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Friday, January 9
OR2 Mourns the loss of Greg Handley

It is with great sadness that we share our grief in the loss of District Umpire Consultant, Greg Handley.  He lost a six-month long battle with cancer on January 8th, one day before his 52nd birthday.  Along with his wife Leanne, the Handley’s built, directed and supported our district’s Upper Baseball Division during the past 13 years.  Learning what the gift of your time can mean to children, Handley followed his parent’s example and began coaching his children’s baseball and softball teams and honing his umpiring skills in the 1990’s.   Kyle, Jeff and Krista all spent time in the dugout and on the field with their dad when they were young players.   And their young teammates enjoyed an extra set of parents with Greg and Leanne there to cheer them on.

Handley spent most evenings in spring and early summer at the ballfield behind the plate.  A much larger Little League family grew to appreciate the kind-hearted, affable umpire who loved the game whether he was making the calls or working the score booth at tournament time.   Teaming up with Corey Tobias at the 9/10 Year-Old Baseball tournaments since 2002, the two loved to initiate the youngest all-stars with the joy of the game.  Paired with Leanne at Intermediate, Junior, Senior and Big League baseball tournaments, Greg and Leanne travelled with our teams to state and regional tournaments enjoying some top flight baseball.  After umpiring at regional games in Washington and California, the highlight of his travels culminated this past summer with his assignment to umpire at the Intermediate World Series in Livermore, CA.

There is no doubt about the positive influence Greg leaves with us.  Always kind, always helpful, most often smiling, he has left a tall impression for many umpires and players to look up to.  He was the best kind of umpire - happy to make the calls but always giving the players the spotlight.  The Little League family is grateful to have benefitted from Handley’s gracious generosity of time and talent.  We wish his Leanne, children Kyle, Jeff and Krista peace and comfort in the memories he leaves behind and the knowledge that he was loved by many.

To all who know and love Greg Handley:  A memorial service will be held on Sat. 1/31/15 at 4PM at the Powellhurst Baptist Church located on SE 112th & Powell Blvd., Portland Oregon. For obituary and all details please go to www.anewtradition.com and click on "Obituary & Tributes" and select Gregory John Handley.




 Happy Anniversary Little League!

Celebrating 75 years of putting kids on the diamond, America's game for kids began with a promise to a nephew.  Family and community came together in Williamsport, PA and the legacy began.  1939 saw the creation of Little League Baseball.  Little League Softball is celebrating 40 years in 2014.  The Challenger Division celebrates 25 years serving children with physical challenges.  Urban Initiative celebrates 15 years as Hilton Foundation funds redevelop Little League in areas experiencing socio-economic difficulty.

And the Big Legacy continues...


All-star Tournament Results

9&10 Baseball Champions:  Clackamas/South Clackamas 

9&10 Softball Champions:  Portland/Powell  

 10&11 Baseball Champions:  Reynolds 

10&11 Softball Champions: Centennial 

Major Baseball Champions:  Gresham 

Major Softball Champions:  Mt Hood  

Intermediate Baseball Champions:  Mountain View      

Junior Softball Champions:  Lents/Taborvilla/Portland 

Junior Baseball Champions:  Centennial 

Senior Baseball Champions:  Clackamas/Mountain View 

No other district in Oregon will be sending a district champion to the State Senior Baseball tournament.  The team who wins our district moves on to Regional games!  

Senior and Big League Softball

Oregon District #2 has two regular season Big League Softball teams who will split by age to enter one team in the State Senior Softball tournament and an automatic advance to Regional play for the Big League team. 



2014  Honor's Tournament
Congratulations to players selected for the Honor's games.  And a big THANK YOU to the volunteers at Gresham/Barlow Little League for welcoming these players.  There's nothing quite as sweet as a ball game on a warm summer's day, except being there even when the sun goes down and the lights come on. 

Congratulation Bracket Champions!

Red Bracket:  Portland/Powell Blue 

White Bracket: Mt Hood Diamond Ninjas

 Blue Bracket:  Gresham/Barlow Bombers

Green Bracket:  Barlow Beavers

Gold Bracket: Reynolds Rock Stars & Super Stars