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I can hardly believe the prep high school basketball season is into the 3rd quarter and the youth basketball state tournaments are soon to arrive. Before we know it the Madness will be upon us all!  It has been a very busy season with all the training and it is time for a well deserved full timeout.  One of the things I enjoy about helping kids develop their game is also attending the kid's games and watching them compete within the spirit of competition. It also allows me to try and capture that One Shining Shot.  The problem is with all the training I have committed to I haven't been able to get to all the games I would like.  So during the entire months of February and March I am going to put away my training bag (except for the Winter Skillz) and attend as many games as possible from youth, high school and even college. I haven't even had time to catch a Bucks game either.  The camera may need an extra battery charger, I will stock up on my suckers and I hope the popcorn will be hot and fresh with just a dash of salt. I can feel it already . . . The Madness is soon upon us!  See you in April for the next training opportunity! ~ Live The 3 Babay!

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