Ottawa Patriots: Welcome


The Ottawa Patriots are a competitive baseball organization that are a privately operated. Presently in 2017 we are operating a team that draws across Eastern Ontario for 2002 and 2003 players. Our team looks for players of not only good skill but strong character. We also look at the parents to have equally strong character. Our aim is play all players relatively evenly throughout the year knowing that this is the best way to develop a TEAM. As we look forward we shall provide the best instruction and coaching possible so all players reach their potential. This shall be done with primarily non Parent coaches who have not only an extensive background in baseball development but also are great mentors to our players. In doing so we shall charge a reasonable rate that will be more then fair to our players and parents and truly be less then it's true cost. We do this for the love of the game and wanting to give back.  

We are carrying two teams for 2018. Looking to add 4-5 2000 and 2001 Players for our first year of Midget Baseball in the Montreal League. For inquiries about the Patriots please contact Paul Villeneuve at 613-425-0507 or email at


The Ottawa Patriots have won their playoff pool and are off to the semi-finals.

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