CFL USA: Summer/Winter Wood Bat

2011 Winter Wood Bat League



                                         Outlaws Baseball  11        Bombers  1


  We are accepting registration now, for the 2011 Winter Wood Bat League please reserve your spot today and play baseball all winter long.

This is your invitation to join the 1st Annual Outlaws Baseball Summer and Winter Wood Bat League. As most of you know winter is the near perfect time to play baseball in Florida (Cool and Light Rain). This year we hope to have 35 competetive teams. There will be 4 age groups: (9U, 10U, )  (11U,12U ). Each Division will play 2 games per week, 16 to 18 games, plus a season ending Wood Bat Tournament, and there will be 2 seasons:  Summer and Winter.

We hope to have over a hundred and fifty players committed this WINTER season.  And teams outside our league are welcome to sign up and play. To register online, please visit our "Pricing and Fees" section.

If you need wood bats, we will pre-order Ash or Maple Custom Made Wood Bats from Annex and Kissimmee Sticks with players name - pre order price is $80 each for youth 26″ to 31″.  I would advise you to buy several at this price. Please see bat sponsors and order today. It is perfectly fine if you chose to not purchase your own bat through us. 

Players are pre-qualified and placed on teams for equality of competition and games will be played at night, and weekends. We will use the best Youth Sports Complex in Orlando and Kissimmee!

If you have already registered for the 2011 Winter Wood Bat League, thank you - and please encourage your friends to get me their information before the deadline so we can organize teams.

  The 2011 Winter Wood Bat  League is  $125 each. per player.  Please be advised that once paid there are NO REFUNDS! If you have a team to enter, the cost is $100 per player and you must have 10 players or more. Each player will be issued a Baseball cap and a tee shirt, that they can keep. Please visit our Pricing section to register online.

Tuesday, August 16
2011 Winter Wood Bat League