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Get Directions to Old Mans Soccer Association (OMSA)Round Rock Local Weather
Old Mans Soccer Association (OMSA)
Jason Herrera
930 Luther Peterson Place
Luther Peterson Athletic Fields
Round Rock, Texas

10/12/2000 Meeting
Please forward to your teammates so we maximize our communications - thanks

                              Eduardo Alvardo (Lasers)
                              Mike Mazulo (Geezers)
                              Terry Dempsey (Crush)
                              Mike Wayne (Ghosts)
                              Mark Roessler (Blitz)
                              Richard Harman (Crossfire)
Topics discussed:

Balls - I will order some extra balls, and if anyone is in need, they should let me know.

Remaining schedule - relative to the last week's rainout (10/8), we decided that on Nov 5th, we will play 2 games. Each will be 40 minutes long (2 halves of 20 minutes) - a short break, and then we start the second game. As it turns out we will be playing the same team twice that day (like a double header), but it will count as 2 games. It was decided that if we have any more rainouts, they will be considered cancelled games and not be made up. I will update the WEB with the changes from 10/8 (I hope it will let me show the multiple games on 11/5. With day light saving occurring on 10/29, it is critical that we start the 2 PM and the 4 PM game immediately following the previous game. Steve Germenis - please note this when scheduling the Refs - thanks

Tournament schedule - we will play a 3 week round robin combining into one group A with teams ranked 1,3 & 5 from Group A with teams ranked 2, 4, & 6 from Group B and one Group B with teams ranked 1,3 & 5 from Group B with teams ranked 2, 4, & 6 from Group A. This will be determined in the final ranking. This will be on Nov 12, Nov 19, and Dec 3 (no games over Thanksgiving). During the round robin, we will play 40 minute games (2 halves of 20 minutes). The semi and the finals will be on Dec 10th. This will be the top 2 teams from each group.

Ref - in general everyone very pleased with the quality and consistency of the Refs this season. We discussed each week having the managers send me a rating of their Ref (10 = Top and 0 = Bottom) and at the end of the season we would pay the top 3 Refs a bonus of some amount (TBD). This will only work if all the managers participate, so please think about it and we can discuss at the start of next season.

Money - we are doing very well financially, and should end the season with a reasonable surplus. The town is not charging us this season, but will in the future. At this time, the amount is not known, but I assume it will be in the $500 - $1000 range.   We discussed several options including reducing the team fee for just next season, purchasing some new common equipment, uniforms, and even having a Fun Tournament at the start of the season where OMSA would provide all the food, and soft drinks and teams could bring their beer (OMSA liability waiver doesn't really cover us if we supplied the beer and then there was an incident etc...).    Net is please think about it and let's brainstorm via e-mails. We will discuss this at our first manger's meeting next season.

Lastly, last week's rainout exemplified the need to make sure that everyone of you have a back up manager in place just case.

Comments/questions, please let me know

7/25/2000 Meeting
Please forward to your teammate so we maximize our communications - thanks everyone!

        Kristian Reich (Lasers)
        Pete Tritz & Martin Taylor (Thunder)
        Terry Dempsey & Mike.. (Crush)
        Mike Wayne (Ghosts)
        Mitchell Swope (Juventus)
        Rodney .. (Blitz)
        Keith Kennedy (Mutiny)
        John Middleton (Fossils)
        Steve Germenis (phone in)

Topics discussed:

WEB sites - a variety of sites pluses and minuses were discussed, and agreement was reached that we would go for a nonrostered site, similar to what we have been using, no costs required, and several people will be administrators to expedite the posting of results and information. Kristian Reich will continue to be our WEB master and key supporter. I will forward the new URL in a follow-on note.

Schedule review - briefly discussed the schedule, encouraging all managers to closely review it looking for errors before it gets posted on the WEB site. In talking to Round Rock town, we ALREADY have a conflict for our opening game (Aug 20th) - there might be a CASYA tournament which might be using our fields, so stay tuned for our first EC (if necessary). At a minimum, we will start by August 27th.

Budget - the team fee will continue to be $400, payable by the 2nd game, in full. The managers are responsible for all their individual collections. The town will be charging our league a town fee which is unknown at this time - this will include their maintenance of the fields, watering, lining, etc. Also, the cost of our Refs will increase to $30 per game from $25, and for the tournament to $25 from $20. This is still all contained in our current budget.

New Fields: There will be 6 new fields available for weekly play. Since we will be sharing the fields with the other Round Rock men's group, we will rotate fields to allow for even wear. KEY - again a reminder is that we will be playing in Round Rock, down Sunrise Blvd (there will be a map to the fields on the new WEB site), NOT at Old Settler's Park. Sunrise is a left turn off of Rt 79, across from a Jack-in-the-Box and in between a 7-11 Store and a mini business strip. You head north about 2.5 miles, through a traffic light (Bowman Rd), through a stop sign (Old Settler'sRd), and Luther Peterson St is on your left - pull in and the fields will be on the right - park along the road. The fields are irrigated, with new grass.

Changes to goal size - discussed proposed changes to the goal size. Those present agreed to keep the goal sizes to what we have used in the past. There will not be any additional charges nor will we need to purchase new nets (as we have our two sets of nets already).

New fields work projects - discussed adding shade (news), shelter, etc. Looking for volunteers and/or folks on our various teams who might be able to provide materials for building a shelter. We would be working jointly with the other men's groups as well as the town. Please circulate among your teams and see if we get any takers - they may contact me (Michael Wayne)

Adding new teams - we agreed that we would not add any mores teams this year, but would consider adding new teams in pairs next season (Spring cycle). An odd number of teams will cause a bye each week, and the group prefers not to have any.

Refs - discussed the quality of the Refs, and I reinforced that Steve does a good job in lining up our Refs and that they do try and do their job as best possible. We need to demonstrate a little more flexibility in judging their abilities. It is still our responsibility (the managers) to keep our teams in check, and assist the Ref in their calls, and try apply some "sanity" to our games. And please continue to bring any major dispute to my attention and the three of us will try and resolve the issue.

Rules - reviewed the current rules and regulations. The only one which needs some management focus in the substitution rule. It was agreed to by the group present that all entering substitutes MUST be at mid-field, and it will be our (the Managers) responsibility to ensure this is being followed - the Ref will be too busy with the play of the game. We have been rather casual in the past and we need to work hard at changing our overall behavior to get our teams to execute this way, so it is critical that we set the examples. Also, during the coin toss, use that opportunity to remind each other of this.                

Waivers - the past few season, we have slacken off on this requirement. The form will be available on the WEB site, and it is critical that each of you print off enough copies and have each of your teammates sign the form. Each of you should keep the copies for your respective team, and if we ever need it (in case of a law suit), we will be able to contact the appropriate manager(s).

And lastly we discussed good play and individual safety.... if you look at the penalty card list, there are several teams with some high numbers. Now discounting poor calls by the Refs, we still need to remember that we are out there to have fun, play competitively, and be safe....... Please reinforce this with your teams        

3/22/2000 OMSA Managers Meeting Minutes

Attending were:

  • Mitchell Swope (Juventus)
  • Keith Kenndy & Rick Mitchell (Mutiny)
  • Steve Germenis (Crossfire)
  • Michael Wayne (Ghosts)
  • Martin Taylor (Thunder)
  • Bob Hewett (Crush)

Topics discussed:

  • Tournament: Our last scheduled game is on May 7th. The following weekend is Mother's Day (May 14th) and we decided not to try and schedule anything for Saturday, May 13. So there will be a bye that weekend, which leaves a single day tournament on May 21st. There will be 4 groups of 3 teams each, such that everyone will play 2 games, at a minimum. Then, the winner from each group will go on to a semi-final, and then finals and a consolation game. The schedule is attached, and the actual team names will be assigned after the last game on May 7th. As you will see, we will start at 9 AM the games will 2 20 minute halves with a 5 minute half. Before we widely distribute the schedule, please look at it and let me know if there are any issues, then Kristian can post it on the WEB. (Per the suggestion at the meeting, I have         tried to group the Groups into close time slots). Steve Germenis, please start thinking about the Refs - there will a total of 16 games.

    The groups will be:
    • Group A will be teams 1, 5, 9
    • Group B will be teams 2, 6, 10
    • Group C will be teams 3, 7, 11
    • Group D will be teams 4, 8, 12

    The semi finals will be the Winner of A vs Winner of D and Winner of B vs Winner of C. (See Spring Soccer Tourney)
  • Referees: We re-discussed all the points like during the coin toss, managers should remind Refs to protect the goalie, and strengthen their calls, limiting flair ups and potentially reducing the "heated" discussions during a game. The Refs should take control of the game and         set the pace early. Managers are reminded that they should handle their players, and be the ones to talk to the Refs during the game.
  • We decided to get Bill Rothwell a $200 gift certificate (I'll check with him to see what he likes) and I'll make a plaque thanking him for all his years of dedicated service to our group.
  • Alternates: Still waiting to hear from some of you for a back-up person for your team
  • Balls: I will be purchasing 2 new balls for each team - hopefully will have them for this week's games (depends on shipping).

Have a good day, Michael

01/19/2000 OMSA Managers Meeting Minutes

Attending were:

  • Mike Mazulo (Geezers)
  • Mark Roessler (Blitz)
  • Mitchell Swope for Albert Chavez (Juventus)
  • Steve Germenis (Crossfire)
  • Scott Lawrence (Lightning)
  • Michael Wayne (Ghosts)
  • (Thunder) called in sick and no sub
  • Bob Hewett (Crush) on trip and no sub

Topics discussed:

  • Fields:  the Round Rock fields will be available for our next season ( the Fall season).  I discussed a small problem that we may have some difficulties with using the Pflugerville fields due to all the children programs.  I am working on a backup plan of using the Georgetown fields if necessary.  As I write this, I don't have anything confirmed and probably will not hear back from Pflugerville until mid-next week.  The schedule I circulated and that is posted on our WEB site shows a starting date of Feb 6th.  It is probably best to sit on this information (don't circulate to your teams just yet) until I hear from Pflugerville & Georgetown.
  • Referees:  during the coin toss, managers should remind Refs to protect the goalie, and strengthen their calls, limiting flair ups and potentially reducing the "heated" discussions during a game.  The Refs should take control of the game and set the pace early.  Managers are reminded that they should handle their players, and be the ones to talk to the Refs during the game.
  • Substitutions:  clearly the focus and intent is that during a substitution, no advantage should be gained, and if an advantage occurs, then the manager should step in and take control of resolving the issue or advantage.  The intent is that substitution should take place during stoppage (goal kicks or throw-ins), and occur close to mid-field, but there is a recognition that we are OM (old men - ha ha) and there needs to be some flexibility applied (especially in the hot months).
  • Goalie: we will be leaving the goalie box rule in place.  Again, the managers need to reinforce to the Referee the protection of the goalie, giving the edge to the goalie.  Also, we need to remind our goalies that they can not slide with their feet first either.
  • Camping/Offsides: we agreed that we still will not have offsides, but that camping is to be defined (I'll update rule #23) as a line formed with the top of the penalty box and no player is be within that line without at         least one player of the opposite team (other than the goalie) with him.
  • Penalty kicks: will be 8 paces (8 meters?) from the goal line (I'll update rule #7)
  • All managers should re-read the rules.
  • It is the manager's responsibility to monitor the enforcement of a Red card penalty in the subsequent game (player can not play).
  • The fee will still be $400 per team, payable either the first or second week.  Each team will provide a roster to Michael Wayne.  A second-in-command is still needed from many of the teams for point of contact, etc.  Please identify someone and provide me all their pertinent information (e-mail, phone, etc)
  • If the Green Machine or the Fossils need help with players, please let us know ASAP so the other teams can assist in providing names.  If         either team is not going to play this season, please let me know ASAP as it affects the schedule and the budget.

And here's to a great season!

Have a good day, Michael

Old Mans Soccer Association (OMSA)
Old Mans Soccer Association (OMSA)
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