CFL USA: 'Play More' Program

Tuesday, July 20
"Play More" Program 2011

The Osceola Outlaws is looking for Tournament players and has implemented a new program that will allow all players the opportunity to play in various Tournaments and Double Headers throughout Central Florida. For Tournaments and Double Header dates all year long, contact This program is geared towards the player that does not want to make a full time commitment to any one particular program or team. This program is also geared toward that player that really enjoys playing in his own age group, but also would like the challenge to play at a higher level as well. And also for the player that may belong to another club, but wants to play more baseball events when his team is taking time off. Remember Youth Baseball is for the kids & the love of the game. 

There is a one time Registration fee of $100. for each player, that will cover Jersey, Cap & Insurance. And whenever a player wants to play, the cost is $50 per player, for Tournaments and/or Double Headers.  To sign up for Osceola Outlaws “Play More Baseball” program, please click on the "Play More Program" title above. Please remember, there are NO REFUNDS!