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Thursday, July 24
2015 Oly Fire Head Coaches Announced

2015 Oly Fire Head Coaches

Announcing the 2015 Oly Fire Head Coach selections: 

8 & Under - Brian Steward
10 & Under Black - Julie Finchum
10 & Under Red -  Chris Brammeier
12 & Under - Tyler Scroggins
14 & Under - Kent Seeman
16 & Under - Jay Miller

Thank you to all those who expressed interest in head coaching positions! 


Responsibilities & Expectations

Oly Fire Softball Inc. is a non for profit organization whose primary mission is to provide girls with an environment that encourages teamwork, good sportsmanship, positive self-esteem, pride and athletic excellence. We recognize that any organization can only be as good as the what it stands for and the people involved. In recognition of that, we welcome input from any memeber of the extended Oly Fire family in ways to help the contiuned improvment of our organization. It is important that as an organization we are clear and understand the responsibilities, therefore it is expected that each coach distributes a copy of these responsibilities and expectations to each player and parent prior to the beginning of the season.

We request that each player and parent sign this document to acknowledge review and hold all parties accountable to these expectations.

Oly Fire Script Program Fundraising

Presto Pay Fundraising to support the Oly Fire Organization, please reference our dedicated page for more information. Thank you for your support!!!


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Share your OlyFire Game pictures -  go to your team site and add for your child's age group.

If anyone has photos to share, click on the "Add-View Game PICs -" section to the left, click on "Add an Album" name it according to the Team Age group and date, then upload your photos to the Oly Fire site.

 We have upgraded our storage capacity to 5GB of  online space for photos. If you have issues adding photos it may have to do with our capacity being over the quota limit, this will be monitored to ensure were not exceeding the limit and additional storage will be acquired if necessary.

Olympia Spartan Softball Sign Sponsor

For those that would like to acquire an Olympia Softball Sign on the High School diamonds, click here to fill out the Softball Sign Acquisition Form.

If you choose to participate, your business will be able to design a mesh sign to hang on our outfield fence. If you would like to view our previous donor signs, please go to: www.olympiasoftball.com and click on sponsors.


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