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D30 2008 Williamsport Champs
Monday, July 7
Williamsport Tournament 2008

Oceanside National Little League

2008 Williamsport Teams
Oceanside Williamsport Teams played in 4 of  5 District 30 Finals, runner up in 3 of them and winning the 2008 District 30 Juniors Title for the second time in a row. Our 9/10, 11's and 12's battled back from opening round defeats. Our 11's won 3 in a row to get back into the Championship Game. And Our 12's put together 5 Wins in a row to get into the Finals. Never gave up, just kept coming back! Our Teams combined District 30 Williamsport Tournament record was 14 Wins 9 Losses and our Juniors advanced to the Long Island Championships representing District 30 in the Sectionals. They came up short, in the opening round against District 29 Champs - Franklin Square. This was a great run by Oceanside's Little League Baseball - both Leagues played in 33 Tournament Games, combined records of 18 Wins 15 Losses, defended and brought back to Oceanside, back to back District 30 Juniors Titles! 
Thanks to all of Oceanside Baseball's Tournament Teams, Managers, Coaches and parents for continuing the proud tradition of Oceanside Baseball.
Below are the players and Coaches of our 2008 Williamsport Tournament Teams - YOUR COMMITMENT AND  EFFORTS MADE OCEANSIDE PROUD!
ONLL Williamsport 9/10's ( 1-2 )          ONLL Williamsport 11's ( 3-2) 
Jonathan Sommerstein - Manager      Brian Boschert - Manager
Peter D'Angelo - Coach                           Chris Broder - Coach 
Gus Potaris - Coach                                  John Condon - Coach
                                                                       John Palatto - Coach
Nick Barlanti                                             Players:
Jonathan D'Angelo                                   David Blanco 
Matt Ferraro                                              Brian Boschert
Justin Krokoff                                            Tim Carey
Dean Lynch                                                 John Condon
Kyle Martin                                                Tom Palatto 
George Potaris                                           Tom Moran
Michael Siklas                                            Frank Marino
Alec Sommerstein                                      Carmine Musto
Jake Speilberg                                            Zach Levy
Bobby Stewart                                           Matt Edelman  
Nick Tacconi                                               Kieran Hurley
Ricky Tishler                                               Randy Rodriguez
                                                                        Patrick Broder
ONLL Williamsport 12's ( 5-2 )
Bob Kaplan - Manager          
John Shelly - Coach                             
Joe Sanatamaria - Coach
Michael Carlisi                                            
John Shelly                                          
Darren Prager
Billy Siklas
Francis Rapp
Tim Nolan
Matt Pohevitz
Jake Santamaria
Casey Kelly
Jonah Kaplan
Frank Hinks
Chris Hood
Ross Stuber
Jimmy McGuinness
Oceanside Juniors ( 4-1 ) - District 30 Champs
Tom McGinley - Manager
Tom Corcoran - Coach
Peter Curti - Coach
Rob Aiello
Michael Curti
Chris Dickie
Zach Droblis
Chris Fiata
Mike Hertling
Nick Iaddevaio
Andrew Massimillo
Lawrence Maurello
Hector Quintin
Ryan Rausch
Brian Senior
Mike Slappay
Jason Weiner

Oceanside Seniors ( 1-2) - Runner up District 30 


I Wont Back Down by Tom Petty