Ossining AYSO: The Ossining AYSO Board

The Ossining AYSO Board

The Ossining AYSO Board is the legislative body of our Region. It consists of the Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Treasurer, Registrar, Coach Administrator, Referee Administrator and various Directors.

The Board meets monthly, usually on the 3rd Monday of the month. Unless posted otherwise, all meetings are held at 8:00 pm at Brookside School, and are open to anyone who wishes to attend.

Dates for the 2015-2016 season are:

Sept 28, Oct 26, Nov 16, Jan 25, Feb 28 (8am @ Landmark Diner), Mar 20 (8am @ Landmark Diner), Apr 13 (7:30pm @ Landmark Diner), May 16, June 20, July 18, Aug 22  

We would love to have you join our Board of Directors. If you are willing to join, we will certainly find a board position that fits your skills and time availability.

Meet the Board:

Regional Commissioner:   Kris Lynch, krislynch123@gmail.com

Asst (to the) Regional Commisioner:   Pamela Ortiz-Sassano, portizsassano@gmail.com, 914-941-8476

Coach Administrator:   Kris Lynch, krislynch123@gmail.com 

Referee Administrator:   Gary Gunn, garygunn@verizon.net, 917-612-1691

Treasurer:   Bob Squirrell, bobsquirrell@optonline.net, 914-762-8749

CVPA:  Peter Duran, scarboropete@gmail.com, 914-263-5512

Registrar:   Debbie Lenaghan, dlenaghan@hotmail.com

Safety Director:   VACANT 

U10 Division Coordinator:   Brad Cauthen, bcauthen@optonline.net, 914-923-9522

U8 Division Coordinator:   Allison Mitchell, allison.c.e.mitchell@gmail.com, 917-673-8805

U5/U6 Clinic Director:   Allison Mitchell, allison.c.e.mitchell@gmail.com, 917-673-8805 

Hispanic Community Liason:  Marcela Levin, marcela.levin@yahoo.com

Events Coordinator:  Pamela Ortiz-Sassano, portizsassano@gmail.com, 914-941-8476

Equipment Manager:   Ted Thompson, tthompson@rgts.com  

Sportsmanship Director:   Brad Cauthen, bcauthen@optonline.net, 914-923-9522

Indoor Soccer:   Phil Ishmael, philipishmael@aol.com

Auditor:   VACANT

Area Liaisons:   Steve Alpert, steve.alpert.403@gmail.com    Irwin Kavy, ijkavy@gmail.com

Webmaster:   VACANT  (interim:  Peter Duran, Gary Gunn)

Board Members "At Large":  

Hillaun Jordan, Patrick Souillard, Ed Schuster, Ade Tukuru, Gus Felipe, Irwin Kavy, Steve Alpert