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Wednesday, July 3
Oregon State Champs Major Softball: Portland/Powell/Taborvilla
"Inner Southeast Pride"
Oregon State Champs Senior Baseball:  Clackamas/Mountain View

Both teams represented Oregon and our district at 2013 West Regional tournaments in southern California.  Thank You - All-Stars!




 "Over the Fence Club Ladies of 2013"

A new record has been set by the Ladies of 2013.

This is a record number for girls in the " Over the Fence Club"

Isabella Taylor, Brynna Lutz, Kaelee Rothe and Maddy Stephens

Hats off to you Ladies! Nice Job!


All-star Tournament Results

9&10 Baseball Champions:  Centennial LL 

Junior Baseball Champions: Centennial/Portland/Taborvilla 

Senior Baseball Champions: Clackamas/Mt.View 

  Major Baseball Champions: Gresham

Junior Softball Champions: Clackamas/Hood/Powell

Major Softball Champions: Portland/Powell/Taborvilla 

Intermediate Baseball Champions: Portland/Powell/Taborvilla     

10&11 Baseball Champions: Gresham

9&10 Softball Champions: Lents


Over the Fence Club has a new leader! 

Damion Robledo of Portland LL with 3 HR's

Trevor Bless of Gresham LL with 3HR's

Followed closely by:

Corey Vickroy Jr. of Clackamas LL with 2 HR's

Sam Smith of Gresham/Barlow LL with 2 HR's   

Honors Tournament Results!

Congratulation Bracket Champions!

Red Bracket:  Powell

White Bracket: D2 Smurf Ninja's

 Blue Bracket: Gresham Gound Pounders

Green Bracket: Barlow Banchee's

Gold Bracket: You guys played Awesome!

Don't know where to sign up?  Which league is yours?

District Info. Line  503-764-1559 

Welcome to Oregon District #2 Little League

District #2 is made up of nearly 5000 children from southeast Portland, east Multnomah County and all of Clackamas County who come together for one reason - they want to play ball.  Little League is open to all children ages 5 to 18, offering organized, adult-supervised baseball and softball programs.  The success of our program is based on the voluneteers who give their time and energy to make a difference, in our communities and our local parks.  It is our greatest hope that every player will have the opportunity to learn something new,  be part of a team effort, face a challenge and learn to love to play baseball and softball.  We endeavor to pass on a legacy, the love of the game.

"Courage            Character             Loyalty"

To the parents:  we salute you for giving undaunted support to your children and all players who have the
courage to participate.

To the coaches:  we thank you for taking the time to teach
as well as hitting, pitching and throwing.

To local league Presidents, Board members, umpires and staff: we thank you for your loyalty
and conviction to provide a safe and fun environment for our players.

Without the countless hours spent by volunteers who keep score, outfit teams with uniforms and equipment, raise the funds, fill out the paperwork and make wet ball diamonds playable, no team would be able to take the field.
"Play ball!!!"