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Wednesday, October 6
May 23, 2010 District Minutes
Oregon District #2Presidents MeetingMay 23, 2010 

The meeting was called to order by District Administrator Georgia Herr at 3:09 pm.


Leagues Present:  Boring-Damascus, Centennial, Clackamas, Estacada, Gresham American, Gresham National, Montavilla, Mt. Hood, Mt. Tabor, Portland, Powell, Reynolds.


Leagues Absent:  Lents, South Clackamas.

 District Staff Present:   Georgia Herr, Jim Martin, Bob Breihof, Beverly Tobias, Jason Smith, Kelly Smith, Lonnie Reedy, Dave Degraffenreid, Leanne Handley, Greg Handley, Dave Thornton, Kristine Lewis. District Staff Absent:  Terry Thompson, Jon Bloker, Corey Tobias, Jeff Norris, Tammy Moffat. Websites

District 2 www.eteamz.com/ord2website

Oregon www.eteamz.com/orll

Western Region www.eteamz.com/llbwest

Little League, Inc. www.littleleague.org

 District 2 Info Line


  • March 21 minutes were presented and discussed.  Steve Cook (Clackamas) moved that we approve the minutes as written.  The motion was seconded and carried.
Treasurer’s Report
  • The treasurer’s report for the period 10/1/09 to 5/22/10 was presented and discussed.  Steve Cook (Clackamas) moved that we approve the treasurer’s report as written.  The motion was seconded and carried.

Mailmail passed out to all appropriate recipients


1.       We have four (4) Big League Teams – three (3) softball and one (1) baseball.

2.      Discussion on the need to teach safety to the Minor Division and below.  A recent email has gone out to the leagues on this topic.  The message isn’t getting down to the Minor Divisions about safety!  This is the training and development portion of our program – what better arena to train coaches and players about safety?!  Do not question the experience and knowledge of District umpires when they tell you to fix or correct things.

3.      Discussion on the umpire policy set forth by Williamsport whereas each league needs to be running background checks on all umpires they utilize within their league (to include District umpires).


1.       Portland Parks & Recreation Issues.  Please let Georgia know of any and all issues your league might be having with Parks & Rec, i.e. permits being pulled with short notice after the permit is in hand, etc.  Remember to forward all supporting documentation to her so that she has it on file.

2.      Umpire and Scorekeeper Names.  Each league should turn in five (5) names to Bob Breihof of potential umpires and five (5) names to Kristine Lewis of potential scorekeepers.

3.      Junior Jamboree.  We have eighteen teams (18) – can we fit into Walker Stadium?  Some teams indicated at the March meeting that they didn’t want to play at Walker Stadium.  One of the days on our permit is now unavailable for our use.  Jim Martin is working on another location for the Jamboree.

4.      Honors Tournament.

i)        Team Strength.  Please report your teams as either A, B, or C.  A is a major level team, B is a mixed level team with players from both majors and minors, and C is a minor level team.  DO NOT discuss the rankings where the children can hear.  The differing brackets are color coded in the roster book so that the children aren’t aware.

ii)  Tournament Book & Team Rosters.  Rosters are due to Kristine Lewis by 6/15/10.  We need league name, team name, manager and coach names, player names, and jersey numbers.

iii)    Managers’ Handout.  The informational sheets (blue, pink) were handed out at the meeting and discussed.  Please make note that we will be using major division rules with the exception that there is to be no 12 year old pitching in the “C” bracket and there will be a 5-run limit in the first three (3) innings.  You will be batting your line-ups (not roster batting) and local league rules DO NOT APPLY.  Please take the appropriate number of copies so that your managers for each Honors team you send are aware of the rules and regulations of this tournament.

iv)    Junior Division.  We will be including the Junior division this year in the Honors Tournament in lieu of Junior Jamboree.

 TournamentsDistrict Staff
  • Introduction of Dave Thornton, new UC for 10/11 Baseball.
  • Discussion on the professionalism and dedication of our District Staff.
 Issues from Past Experience

There was discussion of incidents in the past and what we can all do to prevent them from happening again.

Tournament team manager and coaches must be familiar with the rule book, especially the “Tournament Rules”.  Protest will only be considered when utilized according for 4.19.  Coaching staff is selected by presidents according to their league’s by-laws.  Do not place coaches on tournament teams if they are not the kind of example you want your children to see.

All-Star Roster Book

·         League pages are $300 for the full page.  This is a required element for tournament season that each league needs to comply with.  You can also sell ad space to cover your league expense and sell additional ads on top of your required league page.

·         Rosters for all divisions of tournament play and league pages are due to Kristine Lewis by 6/15/10 for publication in both the Honor’s and All-Star roster books.


·         “To Be Qualified to Enter a Team…” p. T-5.  In order for a league to enter a tournament team or teams into post-season play, leagues must be chartered in each division for which they wish to enter a tournament team; all required waivers submitted and approved; all fees paid in full; and all combined team and interleague play requests that may involve tournament play filed by 6/8/10.  Read your rulebooks!! 

·         Affidavit instructions are available.  They were sent out in previous emails as well as distributed at the Player Agent training in November.  Discussion in the All*Star Tournament Affidavit hand-out (red).

·         Presidents and/or the Player Agents should be filling the affidavits out – NOT the managers.

·         Combined Team forms must be SIGNED by West Region by 6/8/10.

·         Affidavit Day will be Saturday 6/19/10 at Gresham LL from 9:00 to 1:00.

 Tournament Start Dates

·         Start dates are still in flux.  As soon as district has confirmation on the number of teams, the schedule will be written.   As soon as they are written, they’ll be sent electronically.

·         Mandatory Manager/Coach meeting dates for each level of play were selected by district staff at their meeting last week but those will now need to be revisited.  Stay tuned.

 Report Teams Entering Each Tournament

·         Make sure you have chartered for regular season play each division you will have an all*star team.

·         Make sure to clearly mark on your all*star charters for each division you will be entering a team.

 Host Leagues·         Reynolds – Honors·         Lents – 9/10 Baseball                          ·         Gresham – 10/11 Baseball·         Centennial – 11/12 Baseball·         Centennial – Junior Baseball·         Mt. Tabor – 9/10 Softball·         Mt. Tabor – 10/11 Softball·         Centennial – 11/12 Softball·         Centennial – Junior Softball  Draw Bracket Order 9/10 Softball                                       10/11 Softball                                     11/12 Softball

1 – Portland                                        1 – Mt. Hood/Portland                       1 – Clackamas/Estacada

2 – Clackamas                                     2 – Powell                                           2 – Gresham

3 – Centennial                                     3 – Centennial                                     3 – Lents

4 – Lents                                             Bye – Mt. Tabor/Montavilla               4 – Mt. Tabor/Montavilla

5 – Gresham                                                                                                    5 – Mt. Hood/Portland

Bye – Mt. Tabor/Montavilla                                                                           Bye – Centennial

  Junior Softball

1 – Mt. Tabor/Portland

2 – Estacada/Mt. Hood

3 – Gresham

4 – Clackamas

5 – Centennial/Lents

  9/10 Baseball                                      10/11 Baseball                                    11/12 Baseball

1 – Mt. Tabor                                      1 – Portland                                        1 – Mt. Tabor

2 – Portland                                        2 – Centennial                                     2 – Clackamas

3 – Montavilla                                     3 – Reynolds                                       3 – Reynolds

4 – Gresham American                       4 – Mt. Tabor                                      4 – Boring/Damascus

5 – Reynolds Black                             5 – Gresham American                       5 – Powell

6 – Centennial                                     6 – Clackamas                                     6 – Portland

7 – Estacada                                        7 – Montavilla                                     7 – Montavilla

8 – Boring/Damascus                          Bye – Gresham National                     8 – Lents

9 – Mt. Hood                                                                                                  9 – Gresham National

10 – Reynolds Green                                                                                      10 – Gresham American

11 – Clackamas                                                                                               11 – Mt. Hood

12 – Powell                                                                                                     12 – Estacada

13 – Gresham National                                                                                   Bye – Centennial

Bye – Lents Junior Baseball                                  Senior Baseball

1 – Estacada                                        1 – Gresham

2 – Lents/Mt. Hood                            2 – Reynolds

3 – Clackamas                                     3 – Clackamas

4 – Montavilla                                     4 – Lents/Mt. Hood/Mt. Tabor

5 – Boring-Damascus/Gresham          Bye – Centennial/Montavilla

6 – Reynolds                                      

Bye – Centennial                               


The meeting adjourned at 5:05 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kristine Lewis

District #2 Secretary