Orlando Tigers: Welcome

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 Dear Parents:

  I want to say that I appreciate the support of all of you.
  Please understand that we are working hard to get the
ball rolling.  It will happen! We've lost a few players and
 have added and will be adding a few players.  This transition
WILL NOT slow our progress.  I will continue
 to work just as hard with our young men so that we give you
 the quality effort that your deserve for your perserverance.


We will be practicing at parkway middle school on Saturdays.
  I will let u all know the time in the near future.Our team practice
 day will remain on Saturday.  There will be no Sunday practice.
  We will be playing games on Sundays for this point forward.

In order to get better guys we need to be practicing.
 You should always be practicing on your own.



About Us:

Orlando Tigers 12U Youth Baseball Team is a
non-profit travel baseball team
dedicated to promoting competitive
youth baseball within the city of
Orlando.  We as coaches will focus on player
development, team cohesion,and promote
 responsibility/accountability in young boys.
  This will be accomplishment through emphasis
on fundamental baseball skills, development of
athlete confidence, sportmanship, teamwork,
and having fun.
Our Mission:

To set the standard for instruction, communication,
 understanding, teaching and education in South
 and greater Orlando area through the strength
of our National Pastime. To accomplish this, the
Orlando Tigers will  bring together a diverse
 group of coaches and youth
(socially, economically, racially and culturally)
to teach and play baseball at the highest level
of competition, and to provide an opportunity
 and stage for the players to develop and
participate in our National Pastime at
the high school, collegiate and
professional levels.