Ossining AYSO: For Coaches

Coaches, please make sure you check your training and certification requirements by logging in to your volunteer account at eAYSO.orgAt the very least, you should have the Safe Haven certification, as well as any other Age Appropriate Training for the division you are coaching in. 

If you do not have your certiciations and training updated before the start of the season, you will NOT be assigned a team or allowed to take the field as a volunteer.



Please see below for more information on your game-day responsibilities as a coach

For Coaches

As of 1/1/2001, by Federal Law (Volunteer Protection Act), coaches and assistant coaches who are not certified (Safe Haven Course and Age Appropriate Coaching Course) are not allowed to coach an AYSO team, and do not have AYSO liability coverage.  

AYSO provides the coaches with continuing education (free of any cost): Safe Haven, age appropriate training, soccer balls, first aid kit, goalkeeper vest, coach planner, and other training materials.

Coaches designated as the home team for the first game on an assigned field need to set up the goals, while coaches designated as the home team for the last game on an assigned field need to take down the goals.  Here is a link to a short instructional video on how to set up the U10 & U12 goals.

Scoll down to the bottom of the page to review the details on Goal Duty Responsibilities. 

Click here to review your responsibilities regarding games with and without a referee present:  Coach Responsibilities During Matches

Click here for upcoming Regional Coaching Clinics/Training Courses

Click here to view A Parent's Guide to AYSO.  This is a very useful for parents and new coaches as it provides essential information and answers many frequently asked questions.

Coaches are responsible for the health and welfare of their players.  If a player should be injured during a game or practice the coach must complete and forward an injury report to the Safety Director, Coach Administrator, or Regional Commissioner for the Ossining region.

Click here to access a copy of the injury report

For any questions about coaching, or if you’d like to become a coach please contact our Coach Administrator, Kris Lynch via email, krislynch123@gmail.com


The AYSO Coach Pledge

In my words and action, I pledge to: Enthusiastically support and practice the AYSO Philosophies of: Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, and Player Development. 

Stay informed about sound principles of coaching and child development. 

Respect the game and know the Laws of the Game

Emphasize to my players that they must abide by the Laws of the Game at all times.

Develop a true respect for the judgment of all referees. 

Develop a team respect for the ability of our opponents. 

Ensure a safe environment for my players. 

Never yell at or ridicule a player. 

Always set a good example. 

Remember that soccer is a game and all games should be fun. 


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Goal Responsibilities

Ossining AYSO requires coaches designated (home and away) for the first game on an assigned field to set up the goals. This means the coach and his team must transport the goals to the field before the game and have the goals set up before the assigned game time.

Both U10 and U12 use collapsible goals that both have the same basic design and setup, even though they are different sizes - here is a link to a short instructional video on how to set them up.

Should a game be stopped in the event of bad weather, it is the responsibility of BOTH teams to take the goals down quickly and transport them to the designated storage area. Do not leave the goals up and assume coaches from a later scheduled game will take down the goals.

Corner Flags - A set of corner flags should be in the goal bags. The flags should be put out when the goals are erected and the flags should be collected and returned to the goal bags when the goals are taken down.

Some goals are stored in locked goal boxes. If you need a key, please contact the coach administrator, Kris Lynch via email, krislynch123@gmail.com.

Goal Storage Locations

Safety Notices:

  1. Goal boxes must be kept closed and locked at all times! This means closed & locked during games as well!!
  2. If you notice any broken or missing parts, please notify Bob Squirrell @ (914) 643-6189


The goals are stored at following sites for our various fields:

Roosevelt School Field - Go to Ossining Historical Society parking lot on Bradshaw Court. The goals are behind the wooden tool shed at the far end of the parking lot.

Snowden Park - There is a goal box at the far end of the park. Make sure the goal box remains locked at all times after removing the goals.

Veterans Park - There is a goal box on the hill above Vet Middle Field. Goals for both Vet Middle (U10) and Vet Upper (for U12 & up; do not use permanent goals at Vet Upper) are stored in the box. Make sure the goal box remains locked after removing the goals.

Brookside School - The goals are stored at residence- 26 Ryder Road. Look down the far end of the driveway. 26 Ryder is the white house with red roof tiles two houses BEFORE Brookside School.

Gerlach Park - Goals are found at end of driveway at 41 Waterview Drive.

Nelson Park - There is a goal box on the Washington Ave. side of the park in a large rectangular box near the large tree.

Claremont School - The goals are stored at 78 Havell Street. Park on Havell Street-put on your flashers! The goals are on the left side of the upper area of the driveway. Bring a SUV or pickup truck to get the goals. Goal bags are marked for Claremont School. Only take the goals marked for Claremont.