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TAS LLC - About Us

Total Athletic Services LLC.

TAS LLC; is a unique company that provides a total service for all young people in athletics. We typically see adults/coaches provide a service which is just sports specific, teaching fundamentals of a sport, combined with general fitness activities that relate to the sport that they teach. Although this is not wrong, and we continually need great coaches to do this, we at TAS LLC; would like to enhance what these great adults & coaches teach, and provide the following services to make it a “one stop shopping” experience, also known as TAS LLC.

Total Athletic Services provides the following services:

  • Sports specific training, on an Individual basis, group and team, for the following sports: Basketball, Lacrosse, and Soccer (future sports to be announced).
  • Sports Psychology services, on an Individual basis, group and team.
  • Sports Education in the Classroom, teaching the Individual & team game in the classroom, providing video analysis of the sports. Footage will be provided from many different levels, including video of the clients themselves.
  • Sports “well being” - nutrition is a must for our clients, and the education in this category is as important as the on the field coaching.
  • Sports massage & yoga therapy, Taking care of our bodies while going through several rigorous activities, is of extreme importance, this program also provides a solid rehabilitation routine, to help our clients recover quicker than normal.
  • After School Educational Programs A support service for our clients, making sure that they are on track with their school grades.
  • Crisis Intervention / Prevention A support service for parents who have young athletes that need support with behavior management. This is also training for all Employees of TAS.