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We want you and are glad that you are seeking more information!!!

If you are at least 12 years old and have an hour or two to spare on the weekend, you already have what it takes to join the Ossining AYSO referee team.  Don't worry, you don't need to already be an expert on the Laws of the Game to join us.  Soccer is a very easy game to learn, and we will provide all the necessary training at no cost to you!  We also provide ongoing support, all referee supplies, including a uniform, and of course, the real cool and all-powerful whistle!


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Important Dates for 2014-2015:

  • Sept 13/14 – Opening weekend of the Fall season!
  • Oct 11/12 – Columbus Day weekend - NO CORE OR EXTRA GAMES
  • Oct 18/19 (week 4) – “Silent Sidelines” (formerly “Silent Sunday”) across all regions in the area
  • Nov 8/9 – 8th and final week of the fall season
  • Nov 22 – Somers Fall Classic Tournament
  • Dec 6 - Referee training at Somers HS for new referees (scroll down for details)!
  • Dec 7 - Indoor Soccer at the Rec Center:  clinic begins
  • Dec 22 - Indoor Soccer at the Rec Center:  league play begins
  • Mar 20-22 - AYSO Section 3 Expo in Albany, NY (open to all active volunteers!)
  • Apr 10-12 - Referee and Coach Supercamp, location TBD
  • Apr 18-19 - Opening weekend of the Spring season!

Five great reasons to become a referee
  • Fresh Air
  • Exercise
  • Your children
  • No seat in the house is closer to the action
  • What could be more fun than getting exercise and fresh air while running around with kids!!!

A committment of about 1.5 hours a week (per kid/game - about the same amount of time you might spend running to the grocery store) on weekends that you are avaiable is all that is required.  Yup, that's it!  You just come 20 minutes before a game, check the field, run the game, have a little fun, and go home, knowing you have helped ensure a safe, fair, and fun game, possibly even teaching some things that could influence their lives forever.

It may not sound like much, but it means the world to them (the kids, that is).

So, after the game, ask the referee if it's all that we say it is.

Now, let's talk about how you can become a hometown hero to your son, daughter, brother, sister...


Referee Training Course Information

The next opportunity for referee training will be at the Spring 2015 Area T Coach and Referee "Super Camp" during the weekend of April 10-12.  Mark your calendar accordingly, details to follow! 

Please see below for details on registering as a volunteer and taking the online prerequisite courses.

You can always search for the latest available courses anywhere they are offered by logging on to your volunteer account at eayso.org

Referees and Referee recruits
  • Not certified yet: Sign up for either the full day "Basic Referee" course or the half day "Basic Referee Online Companion" course.  If you are at least 10 years old and play in the U12 division, you can take the "U-8 Official" course to become certified to referee U-8 matches.  All other Basic Referee courses require you to be at least 12 years old at the time of certification.
  • U-8 officials wanting to upgrade to Basic/Regional status: Sign up for the half day "Basic Referee Online Companion" course, or the "U-8-to-Basic Referee Upgrade" course
  • Current Basic (Regional) Referees: We strongly encourage you to sign up for the "Intermediate Referee" course to upgrade your credentials, affording you the opportunity to referee games at any level, including upper levels U14 & U16. Additionally, once you are certified as an Intermediate referee, you can cross-certify as a Grade 8 USSF referee, allowing you to referee "club" level matches if you wish.

What you need to do
  • Register as a volunteer: Register yourself or your child as a volunteer at eAYSO.org, making sure to "esign" the application at the end, and print out TWO copies, one to keep for your records, and one to bring with you to the in-person training.
  • Take "Safe Haven": Go to AYSO Training, log in using your AYSO volunteer ID and last name, click on the link under "Safe Haven", and complete the course MT02 - "AYSO's Safe Haven" (the course takes about 1 hour).  Upon successful completion, print out TWO copies of the certificate, one to keep for your records, and one to bring with you to the in-person training.
  • Concussion Awareness training: Go to AYSO Training, log in using your AYSO volunteer ID and last name, click on the link under "Safe Haven", and complete the course "AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness" (the course takes about 30 minutes).  Upon successful completion, print out TWO copies of the certificate, one to keep for your records, and one to bring with you to the in-person training.
  • Basic Referee Online Course:  Go to AYSO Training, log in using your AYSO Volunteer ID and last name, click on the "Start Now" link under "Referee Training", and complete the course (about 2 hours, less if you are already familiar with soccer).  Upon successful completion, print out TWO copies of the certificate, one to keep for your records, adn one to bring with you to the in-person training.
  • Course Sign Up: Log in to your account at eAYSO.org and sign up for the appropriate course using the roster number provided, or search for available courses being offered in the area and sign up that way.


For any questions regarding joining the Ossining AYSO referee program or the training and certification process, or if you have issues with any of the above steps, please feel free to contact our Referee Administrator, Gary Gunn, either via email (preferred) at garygunn@verizon.net, or by phone at (917) 612-1691

Game Reports

It is very important that you fill out a game report after every match you referee. At the very least, please provide what you know as the final score. Comments (positive OR negative) are optional, but encouraged! All information submitted is seen only by our management team (Regional Commissioner, Coach Admin, Ref Admin), and is used to manage and improve the program for all participants, not to engage in any witch hunts. Enter anytime - the system is always open until the season is complete, but we do need this information!

How to submit a game report:

  1. Go to the home page and click on the link to the current season's game schedules, or access the schedules directly by clicking here
  2. Locate the name of one of the teams playing in the game you refereed (either team will work) and click on the link to that team's schedule
  3. Locate the specific game you covered and click on the link to "Submit Report" all the way to the right in the "Report" column
  4. Enter your full name in the field for "Reporters Name" and your email address in "Reporter's email"
  5. Select "Referee" from the "Reporter Is" drop-down
  6. Fill out the rest of the form as you see fit (at very least, please provide the final score) - comments are free-form, and can be positive or negative feedback - don't be afraid to be honest in your recaps - they are not for public consumption, but rather are intended to help us better manage the program as previously indicated.
  7. Click "Submit Report" at the bottom, and you're done!

If you have any questions on completing game reports, please contact our Referee Administrator, Gary Gunn via email at garygunn@verizon.net

Referee Meeting Handouts (to view, save, or print)

Past handouts - all still very relevant and useful !

WIZ of Oss Tournament

The WIZ of Oss is the area's premier youth soccer tournament specifically geared toward AYSO Extra teams in the U9, U10, U11, & U12 divisions.  It is one of the few opportunities we have as AYSO referees to work with full 3-person referee teams, and is open to all AYSO referees certified at the Regional level and higher.  If you are available, we hope you will join us, as it really demonstrates that the true AYSO volunteer spirit is alive and well in our community! For more information and relevant tournament forms, click here or on the "WIZ" tab at the left.

Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer for the winter 2014/15 season is about to begin!  Clinic for U5 thru U9 will begin on Sunday, December 7th, while league play for U10 thru U14 will begin on Sunday, Dec 21st.  Please click here for more information on the program or click here to register.  Offered through Total Athletic Services, LLC in conjunction with Ossining AYSO.

Other Useful Referee Links - enjoy!

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Thank you and we hope you enjoy yourself and what the children get out of having structure and discipline in games, and a part of the community being with them on the field!

Remember, without a referee, the game is just a glorified scrimmage!