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New Workout Outlines Within The Handouts Link!


When attending any OSS Basketball training the primary goal is to make you a better player. Whether you need to improve your handles, shooting or post play for your convenience so far I have downloaded outlines for the ballhandling drills, shooting drills and post player drills and they can be found in the 'Handouts' link.  This will allow you to print off the forms and place them in your gym bag so when you workout you can refer to them. Remember to make the commitment to your training and develop all your skills so you can become a complete threat.  This takes time and a lot of hard work but when you start seeing the results you will only want to hit the courts even more! ~ No More Excuses Not To Train !

Handout: OSS Basketball Ballhandling Workout

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Heads Up With Concussion Awareness


No Pain No Gain! . . . . When I was young baller I experienced a few concussions while playing sports.  Are you alright? Ok, then let's get back on the field and go get 'em!  The philosophy I firmly believe in now is TRAIN SMART & PLAY SMART!  It's so important for athletes to listen to your bodies and for parents and coaches to be the adults and take the necessary steps to make sure the young athletes are safe. Wisconsin State Statute 118.293 ~ Concussion & Head Injury ~ brings more than awareness of the problem of concussions in youth sports, it's the law to take the necessary steps to keep kids safe. If you are going to be attending any OSS Basketball Camps the athlete and parents are required to read the concussion awareness handouts, which are located within the Handouts and then sign and submit the OSS Basketball Concussion Form.  So use your brain and be smart in your training and when you hit the courts. You may click on the Heads Up logo and obtain information about concussions on the WIAA website. Also I will be emailing out the new forms soon to all the players that will be attending THE OFFSEASON program.  Please complete the form and bring it with you the first day of camp! 

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