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 Mission Statement    

    The goal of the Orland Park Illinois A's travel softball program is to develop and promote the ideals of responsibility, hard work, sportsmanship, and teamwork. The individual growth of our athletes comes from training with our skilled coaching staff, competition, and discipline. These goals will be accomplished by providing athletes with an understanding of the fundamental and mental approach to the game of softball.
    Our philosophy is that all athletes must play to improve at the 10U-13U levels. It is essential that athletes are given the chance to all play in championship play as well as weekday games. We believe this helps athletes with the mental aspect of the game and dealing with success as well as failure. Our 14U-16u age groups play a competitive PGF/ASA schedule and are designed to compete at the highest level.
    We are lucky to have talented teams within our area that help our program get better every season. We have teams such as Bandits, Hawks, Lightening, Sparks, TaylorMade, Wasco Diamonds, Sharks and many more that rank in the top teams in the country. The stronger our area gets the more our Midwest players will be recruited. Every athlete that competes in college no matter what level will be able to learn teamwork, time management, leadership, and respect. This in turn will produce responsible young woman with confidence in the work force that one day will hopefully give back to the sport.
-Orland Park A's FastPitch Softball