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Thursday, December 7
Little League Child Protection Program

Thursday, December 7
Interested in Little League? "Where the Dream Begins"
Follow the link for a powerpoint presentation entitled "Where the Dream Begins" if you are interested in affiliating with Little League Baseball & Softball.

Tuesday, January 31

Little League Volunteers -

The Oregon Little League District Administrators are sponsoring a Little League Road Show in Southern Oregon, and you are strongly encouraged to attend this very special event.

The Little League Road Show, a training and education component of Little League Baseball and Softball, provides local league volunteers with the opportunity to gain education and support to enhance its chartered leagues through a series of clinics and seminars.  These seminars allow volunteers to have direct access to the resources that can help make their leagues become more organized and operate better.  Road Shows enable leagues to address specific questions and concerns volunteers may have regarding the operation of their local programs by using a presentation called “A Year in the Life of Hometown Little League,” in which the workings of a fictional league are followed throughout an entire year.  This format provides local league administrators the opportunity to review the latest information on Little League rules, and information about equipment, and programs in the Little League program, while creating a forum to interact with Jim Gerstenslager, our Western Region Director, who is our presenter. Many of the Oregon District Administrators will also be in attendance to offer any specific information and experiences that might enhance your experience.

 This year, we are offering a Road Show in Gold Hill/Central Point on February 11th from 9:00am to 3pm at Sams Valley Elementary School.   There is no cost to either you or your league to participate.  Lunch will be provided at no cost to all participants.  Donations will kindly be accepted to help with the cost of offering this exciting opportunity, but you and your league will not, in any way, be expected to pay for attending this event. 

If you are planning on traveling to attend the Road Show and need, please use the Super 8 Inn, which is the closest hotel to Sams Valley Elementary.  Talk to Amanda Criswell at the Super 8 and let her know that you are coming for the Little League Road Show.  We have arranged for reduced rates.  Their number is 541/664-5888.                  


 There is going to be a separate meeting for the leagues in District Six after the Road Show.  This meeting is essential and mandatory for District Six league presidents.  This meeting will be led by Jim Gerstenslager, the Western Region Director and Kim Nelson, District Administrator from Oregon District Six.  This meeting is being planned to be held at the Moose Lodge.  All District Six presidents are required to make time to attend this extremely important Road Show and meeting.

 We appreciate the opportunity to offer this Road Show to ALL LITTLE LEAGUES in and around the area and would love to see everyone there.

We have created a link page for registration.  Road Show Link

If there are specific league issues that you would like to have discussed at the Road Show, please feel free to let us know by completing the information below. 

See everybody at the Road Show on Saturday February 11th!!


Gary Rowell
Oregon Little League District 4
Registrar, Southern Oregon Road Show
(503) 866-0259 - cell