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Sunday, June 5
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Online Digital Affidavits and Mapping for All Stars 2015 Tournament Affidavits

To use this online affidavit program, download this excel template and input your players, teams and manager/coach information, then upload it to the above website location (be sure you select the correct state, district, league, and division).

Please note: you will need to create a seperate file for each All Star team and then upload & complete each affidavit and map one at a time. Make sure that you enter the information exactly as it is laid out in the template or you will receive an error message and will not be able to complete the process.

If you have any questions regarding this new process please contact Tom Bowman at tomjo67@comcast.net for assistance.

Here are the instructions that are listed on the affidavit site:

Map & Affidavit Printing Instructions:

  1. Download the Excel Template
  2. Add Players to the "Players" tab of the template
  3. Add Teams to the "Teams" tab of the template
  4. Add Coaches to the "Coaches" tab of the template
  5. Add Schools to the "School" tab of the template (NOTE: IF NEEDED)
  6. Save and Rename to what you are working (9/10, 10/11, Major so on)
  7. Click on 2015 Tournament Affidavits
  8. Click on Brouse
  9. Click on the excel template you saved
  10. Click open "Template will upload"
  11. A box will pop up "Affidavit Sport" and "Affidavit Type"
  12. Click on one of three choices for Affidavit Sport
  13. Click on one of two choices for Affidavit Type
  14. Click Next
  15. Click on Region "Pick West"
  16. Click on State "Oregon"
  17. Click on District "District 7"
  18. Click on your league or if using combined leagues add them to right side also
  19. Click Next
  20. Print Map
  21. Click Next
  22. Fill in the blanks
  23. Print Affidavit

Map Printing Only Instructions:

  1. Follow Steps 1 to 20 only

Visit the Little League Online Tournament Resources page for up to date tournament forms and guidelines.

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