Ossining AYSO: WIZ of OSS Tournament

WIZ of Oss Tournament

The WIZ of Oss is one of the area's premier youth soccer tournaments specifically geared toward AYSO Extra teams in the U9, U10, U11, & U12 divisions, as well as club teams (WYSL, etc) in Division II or lower (no D1 or premier teams). It is held each spring, and in the AYSO spirit, is organized and run entirely by volunteers - from the tournament staff to the coaches and referees on the field.

Click here for directions to Ossining High School (address is 29 S. Highland Ave, Ossining, NY 10562 - parking lots are on Emwilton Place and Wolden Rd).  

Tournament Info - Team and Referee Registration Information

Teams:  Please fill out a tournament team application and the appropriate roster (forms below) for your team's division and send to the tournament director at the address listed on the form, along with your registration fee and contact information for referees you are bringing with you to the tournament.  Please send any inquries via email to TheOssiningWiz@gmail.com

Referees:  Teams are expected to provide enough referees to cover at least 6 (six) referee appearances (one appearance = one match covered as either AR or CR).  The referee "deposit" will be refunded to teams that meet this requirement only if and when all assignments are successfully completed.  Each match worked by a referee counts toward the total number of referee appearances that can be earned by a team, and it is expected that every team contribute at least TWO qualified referees (more is better) who can commit to collectively covering at least SIX matches. Even if you are not sending teams, referees from your region are not only welcome to participate, but are NEEDED in order to have 3-person ref teams for every match.

All tournament teams should fill out the "Referee Team Registration" form on behalf of their referees and send in along with their application.  At a minimum, you can have your referees provide the following information directly to the tournament referee coordinator via email at TheOssiningWiz@gmail.com :

  • Referee contact details (full name, email, cell phone in case of emergency)
  • Current certification (Regional, Intermediate, etc)
  • Availability (e.g., morning, afternoon, all day, 8am-11am, 2pm-4pm, etc.)
  • Preference/comfort level for age/division (U9/10/11/12, boys or girls)
  • Preference/comfort level for CR (center ref) or AR (assistant ref)
  • Team or Region affiliation

Team Registration - Contacts and Forms

Applications and forms for the 2015 WIZ of OSS tournament will be posted here - a complete team entry consists of the Team Application, Team Roster, Referee Team Roster, and the registration fee along with the referee deposit.

UPDATE as of 3/31/2015:  Please contact the tournament registrar at TheOssiningWiz@gmail.com if you are interested in signing a team up for the WIZ -- slots will fill up fast, as we are only accepting applications for 5 teams per division (U9 B/G, U10 B/G, U11U12 B/G) on a first-come, first-served basis, so ACT NOW AND RESERVE A SPOT FOR YOUR TEAM TODAY by sending an email to TheOssiningWiz@gmail.com

2015 WIZ of OSS Team Application Form

2015 WIZ of OSS Team Roster Form

2015 WIZ of OSS Referee Team Roster Form (pdf)

2015 WIZ of OSS Referee Team Roster Form (docx)

Tournament Rules

Official 2015 Tournament Rules and Regulations (pdf)

2015 WIZ of OSS - Tournament Information For Referees

Please find below tournament schedule, referee assignments, and general guidelines for referees. 

REFEREES:  Please make every effort to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your first match assignment to allow time for check in and to familiarize yourself with the field layout.  Also, please review and familiarize yourself with the tournament rules and guidelines (see link below) prior to coming.  Finally, don't forget your referee gear (FULL uniform, badge, whistle, flags, watch, etc).

NOTE:  All referees will receive a "survival kit" upon check in, which includes, among other things, a copy of the overall tournament schedule, guidelines for referees, general information, and field layout.

Thanks for all you do for the kids, and remember:  HAVE FUN OUT THERE!!

    -- your friendly neighborhood WIZ tournament staff