Orange Soccer Association: Referees

Weekly schedules will be posted at the bottom of this page.


Attendance and Scheduling:

1. Please report your availability to your assignor by Sunday night for the following weekend.

2. The weekend schedule will be published by Wednesday night; you are expected to report for your scheduled games or else find a substitute. Please report changes to your assignor.

3. It is your responsibility to be at the field, dressed and ready, by 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. This includes being properly uniformed.

4. Do not begin a match if the field and equipment are not correct. The home team coach is responsible for making the required corrections. You are to begin the game clock on time and continue play with the time remaining once the corrections are made. The goal is to finish on time to keep the schedule flowing.

5. Failure to meet a properly scheduled obligation will result in disciplinary action, typically two weeks off the schedule. Other actions will be discussed with league representatives.

6. Mid-week makeup games are sometimes scheduled with short notice; only volunteer for these assignments if you are certain you are available.

7. It is your responsibility to check the soccer hotline or website for weather cancellations.

8. You may submit a pay card if you show up in good faith for a game which is not played (a team fails to show or must forfeit for some reason). Explain the circumstances on the pay card. Allow 15 minutes from the scheduled time.

9. You are encouraged to maintain your referee certification with annual attendance at a recertification class. Always wear your current certification patch.


1. You are performing a service for the league and the teams; always conduct yourselves in a professional and respectful manner. This includes wearing the uniform properly, starting on time, and avoiding any appearances of favoritism. This also includes your knowledge and application of the Laws of the Game and the OSA house rules.

2. You are subject to discipline for failing to act in a professional manner.

3. There is a OSA Field Official present for all weekend games. Avoid getting involved in any sort of disagreement or argument with anyone; stop play and send an AR for the OSA Field Official as needed.


Referee pay cards are to be properly completed and submitted (use mail slot at the equipment shed) for each game day. It's a GREAT idea to keep a personal log of your games as well, not only for pay verification, but for future planning.

Points of Contact:

Assignor: Ms. Debbie Jackson debkjackson @  (c) 540-748-5975