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The following Student Athletes signed letters of intent last week!

Jonathan Gougar - Swimming - South Dakota State

Clara Lamb - Volleyball - University of Illinois at Chicago

Quinn Weidemann - Basketball - University of Wyoming

Thank You
WAC would like to thank the following Team Parent Representatives for volunteering their time 
to support and showcase Westside Athletics 
throughout the 2017 Fall Sports Season.  

Varsity Football - Amy Gurnett
Varsity Volleyball - Traci Lamb
Varsity Softball - Teresa Paulson
Boys Cross Country - Lori Overgaard
Boys Tennis - Shelly Graves
Girls Cross Country - Meg Dodge
Girls Golf - Patty Fogland
Varsity Cheer - Courtney Hellman
Varsity Dance - Laurie Lawrence
JV Football - Heidi Schneiderman
JV Volleyball - Ashley James
JV Softball - Kara Fast
JV Cheer - Stephanie Cota
Reserve Volleyball - Stephanie Dorsey
Freshman Football - Linda Payton
Freshman Volleyball - Lori Goc
Freshman Cheer - Katie Bauerly