Ossining AYSO: Silent Sundays

Silent Sidelines

Silent Sidelines will be observed during the weekend of October 18th/19th for the Fall 2014 season! 


Goals of Silent Sidelines (formerly referred to as "Silent Sunday")

1.  To emphasize that soccer is a "players' game".
2.  To permit players to talk to each other on the field, free of sideline distractions.
3.  To foster independent thinking of our players, letting the game be their teacher.
4.  To support our referees by eliminating sideline interference and discussion.


1.  Please limit your coaching instructions to a minimum, shouting out tactical instructions only when absolutely necessary.  For this day, let the players make their own decisions.  Speak privately to individual players on the sidelines.  During breaks, communicate key areas of focus to team.


Have fun and enjoy the freedom.  Talk to your teammates on the field.
Never yell at teammates or referees on the field, and never criticize the performance of either.



Avoid comments that can be heard by the players, referees, or opponents.  When a goal is scored, please subdue your reaction to low-key applause.


We hope this weekend gives you a pleasant refereeing experience, without any critical commentary from players, spectators, or coaches.  You should be free to concentrate on executing a fair game.

Do not penalize for non-compliance, but give reminders during breaks if necessary.


This is a voluntary program.  This is a chance to see things differently, reflect on our actions, and come back to contribute in a new positive way.

Before the start of every Ossining AYSO home game, both coaches should remind their parents of Silent Sidlines, and the referee should remind all players.  If you are playing an out of town team, please pass on this information when you touch base with them mid-week to yoru game, and remind them on game day.

We hope that coaches, referees, players, and spectators will extract cooperation from their peers.

It's all up to us ... let's do it!!!!