Fequently Asked Questions

Are you an AAU team?     
Yes, and we are much more than that.  We are a baseball training club.  We play in AAU and USSSA events, and other organizational events as well.

How often do you practice?
We have 2 field practices per week and recommend 2 workouts per week.  Workouts are not required however we feel that the conditioning from strength and agility training are just as important as field time.  Our workouts have a focus on core strength to enhance long term hitting and pitching, which maximizes the ability to stay injury free.

How often do you play?
Each age division plays about 100 games including tournaments.

Are we required to play in every event? 
Yes.  You may pick and choose only if your son participates in the "Play More" program.

Will my son get burnt out?
Not neccesarily.  Every player needs some time off, we recommend that they take two or three weeks a year.  Players do not get burnt out if they are able to hit the baseball which is why we strongly encourage hitting workouts.

Do we have to win? 
We enjoy winning and want to win, however we learn more from losing and therefore we take it for what it is, a learning experience.  I coach to win but when we lose, the players are taught to lose graciously and with respect to the team that outplayed us.

Will my son be playing with players at his own ability level? 
Yes.  Even if it means he has to play with older players.  Players that are not quite at a higher level yet, can be placed on "B" teams with players of their own abilities.  

Who will coach my son’s games? 

Our Manager & Head Coach is Don Boyer.
Professional coaches experienced in youth baseball and ex-professional baseball players who will hold baseball camps in the spring season.

How much money will I spend? 
A lot or a little.  Most players average $200 a season.  We offer fund raisers and sponsor programs for those who would choose to use them. Please be advised that there are NO REFUNDS once you have paid for your son to play.

Does it matter where I reside?
No.  As long as you can make scheduled practices, games, and tournaments and are dedicated to our Travel Team.

Who is Coach Don Boyer? 
A professional coach for youth baseball and a person with the passion to teach and to coach a player to his maximum ability.