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Tuesday, February 3
Little League Background Check Error

On Jan 29th Little League sent out a notice re:background checks & what we needed to do. They were wrong for Oregon. See below message


I went a step further and called the Oregon office of child care. In speaking with the representative, this notification from headquarters was inaccurate as this particular statute is not being enforced in Oregon. Headquarters was informed of this information, and why there isn't anything on the website addressing this. I'm sending this information to you in the event a league contascts you directly, in addition I've included my fellow DA so they're aware of this misinformation. I hope headquarters sends an email retracting this information as an Oregon statute. 


Thursday, April 17
International Congress voting results and rule changes

Click on "Voting results and rule changes"

Oregon State Law on Concussions
With the Oregon State Law on concussions, we need to have the following happen within the district & the leagues: 
  • District staff, league board members, league managers, coaches & umpires must take the CDC course on-line or in person - obtain the certificate & boards need to keep the certificate on file. I will keep all District staff on file.
  • Parents & players 12 years old & up: Leagues need to make them aware of this law & at least have them sign off on a paper stating this - along with all 12 year olds & above.
  • If at least one manager, coach, umpire or parent does not do this - remember this is an Oregon State Law & you & your board could be liable if something happens. LL insurance will not cover you.



For CDC course on-line "chick here" and then click HEADS UP to start the course on line.


The Parent Orientation Program
To view the presentation, Click on "The Parent Orientation Program" above.

Little League

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Pancho Tavera 1973-2015
Handout: Pancho Tavera 1973-2015

John "Cheeseburge" Witherspoon
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