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Monday, July 27

Welcome to the 2015 Tournament Season

Printable game schedules are available under the “Handouts” tab.  Please remember that schedules are always “Subject to change”.  Rain-outs and delays can be unavoidable.  Once posted, any schedule changes will be given by Tournament Directors directly to their team managers.


All-Star Roster Books will be available at each tournament site with game schedules for every district all-star tournament; dates, times, locations and team rosters are included.  You can track the progress of each tournament with bracket boards posted at each hosting league for the games they are hosting.  Get in on the action!  Join us at the ball park and cheer on some great kids!


The 2015 Tournament tabs will be updated and game results will be reported each day

 as International Tournament play progresses.


For 2015 Tournament Brackets > go to "Hand Outs" tab

 As always - "Schedules are subject to change"



State Tournament News 

 Congratulations D3-Pendleton - 9 & 10 Year-Old Oregon Champs

Friday, July 24th:  With outstanding defense from both D1-Beaumont/Parkside and D3-Pendleton, the "if" game was a great way to end this year's state softball tournaments.  The ladies from Pendleton held it together after Beaumont/Parkside put five runs on the board in the first two innings.  After scoring two runs in the 4th, it came down to the 6th and final inning when a few solid hits put runners on base.  Kylee Sellers hit one to the outfield that drove home the winning run to end the game.


Congratulations to Oregon Champions D2-Clackamas/Portland

Thursday, July 23rd:  The "if" game concluded the 10 & 11 Year-Old state Softball tournament tonight with a tight 5-3 win for D2-Clackamas/Portland over


And the action continues tomorrow night at the 9 & 10 Year-Old tournament going to an "if" game after D3-Pendleton won their way through the lower bracket to beat

D1-Beaumont/Parkside with the 3 -1 win in tonight's game.  Everyone is happy to come back for one more game between two outstanding teams - tomorrow night at 6:00PM. 


Wednesday, July 22nd:  There will be twice the excitement at state games tomorrow night, July 23rd at Centennial fields.  10 & 11 Year-Old Softball goes to the "if" game as D2-Clackamas/Portland and D4-Tigard/Tualatin/Newberg face-off again for the state title.

At 9 & 10 Year-Old Softball tournament, D3-Pendleton won tonight's game against D2-Portland/Powell to face D1-Beaumont/Parkside in the championship game.   


Tuesday, July 21st:  The 10 & 11 Year-Old Oregon Softball championship game is set.  Wednesday at 5:30PM, D2-Clackamas/Portland meets D4-Tigard/Tualatin/Newberg for the state title at the Centennial fields located at 182nd & SE Division.

D2-Portland/Powell goes head-to-head with D3-Pendleton tomorrow at 6:00PM for the right to meet D1-Beaumont/Parkside in the 9 & 10 Year-Old state championship game scheduled for Thursday. 


Monday, July 20th:  9 & 10 Year-Old Oregon Softball Tournament was the place to be for some great games.  Today's first game went six innings with no score.  It was tied 2 - 2 after seven innings.  At the bottom of the 8th inning, D3-Pendleton scored the winning run over D4-Murrayhill/South Beaverton.  It was a tough elimination loss for District 4, but what an amazing team battle with both teams leaving it all out on the field of play.  The second game of the day was a nail-biter too as D6-Ashland/Phoenix Talent and D7-South Salem battled back and forth putting runs on the board.  The contest ended in the bottom of the 6th inning when home team D7 scored in the 12 - 11 victory.

Outstanding softball at host league Centennial continued at Oregon's 10 & 11 Year-Old Softball games.  D2 - Clackamas/Portland won over D4-Tigard/Tualatin/Newberg putting them in tomorrow nights game against D1-Scappoose who eliminated D3-Hermiston in today's first game.  


Sunday, July 19th:  Oregon state 9 & 10 Year-Old Softball tournament saw lots of action and some great ballplaying.  Districts 1 and 2 advance in the winner's bracket.  Monday, July 20th, District 3 - Pendleton plays District 4 - Murrayhill/South Beaverton and District 6 - Central Point plays District 7 - South Salem.

At 10 & 11 Year-Old Softball, District 1 - Scappoose will play District 3 - Hermiston at the early game tomorrow and District 4 - Tigard/Tualatin/Newberg plays District 2 - Clackamas/Portland at 6:00PM tomorrow.


Saturday, July 18th:  At Oregon state 9 & 10 Year-Old Softball tournaments, District 6 - Ashland/Phoenix Talent plays  District 1 - Beaumont/Parkside, District 4 Tigard/Tualatin/Newberg plays District 2 - Portland/Powel to advance in the winner's bracket.  On tap for Sunday, District 5 - Hood River Valley meets District 4 - Murrayhill/South Beaverton and District 7 - South Salem meets District 8 - Central Point.

At the 10 & 11 Year-Old state Softball tournament, District 1 - Scappoose advances to play District 2 - Clackamas/Portland while District 4 - Tigard/Tualatin/Newberg wait to play the winner of that game on Monday night.  District 3 - Hermiston plays District 8 - Brookings Harbor at the 2:30 game on Sunday. 


Congratulations to OR2 - Clackamas/South Clackamas  

Major softball state championship was decided tonight sending the District 2 team to San Bernardino for regional tournament play.  The Road to Alpenrose started with seven outstanding teams of from around the state representing areas all across Oregon.  Centennial LL and OR 2 have been delighted to host these softball teams who gave it their all.  Congratulations to all major softball all-stars we've had the plesaure to meet this week.


Wednesday, July 15th:  From state Major Softball games, although D3-Pendleton fought it out every day during the tournament, this young team was eliminated in tonights game.  Playing with a lot of heart, we expect to see these ladies again at state tournament.

On tap for Thursday, undefeated D2-Clackamas plays D1-Beaumont/Parkside coming on strong after after the semi-final round in a 4:00 Champship Game.  If D1 wins it, the "if" game follows immediately afterward. 


Tuesday, July 14th:  From state Major Softball games, Districts 1, 2 and 3 remain.

D1-Beaumont/Parkside play D3-Pendleton Wednesday at 6:00 to determine who will face D2-Clackamas in the Championship. 


Monday, July 13th:  From state Major Softball games, four teams remain. 

First game tomorrow will be D6 - Ore-Cal vs. D3 - Pendleton and

D1 - Beaumont/Parkside vs. D2 - Clackamas.  


Sunday, July 12th:  From state Major Softball games, District 2 - Clackamas and District 1 - Beaumont/Parkside advance in the winner's bracket.  D6 - Ore-Cal plays District 7 - West Valley and District 3 - Pendleton plays District 5 - Crook County to advance.  Another home run flew  over the fence to the concessions stand batted by

D5 - Crook County's Brooke Dalton.

Scappoose:  District 2 - Mountain View/Clackamas Senior Baseball champs advance to Regional games in Ontario, CA representing Oregon!!!  Region tournament play begins July 20th.  Congratulations, Oregon champs!!!  


Saturday, July 11th:  Despite the loss in today's Little League Softball state tournament game, District #5 champs - Crook County brought in with the highlight of day when #13 Autumn Coffelt sailed one over the fence for her first home run. 

Scappoose:  Mountain View/Clackamas Senior BB team won their first state game starting off a great day for our District #2 teams.     

Pilot Rock:  Both District #2 teams won their first games today, Junior SB Centennial/Clackamas and Senior SB Mt Hood (otherwise known as "Georgia's Peaches").

  Way to go, ladies! 


Click on the "2015 State Tournaments" tab for day of game updates. 




  2015 Oregon District #2 Champions 


Congratulations to Lents/Portland/Powell!!!  Our Intermediate champs will be representing us as the state tournament beginning July 4th at Alpenrose.
Congratulations Clackamas/South Clackamas!!!  They will represent D2 at the state Little League Softball tournament starting July 11th hosted by D2.
Congratulations to Mountain View/Clackamas!!!  The Senior Baseball team advances to the state tournament beginning July 11th at Scappoose.
Congratulations Clackamas/Centennial!!!  Their team will represent D2 at the Junior Softball state tournament this weekend at Pilot Rock.
Congratulations to Portland/Powell!!!  The 9 & 10 Year-Old Softball ladies will head for the state tournament hosted by D2 beginning July 18th.
Congratulations to Clackamas/Portland!!!  The 10/11 Softball team will represent D2 at the state tournament hosted by D2 beginning July 18th. 
Congratulations to Reynolds!!!  OR D2 will be represented by their Major Baseball team next week at state games held in Klamath Falls. 
Congratulations to Centennial!!!  The Junior Baseball state tournament begins next Saturday in Scappoose with Centennial boys representing D2.
Congratulations to Gresham!!!  The 10/11 baseball team will represent D2 at the state tournament beginning on July 25th in Hermiston.


Congratulations Centennial!!!  They will represent D2 at the state 9 & 10 Year-Old baseball tournament starting July 25th in Hermiston.










Don't know where to sign up?  Which league is yours?

District Info Line  503-764-1559 

Welcome to Oregon District #2 Little League
District #2 is made up of nearly 3000 children from southeast Portland, east Multnomah County and all of Clackamas County who come together for one reason - they want to play ball.  Little League is open to all children ages 4 to 18, offering organized, adult-supervised baseball and softball programs.  District-wide and local league training is offered to volunteers willing to step up to the plate becoming coaches, managers and umpires.  The success of our program is inspired by those volunteers who give their time and energy to make a difference, in our communities and our local parks.  It is our greatest hope that every player will have the opportunity to learn something new, be part of a team effort, face a challenge and learn to love to play baseball and softball.  We strive to pass on a legacy - the love of the game.

"Courage            Character             Loyalty"

To the parents:  we salute you for giving undaunted support to your children and all players who have the courage to participate.

To the coaches:  we thank you for taking the time to teach character as well as hitting, pitching, throwing and catching.

To local league Presidents, Board Members, Umpires and all staff: we thank you for your loyalty and conviction to provide a safe and fun environment for our players.

Without the countless hours spent by volunteers who keep score, outfit teams with uniforms and equipment, raise the funds, fill out the paperwork and make wet ball diamonds playable, no team would be able to take the field.
         "Play ball!!!"