CFL USA: Pricing

Pricing and Fees (2011)

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Basic Workouts:
The price for our workouts which includes the Strong Arm program as well as individual hitting and pitching lessons with Coach Don Boyer and Coach Bill Wolff is $70 per week. For this price, players can come to workouts up to 2 nights per week; we encourage attendance of at least 2 workouts per week. Payments are due at the beginning of each month to cover the upcoming month.  NO REFUNDS! We do not require long term contracts we do believe it can take 2-3 months to begin seeing results. 

Accelerated Workouts:
Our intensive acceleration program is usually held in groups of 5 and lasts 30-45 minutes per workout. The cost for this program is $150 per week. NO REFUNDS!  This price includes arm strengthening, core strengthening, agility training, and hitting and pitching workouts with professional coaches Don Boyer and Bill Wolff.

Travel Teams:
Osceola Outlaws Travel Teams participate in AAU, USSSA, League Play, tournaments, and other sanctioned tournaments throughout Florida.  We field competitive teams in the 11U & 12U age divisions. Registration fees for the travel teams are $200 per season. NO REFUNDS! and the uniform is property of Osceola Youth Baseball owned by Don Boyer. The $200 registration fee covers insurance and training only.  In general most teams will participate in 1-2 tournaments per month depending on the month.  Players for travel teams are asked to particpate in fund raisers to  help fund the tournaments.

As a reminder, the value of these workouts and training programs is much more valuable for your childs athletic development than the dollar amount paid.  In the long run, he will become a much more developed athlete and less accessible to injury. ONCE PAID THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.