Orland Park A's: General Forms

General Administrative Forms
2015 Tryout Profile Form

Tryout Form

Tryout FormTryout Form

2014 Last Blast Pool Final

Pool Schedules

12U Pool Final Results12U Pool Final Results

14U Pool Final Results14U Pool Final Results

16U Pool Final Results16U Pool Final Results

18U Pool Final Results18U Pool Final Results

2014 Last Blast Bracket Final


12U Bracket Final Results12U Bracket Final Results

14U Bracket Final Results14U Bracket Final Results

16U Bracket Final Results16U Bracket Final Results

18U Bracket Final Results18U Bracket Final Results

18u Profile Brochure

18uNS Profile Brochure18uNS Profile Brochure

2014 Metro Tuneup bracket final

Final Standings 18U

18U Final18U Final

2014 Metro Tuneup pool completed


2014 Metro Tune-up pool Final2014 Metro Tune-up pool Final

2014 Metro Tuneup pool

Pool Schedule Completed

2014 Metro Tune-up pool Final2014 Metro Tune-up pool Final

2014 Metro Tuneup bracket

Bracket Schedule

2014 Metro Tune-up bracket2014 Metro Tune-up bracket

Bowling Fundraiser

Bowling Fundraiser Info PacketBowling Fundraiser Info Packet

2013 Autumn Blast College Exposure

2013 Registration form 16,18U

2013 ASAUSA College Exposure2013 ASAUSA College Exposure

2013 ASAUSA Autumn Classic Tournament

16/18U Friday night pool results

14U Pool14U Pool

18u Pool Results18u Pool Results

16U pool results16U pool results

2013 Autumn Blast Classic 1012U NNQ

2013 Autumn Blast 10,12 Registration form

2013 Autumn Blast 1012U2013 Autumn Blast 1012U

14U 7/21/2013 Bracket

14U SundayBracket14U SundayBracket

10U Sunday Bracket Play

10U Sunday Bracket10U Sunday Bracket

2013 Last Blast Pools and Bracket All Ages

Pools and Brackets all ages

10U Bracket10U Bracket

10U Pool10U Pool

12U Pool12U Pool

14U Bracket14U Bracket

14U Pool14U Pool

16U Bracket16U Bracket

16U Pool16U Pool

18U Bracket18U Bracket

18U Pool18U Pool

12U Bracket12U Bracket

Newsletter July

Newsletter JulyNewsletter July

Updated PGF Brackets Sunday Play

18U PGF Updated for Sunday Play18U PGF Updated for Sunday Play

16U PGF Updated for Sunday Play16U PGF Updated for Sunday Play

14U PGF Updated for Sunday Play14U PGF Updated for Sunday Play

Centennial Parking Map

Centennial Map

Centennial Parking MapCentennial Parking Map

2013 PGF Pools and Brackets

Pools and Brackets all ages

14U Bracket14U Bracket

14U Pool14U Pool

16U Bracket16U Bracket

16U Pool16U Pool

18U Bracket18U Bracket

18U Pool18U Pool

2013 ASA NNQ 14U Pool Bracket and Rules

14U ASA Pool Bracket and Rules

14U Bracket14U Bracket

14U Pool14U Pool

14U Rules14U Rules

2013 ASA USA 10 12 Pool Bracket and Rules

10/12 Pool bracket rules

10 12U Rules10 12U Rules

10U Bracket10U Bracket

10U Pool10U Pool

12U Bracket12U Bracket

12U Pool12U Pool

A's April News letter

April News letter

A's NewsletterA's Newsletter

Winter Indoor Schedule for A's Teams

A's WINTER 2013 Indoor ScheduleA's WINTER 2013 Indoor Schedule

2013 Last Blast

2013 Last Blast Reg.

2013 Last Blast Reg2013 Last Blast Reg

2013 Last Blast Exposure Tournament

2013 Last Blast Exposure Reg

2013 LAst Blast Exposure Reg2013 LAst Blast Exposure Reg

2013 Region10 ASA/USA Qualifier Registration

10U/12U ASA/USA Region 10 Qualifer Registration

2013 Spring Blast ASAUSA reg.2013 Spring Blast ASAUSA reg.

Bowling Information and Registration

Bowling Registration

2013 Bowling2013 Bowling

October 2012 Revised Pools

Pools Updated with Scores from Saturday
Pools revised as on 10/20/12 1:00 PM

12U Final Bracekts12U Final Bracekts

14U Revised Brackets  FINAL14U Revised Brackets FINAL

10U Brackets with Saturday Scores10U Brackets with Saturday Scores

12U Bracket with Scores from Sat12U Bracket with Scores from Sat

14U Brackets with Saturday Scores14U Brackets with Saturday Scores

2012 Autumn Blast ASA/USA Pool and Bracket Schedule

10,12,14U Pool,rules and Brackets revised Schedule

10U Revised Pool10U Revised Pool

12U Revised Pool12U Revised Pool

14U Revised Pool14U Revised Pool

10U Revised Bracket10U Revised Bracket

12U Revised Bracket12U Revised Bracket

14U Revised Bracket14U Revised Bracket

Revised RulesRevised Rules

2012 16/18 Fall Exposure Brackets

16/18 Brackets

16U Sunday Bracket16U Sunday Bracket

18U Sunday Bracket18U Sunday Bracket

16/18 Fall Exposure

2012 College Exposure Fall Schedule and pool



"lets play for you event" FALL

College Camp St. Charles Fall

Camp RegCamp Reg

A's Sponsor Form 2012-2013

A's Sponsor Form 2012-2013A's Sponsor Form 2012-2013

2013 Registration and Liability Waiver


2013 reg file 12013 reg file 1

Sunday July 22, 2012 Brackets

10U Sunday Brackets 7.22.201210U Sunday Brackets 7.22.2012

12U Sunday Brackets 7.22.201212U Sunday Brackets 7.22.2012

14U Sunday Brackets14U Sunday Brackets

6th Annual 2012 Last Blast College Exposure Pool Schedule

16/18 Pool and Bracket Schedule,rules,parking

16U Pools16U Pools

18U Pool18U Pool

2012 Rules2012 Rules

Centennial Parking MapCentennial Parking Map

16U Bracket Schedule16U Bracket Schedule

18U Bracket Schedule18U Bracket Schedule

10,12,14U Last Blast Schedule

10,12,14 Pools,Brackets,rules

10U Pool10U Pool

12U Pool12U Pool

14U pool14U pool

10 and 12U Bracket10 and 12U Bracket

14U Bracket14U Bracket

2012 Rules2012 Rules

Lets Play for You Event

Registration form

2012 College Camp2012 College Camp

2012 Autumn Blast College Exposure registration form

2012 College Exposure in Crete

Autumn Exposure registrationAutumn Exposure registration

2012 Spring Blast revised rules and schedules

2012 Revised pool,rules and brackets

10U Bracket10U Bracket

10 U Pool10 U Pool

12U Bracket12U Bracket

12U Revised Pool12U Revised Pool

14U Bracket14U Bracket

14U Revised Pools14U Revised Pools

Revised rulesRevised rules

2012 Tournament Registrations

2012 TOURNAMENT registration forms

2012 ASA USA 18U REG.2012 ASA USA 18U REG.

2012 Last Blast 101214 REG.2012 Last Blast 101214 REG.

2012 Last Blast Exposure REG2012 Last Blast Exposure REG

2012 Metros Tune up 16U REG2012 Metros Tune up 16U REG

2012 Spring Blast 101214 Reg.2012 Spring Blast 101214 Reg.

2012 College Instructional Holiday Camp

2012 Handout and Registration

2012 Holiday Instructional Camp2012 Holiday Instructional Camp

2012 Bowling Information

2012 Bowling Announcement

2012 Bowling Registration2012 Bowling Registration

2012 Bowling Announcement2012 Bowling Announcement

2012 Bowling Specifics2012 Bowling Specifics

A's 2011-2012 TRYOUT Registration FORM

Registration Form is available on link below. Please print out form, fill in completely and bring to Tryout at Centennial Park Aug. 9th 10th & 13th. Numbers will be assigned at check in.

A's 2010-2011 Tryout Registration FORMA's 2010-2011 Tryout Registration FORM

Perminas Park Map

Perminas Park MapPerminas Park Map

2011 Last Blast College Exposure

Pool , Bracket schedule and rules

2011 5th Annual Last Blast College Expos2011 5th Annual Last Blast College Expos

2011 Exposure rules2011 Exposure rules

2011 Exposure 16U Brackets2011 Exposure 16U Brackets

2011 Exposure 18U Brackets2011 Exposure 18U Brackets

5th Annual Last Blast Classic

Final Brackets

2011 Lst Blast Bracket 10U Finals2011 Lst Blast Bracket 10U Finals

2011 Lst Blast Bracket 12U Finals2011 Lst Blast Bracket 12U Finals

2011 Lst Blast Bracket 14U Finals2011 Lst Blast Bracket 14U Finals

2011 16U NNQ 7911

16U pools, rules and bracket

16U ASA NNQ Final Pool Results16U ASA NNQ Final Pool Results

16U ASA NNQ Bracket Final16U ASA NNQ Bracket Final

2011 18U ASA/USA Regional Qualifier

Pools and Rules

18U Pool and Rules final18U Pool and Rules final

2011 College Coaches Game Camp

July 20th 2011 Registration

College Games CampCollege Games Camp

Wisconsin Camp

Wisconsin Camp

Wisconsin CampWisconsin Camp

2011 Last Blast Exposure

2011 LBE2011 LBE

A's Skills Video Schedule

Skills Video ScheduleSkills Video Schedule


Sponsor your favorite A's team in 2010-2011. Click on sponsor information letter below to learn more about how you can support the A's

A's Sponsor letter 2010-2011A's Sponsor letter 2010-2011

A's 14U FINAL BRACKET for Last Blast Classic

A's Final Brackets for 14UA's Final Brackets for 14U

A's 16U FINAL BRACKET for College Exposure Tournament

A's Final Brackets for 16UA's Final Brackets for 16U

A's 18U FINAL BRACKET for College Exposure Tournament

A's Final Brackets for 18UA's Final Brackets for 18U

Centennial Park Map

Centennial Park MapCentennial Park Map

Humphrey Complex Map

Humphrey Complex MapHumphrey Complex Map

Player Liability Waiver

Player Waiver

Player Liability WaiverPlayer Liability Waiver

Managers Expense Form

Please complete the expense form when submitting expenses. All expenses must have receipts for reimbursement.

Managers Expense FormManagers Expense Form

A's Roster - Blank Document

A's Roster - blank MicroSoft Excel form

A's Roster FormA's Roster Form

Medical Treatment Authorization Form

Medical Treatement AuthorizationMedical Treatement Authorization

TEAM Roster form for EXPOSURE 2009

Fill out and submit TEAM roster for EXPOSURE Tourney for College Coaches to know your Players and have extra info

Team Roster form for EXPOSURE 2009Team Roster form for EXPOSURE 2009

A's 2009 Last Blast-Exposure Rules & Info

A's 2009 Last Blast Classic- Exposure Tournament Rules and General Information

A's 2009 Last Blast-Exposure Rules& InfoA's 2009 Last Blast-Exposure Rules& Info

2009 Individual Registration for Exposure Camp 7-15-09

The Orland Park A's will hold a College Exposure Camp run by BRYCE BLY on Wednesday July 15th 4pm-930pm -the evening before the start of the A's Last Blast Classic Tournament July 16-19, 2009 Registration is Now OPEN

Individual Exposure Camp RegistrationIndividual Exposure Camp Registration

College Coach List attending A's Exposure Camp

List of College Coaches expected to attend

College List of Attendees College List of Attendees

A's Hitting camp with Sam Findlay 9-20-10


Monday, September 20, 2010
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
at the
Orland A's Training Facility
9609 194th Place
Mokena IL
Download Registration form below and send in with payment to reserve your spot.

Please contact Mike Ahlert at (708) 807-7007 with any questions or email orlandparkas@comcast.net.

Hitting Camp Findlay 2010Hitting Camp Findlay 2010

2011 Last Blast Packet


2011 Last Blast Packet2011 Last Blast Packet

College Coaches attending past A's Exposure events

College Coaches listCollege Coaches list

2011 Last Blast College Exposure Camp

2011 Camp information and registration

Last Blast Exposure Camp 72111Last Blast Exposure Camp 72111

18U USA/ASA July 2011 Pool Results

18U Region 10 Pool Results18U Region 10 Pool Results

July 17, 2011 10U Brackets

July 17 10U BracketsJuly 17 10U Brackets

July 17, 2011 14U Brackets

07172011 14U Bracket07172011 14U Bracket

2011 Autumn Blast Classic 101214

Pool and Bracket schedule

2011 Fall 10U Bracket2011 Fall 10U Bracket

2011 Fall 10U Pool Schedule2011 Fall 10U Pool Schedule

2011 Fall 1214U Pool Schedule2011 Fall 1214U Pool Schedule

2011 Fall 1214U Pools2011 Fall 1214U Pools

2011 Fall 12U Bracket Schedule2011 Fall 12U Bracket Schedule

2011 Fall 14U Bracket schedule2011 Fall 14U Bracket schedule

16U/18U Bracket Finals

16U/18U Final Bracket

16U Finals NNQ July6-816U Finals NNQ July6-8

18U Finals18U Finals


A's Newsletter AprilA's Newsletter April

May's Newsletter

May NewsletterMay Newsletter

June Newsletter

June NewsletterJune Newsletter

12U Sunday Bracket Play

12U Updated Bracket12U Updated Bracket

18u Teams Entered in Autumn Blast

14u Teams Entered in Autumn Blast14u Teams Entered in Autumn Blast

16u Teams Entered in Autumn Blast16u Teams Entered in Autumn Blast

18u Teams Entered in Autumn Blast18u Teams Entered in Autumn Blast

Autumn Blast 18u Pool

Autumn Blast 18u PoolAutumn Blast 18u Pool

Autumn Blast 16u Pool

Autumn Blast 16u PoolAutumn Blast 16u Pool

Autumn Blast 16u 18u Rules

Autumn Blast Rules 16u 18uAutumn Blast Rules 16u 18u

Autumn Blast Bracket Play

Autumn Blast 18u Bracket ScheduleAutumn Blast 18u Bracket Schedule

Autumn Blast Bracket Play

Autumn Blast 16u Bracket ScheduleAutumn Blast 16u Bracket Schedule

Autumn Blast Bracket Play

Autumn Blast 14u Bracket ScheduleAutumn Blast 14u Bracket Schedule

autumn Blast

18u Pool Revision18u Pool Revision

Autumn Blast

16u Brackets Revised16u Brackets Revised

autumn Blast

18u Brackets Revised18u Brackets Revised

Autumn Blast

16u Result Bracket16u Result Bracket

Autumn Blast

18u Result Bracket18u Result Bracket

Autumn Blast

14u Result Bracket14u Result Bracket

18u JP Profiles

Team Composite ProfileTeam Composite Profile

18u NS Profile

18 NS Profile Brochure 218 NS Profile Brochure 2

2014 Last Blast

2014 Last Blast Registration Form2014 Last Blast Registration Form

2014 Last Blast

Registration Form 10 12 14uRegistration Form 10 12 14u

2014 Last Blast

18u ASA USA Registration Form18u ASA USA Registration Form


Winter ClinicWinter Clinic

2014 Last Blast Profile Sheet

Player Profile Last Blast 2014Player Profile Last Blast 2014

March 2014 Newsletter

Newsletter March 2014Newsletter March 2014

April Newsletter

April Newsletter 2014April Newsletter 2014

Last Blast Teams

Last Blast Teams EnteredLast Blast Teams Entered

2014 Autumn Blast ASA/USA Qualifier

Registration form

2014 Autumn Blast Reg.2014 Autumn Blast Reg.