at the back and held off Spartak to maintain their 2 goal lead.  With just under 8 minutes left in the game Spartak had Ouzo on their heels.  When the referee wasn't looking (and that was often) the biggest player on Spartak would grab the Ouzo goalie Andrew "Don't Make Me Angry" Spencer and toss him aside as the ball spun into their net.  It was at this point, all mayhem broke out.  Not only was there a foul on the Ouzo goalie, but Steve Sacchitiello was quoted saying, "it hit the big man's hand as well before it went into the net".  So there should have been a foul and a hand ball, but there was neither and it now was 2-1 for Ouzo.  Ouzo continued to battle and emotions between the Ouzo players were being felt with  Mike the "Ladies Man" having a few choice words for the referee and Sacchitiello as well.  With under 5 minutes remaining Ouzo had 2 more chances with Stewie Fletcher hitting the post and Sacchetiello narrowly missing the near post.  Spartak would hold Ouzo in their own end for the remainder of the game, but they could not capitalize and Andrew Spencer made several key saves to give Ouzo the victory.

 Ouzo retired to Wingers Lounge to celebrate yet another victory and an unbeaten regular season record for their 2008-09 sessions.  The Final Three remaining at Wingers would be Rusnov, the Schnitz and Sacchetiello.

 Ouzo's next game is this Sunday at 4:40pm with a classic rematch of Westside who they played in 2007 season.  Hope to see you all there!!!

Monday, March 23
Ouzo tie Bulls on Sunday night

Ouzo (3) vs Raging Bulls (3)

SOCCER CITY - ETOBICOKE:  In a battle for first place, Ouzo played Raging Bulls on Sunday night.  Both teams were looking to take points in what looks like another tight race for the Title. 

Ouzo went up by a goal by Stu Fletcher in the first half, but weren’t able to keep the lead as the Bulls countered with 3 straight goals of their own. 

Down 3-1 Ouzo were up against the odds. While the boys didn’t play their best game, the veteran’s battled to win every challenge and worked their way back into the game.  Goals by PK and Rusnov secured the draw in a must game for Ouzo.  A tremendous game by Keeper, Andrew Spencer is what solidified the point for Ouzo. 

Fitness proved to be key as some of the Raging Bulls players were lagging in the final minutes.  The off-field drinking has Ouzo FC in top physical condition.   

Ouzo and the Bulls are tied on points, but the 6-0 victory over the Bulls in the 1st game has given Ouzo the edge on goal difference.  It will be a tight race for the Championship as Westside and Spartak are on form.  One thing is certain, NO team in the division drinks the way Ouzo does, which proves “Our drinking team has a SOCCER problem”™.


Up next for Ouzo is the Welland Tournament on Saturday.  Their first game is against INSOC at 1pm.



TFC 2009 Player Salaries

Ever wanted to know how much the players on Toronto FC are making per year?  Well the league makes it public knowledge, so here you go: 

The First Number is guaranteed and the second is with bonuses.

TFC Attakora-Gyan Nana D $ 34,000.00  $ 34,000.00
TFC Barrett Chad F $ 195,000.00 $ 202,500.00
TFC Brennan Jim D $ 185,000.00 $ 193,250.00
TFC Cronin Sam M $ 3 6,000.00 $ 84,000.00
TFC DeRosario Dwayne M $ 357,000.00 $ 357,000.00
TFC Dichio Daniel F $ 120,000.00 $ 120,000.00
TFC Edwards Brian GK $ 39,600.00 $ 48,350.00
TFC Frei Stefan GK $ 65,000.00 $ 108,000.00
TFC Gala Gabe D $ 34,000.00 $ 34,000.00
TFC Guevara Amado M $ 3 00,000.00 $ 323,750.00
TFC Harmse Kevin M $ 79,200.00 $ 79,200.00
TFC Ibrahim Fuad F $ 75,000.00 $ 108,000.00
TFC Ricketts Rohan M $ 165,000.00 $ 165,000.00
TFC Robinson Carl M $ 300,000.00 $ 315,000.00
TFC Serioux Adrian D $ 119,070.00 $ 131,570.00
TFC Smith Johann F $ 45,000.00 $ 56,666.67
TFC Sutton Greg GK $ 157,500.00 $ 165,062.50
TFC Velez Marco D $ 63,000.00 $ 63,500.00
TFC Vitti Pablo F $ 288,000.00 $ 303,000.00
TFC White O’Brian F $ 36,000.00 $ 113,000.00
TFC Wynne Marvell D $ 5 7,000.00 $ 159,500.00

 David Beckham is the highest paid player in 2009 at $5,500,000.08

Friday, November 20
Ouzo II take on the top teams at Soccer City

Ouzo still looking for 1st win

SOCCER CITY:  ETOBICOKE - After 4 games in Thursday’s top division, Ouzo II have a record of 2 Draws and 2 losses.  The top Division at Soccer City has some of Soccer City top players.

In need of their first win, Ouzo II played Diavoli it what proved to be an entertaining match.  An old Rival from Sunday’s 1st division, Diavoli came into the match undefeated.  After going down 1-0, Ouzo II fought back to take the lead 3-2 with less than a minute left in the game.  A “no call” by Legendary Soccer City Player/Coach/Fan (now ref) Jordano resulted in a Diavoli counter attack.  A shot that deflected off an Ouzo II defender leveled the game at 3.  A last second chance by Ouzo II was just stopped by Diavoli’s keeper to preserve the draw and Diavoli’s unbeaten streak.  This is the second time this season that Ouzo II has given up a late goal (both off deflections) to lose out on the win. 

Up next for Ouzo II is the powerhouse – Benfica.  The team consists of some high priced players, so Ouzo II will have their work cut out for them.



Tuesday, December 8
Ouzo II still looking for their first Victory

Ouzo II update

Soccer City – Etobicoke:  After 6 games in the Thursday First Division, Ouzo II are still searching for their first victory. 

The season started against Benfica (who lead the division), and after giving up the tying goal with one second (literally) left, the team who had high hopes for the season are sitting at the bottom of the table. In their first season at the top division, they are certainly going through some growing pains.  However, every game has been extremely close and with a little luck they could still find themselves in the playoffs.  Top four teams advance. 

Since the last report, Ouzo II lost a close game to Benfica 4-3 in which they saw a great opportunity cleared off the line in the dying minutes of the game.  As one would see it, luck is just not on their side.  The loss would put them at 0-3-2 and up against FUFC.  The fans had high hopes for Ouzo II’s first Victory, but on a night when the team could not hit the blind side of a barn, they walk away with another loss losing 5-3. 

Up next is AC Diavoli, a team they tied 5-5 a few weeks back.  Again Ouzo II was up late in the game only to give up the tying goal off a deflection with 40 seconds left.  A win puts them in the playoff hunt, but a loss may mean the fans might have to wait until next season for some post season action.

Sunday, January 31
Ouzo start the session off strong

Ouzo (6) vs Blue Devils (2)

SOCCER CITY:  ETOBICOKE - Ouzo kicked off their Winter session campaign with a 6-2 victory over newly promoted Blue Devils.  An experienced Ouzo side,  with their bruising style, proved to be too strong for their weaker counterparts. 

Blue Devils, an young side with plenty of skill seemed to be too concerned with showing off their fancy footwork instead of playing the game.  If no-look passes & step-over’s counted as goals, this team may win the division.  But the beautiful game was created with the objective of scoring goals, with is something the young lads seemed to have forgotten.   

Ouzo took a commanding 4-1 lead going into halftime and never looked back.  Gus Polymerus was the “man of the match” with 2 goals and 2 assists in a great effort by the Ouzo veteran.  Playing out of position for the first game, the co-founder really took the game in his own hands.  Scoring on a penalty and setting up the Schnitz and Matty for two pretty goals.  Nesa the  “Serbian Sensation” Stefanovic made his Winter session debut by providing 3 assists in what proved to be an easy victory for the 2008 Division Champs. 

With 9 games to go, Ouzo are hoping to continue their winning ways with another big win on Super Bowl Sunday.  Next game on February 7th at 5:25pm. 


Thursday, February 4
Ouzo II WIN 11-1 versus FUFC in their opening match

Ouzo (11) vs FUFC (1)

SOCCER CITY:  ETOBICOKEAfter finishing 4th in the Thursday league last session, Ouzo II come out with a BANG beating FUFC 11-1 in their opening match.  Yes, that is not a "type-O", the final score was 11-1!  Losing 2/3 games to FUFC last session, Ouzo came out strong and took control of the game early.  After going up a few goals, FUFC just gave up and as a result left their keeper dealing with numerous 3-2 situations.

Even though FUFC was favoured to win the match, they sure didn’t play like it.  “This is the worst half in Soccer City history” screamed FUFC’s goalie at half time after giving up a late goal to go down 5-1. 

While FUFC were short players, they still had their big guns for this opening night matchup.  Their lone goal came off a PK, which just shows the kind of performance Ouzo’s goalie, Mike Pesic put in.   Newly acquired Mladen Dikic put in a solid performance in the midfield and the duo of Dikic and Shawn Brown proven to be too strong for the young FUFC side. 

After an unlucky first session, the veteran side may have lady luck on their side this time around.   

The division has changed slightly with 3 new teams;  EURO United, Bosnia & Serbian White Eagles all coming into the Thursday 1st division for the 1st time. 


Sunday, February 7
Ouzo secure a draw with a last minute goal on Super Bowl Sunday

Ouzo (6) vs Mesopotamia (6)

SOCCER CITY – ETOBCOKE:  Ouzo battle back on Sunday night to secure a 6-6 draw with Mesopotamia.  The boys in blue were too concerned with the poor officiating and resulted in one of their weaker performances.  “Giving up 6 goals is not like us”  Said veteran Defender Steve Sacchitiello.  “We need to improve on that”. 

The high flying Mesopotamia squad had some offensive firepower and will likely be one of the team to beat.  With several Bulls players in the team, things should heat up as the season moves forward. 

The game went back and forth with several lead changes throughout the game.  With the score tied at 5, Mesopotamia scored the go-ahead goal with a minute left.  Ouzo were not about to go out that easy, and with 25 seconds left they scored the tying goal.  Wasn’t pretty, but go away with a point after a poor display by most was fine by Ouzo. 

After the match, it was “Super Bowl Sunday” and the lads enjoyed some wings and beer while the Saints went on to win their first ever Super Bowl.   

Final Four this week was really a final five with Rusnov, PK, Rob, Schnitzel and Nesa holding onto the night the longest. 


Sunday, February 14
OUZO TASTE DEFEAT 2-1 at the hands of Virtual Brokers

Ouzo (1) vs Virtual Brokers (2)

SOCCER CITY - ETOBICOKE:  Ouzo took the pitch missing a large component of their offense, with both the Serbian Sensation and Ouzo's captain unable to suit up for battle.


Ouzo's lone goal game from Phil "the Barbarian" Kennedy on a great "give and go" play with Gus " I'm gonna get you sucka" Polymeros that left the opposition's keeper with no  chance. Virtual Brokers's two goals were from the luck jar as about 123335 things had to go right for the goals to end up in the back of Ouzos net . Despite multiple chances at the end if the game Ouzo could not draw even.


The after math was quite intense lasting till 5:09am. This marks two firsts for Ouzo at soccer city. The first time one of the Taxi squad was asked to give an Ouzo member a ride home, which was later declined because the 1:30 am departure time was too early. It was also the first that an Ouzo member called CAA with a perfectly good vehicle for a ride and tow home. With 4 free tows a year for $120 one would be smart to buy shares in CAA.


Final 4







Sunday, February 21
Ouzo win 5-0 over a short handed Mesopotamia

These 4 players earned their second victory of the night - Final Four Victory

SOCCER CITY - ETOBICOKE:  Ouzo FC had a mixed bag of results up until today’s game knowing that anything other than a win would seriously dent their chances of a league win and a ‘golden shower…erm Banquet”.


Last time out we played to a 6-6 draw so defense would be at a premium to change that last effort. Anderson was running the bench for a second straight game due to a mystery injury called ‘Canada’s playing on the big screen in the bar’ and started the game with a light bench although Mesopatamia played with no subs. Advantage Ouzo.


The game started with a predictable slow pace with both teams marking tightly. It must have been the Late arrival of the our Greek and English flag bearers coming over the boards that burst Ouzo into life and with some sustained pressure in the offensive end for ‘Mike of the ladies’ to pop up and slam home a drive from close range. The goal settled down the team who started to posses the ball more and look for ways the press home their advantage. The big weapon of the night would be employing the use of ‘wing backs’. Something of a master-stoke for two reasons. One it allowed fast movement from defense to attack and resulted in the next 3 goals (2 by Delaney) and secondly it allowed our number 9 to walk around the pitch…which it was noted ‘was up to our usual standards’ by coach Anderson.(5-3 USA…how did we know?) Judging by the sweat coming from our defensive unit at the end of the 5-0 rout there were definitely more beers consumed the night before than anyone was letting on…So to the Bar.


The usual celebration inspired by our win involved Shirts off, Free Ouzo Shots, Lech and an unusual amount of Guiness. A couple of new recruits joined us with ‘Mrs Fletch to be’ and The Cats New Beau (a Magners Drinker!!) in the mix.


No CAA this week but photos confirm the final 4 of Anderson, Delaney, Spence and some guy called Pete Tong leaving at 330 am.


BloodSweatAndBeers4ever. #9

Thursday, February 25
Back-to-back games against Serbian White Eagles for Ouzo II


SOCCER CITY – ETOBICOKE:  Ouzo and the Serbian White Eagles squared off in a home and home series at Soccer City over the last 2 weeks.  New to the division, the White Eagles started the season off 2-0 before facing Ouzo FC in their 3rd game.


In the first game, Ouzo were experiencing some injury problems and missing some key players.  The game was a close affair and Ouzo was up 4-3 with less than 5 minutes left in the contest.  Fitness seemed to play a key role in the final minutes as the young guns scores 3 straight goals to win 6-4. Emotions were high as there was an unidentified man on the White Eagles bench that was verbally abusing the referee.  When the referee asked him to leave, he denied the request stating he would not be going anywhere.  With no control over the situation, the referee continued the game.  As the game ended, the Grumped fat man from the White Eagles began insult several Ouzo players.  That was the wrong thing to do as there would be another game the following week.


The second game of the series welcomed back Ouzo veteran’s PK, “Final Flores” and Anderson.  However, their big offensive weapons were still out, so management was forced to bring in a few players off the Sunday team.  Ouzo’s co-founder “Polymeros” and “Number 9” were called into action and provided a much needed spark.


In what was categorized as a “must win” heading into the bye week, Ouzo came out strong and was up 2-0 at half.  A fantastic defensive effort in the second half, along with another steady performance by Mike Pesic in goal, Ouzo not only won the game, but came away with a convincing 3-0 win. 


Ouzo has a much needed bye week coming up, which should be more than enough time to get a few of their stars back and healthy.

Sunday Division 1 Champs - Champions Banquet - February 2009

SOCCER CITY:  ETOBICOKE:  After 5 years in the Sunday 1st Division, Ouzo FC finally captured the League Title.  It was an undefeated season for Ouzo, who played some of their best soccer in years.   With “Shirts off” an Ouzo tradition, the boys felt it was necessary to take their shirts off for the Team Photo at the “Champions Banquet”.  This was a Soccer City first according to Management. 

With beers & Ouzo flowing, Ouzo set the sights on a night to remember.  Is this what the team has been playing for all these years?!?!? – Free beers at the Banquet?   Is this the mysterious Ouzo Cause that the team lives and dies for every year??  Nobody knows.

The question now remains:  When will they get back to the “Champions Banquet”?



Tuesday, December 8
Who will win the World Cup in South Africa?

Ouzo F.C 2004 Team Photo

Ouzo F.C - Spring 2004 Team Photo

(Back row) Stu Fletcher, Phil Kennedy, Colin Wright, Steve Delaney, Rob Rusnov
(Front row) Rob Anderson, Steve Sacchitiello, Jesse (Schnitzel) Geisel 
(Missing)  Gus Polymeros, Daniel Pinto, Mladen Dikic, Rob Fran

Photo taken after a Semi-Final (Division 1) victory over Arnold and Bart in 2004